Best Father's Day Dessert Recipes
fathers day dessert recipes

7 Delectable Father’s Day Dessert Recipe Ideas

From nut-loaded to oozing with chocolate, and everything in between, the Father’s Day desserts list you were looking for is here.

There are several ways to treat your dad on his special day, Father’s Day. From his favorite film to his favorite fragrance, or a subscription to his favorite brand of coffee- why not treat him to an actual treat? It’s Father’s Day desserts we are talking about. While not all desserts are nutrient-dense, consuming them mindfully is key. Plus, we have some healthier dessert recipes as well that kill those dessert cravings just fine. 

Nuts, chocolates, and some sugar- let’s get cooking.

The Best Dessert Recipes To Celebrate Father’s Day

Desserts are an excellent way to ring in a special occasion. Here’s a list of the best recipes you gotta try out and surprise your Father.

1. Indulgent Father’s Day Dessert Recipes

a. Brownie Sundae

The classic dessert that never gets old. A warm, decadent brownie, served with scoops of chilled vanilla ice cream, topped with nuts and chocolate sauce.

You could opt for a brownie premix for an easy way out, or bake it from scratch. You’ll need some pantry staples like flour, butter, sugar, cocoa powder, soda, chocolate chips. Make a thick batter with these ingredients, and bake it at moderately high temperatures for 30-35 minutes. Let this cool for another 30 minutes, then start plating.

Make this a fun activity by turning this into a brownie sundae station. Take one square of brownie, add a large scoop of vanilla-flavored ice cream. Keep 4-5 toppings like chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, gems, sprinkles and more for dad to choose from.


b. Heaven On Earth Cake

This dessert is rightly called ‘heaven on earth’ as it is out of the world. Sure, there are a considerable amount of steps and some effort is needed, but it’s all worth it.

You can either use RTE elements or make them at home. You’ll need some sponge cake, cherry pie filling, whipped cream, sour cream, milk, vanilla pudding, and some almonds for garnishing.

Chop the cake in one-inch cubes and layer them in a baking tray. Preserve half of these for the second layer. Add a layer of the pie filling, followed by the remainder of cake cubes. Add your pudding/cream, and some dollops of the pie filling. Let this cool for at least six hours. Garnish with almonds before serving.

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heaven on earth cake

c. Tiramisu

Tiramisu has two star components- alcohol and eggs. This recipe is an alcohol-free, vegetarian alternative. 

Start by layering lady finger biscuits or vanilla sponge cake (that has been sliced vertically). In a separate bowl, boil some water, and mix 2 teaspoons of instant coffee. Set this aside. Take some mascarpone cheese, start whipping it manually. Add six tablespoons of sugar and mix well until combined. Take some cream (same quantity as cheese) and beat it until smooth. Mix these together, and now it is time to start assembling.

Dip the biscuits/cake pieces in the coffee concoction and layer it at the bottom. Add half of the cream mix, spread it evenly. Repeat until the dish has been filled and refrigerate this for 4-5 hours or overnight. 

Before serving, dust with some cocoa powder using a sieve.


d. No Bake Cheesecake

This is a quick, efficient no-bake cheese cake recipe for father’s day. You’ll need biscuits or crackers, butter, heavy cream, cream cheese, milk or white chocolate, vanilla extract and sugar. 

Crush your biscuits or crackers and mix them with melted butter to form a sandy, coarse texture. Next, set this mix at the bottom of the springform pan and let it set in the refrigerator for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, whip some cream cheese until smooth. Add heavy cream and sugar, and mix until all elements come together. You can add flavorings like nutella, chocolate, fruits at this stage or replace it with a simple essence.

Next, pour this over the set biscuit base, and refrigerate this for eight hours. And it’s done!


2. Healthy Father’s Day Dessert Recipes

The following Father’s Day recipes are for those who like indulging mindfully.

a. Sweet Potato Halwa

Commonly known as shakarkandi ka halwa, this is a healthier alternative to regular flour-based halwa as sweet potatoes are fiber-rich. The ingredients needed for this Father’s Day recipe include- sweet potato, sugar or date paste, ghee, cardamom, and nuts.

Step one is to boil and peel the sweet potatoes until they turn soft and tender. Mash them. In a stir fry pan, heat some ghee, and stir fry the cashews. Add the mashed potatoes, let them cook for 3-4 minutes. Add the sugar, let it cook for another five minutes. Follow this up with cardamom powder, and after around 12-15 minutes when you see the ghee leaving the sides, you’ll know the halwa is cooked.

Serve it warm with some garnished nuts. 

PS- the sugar can be replaced with date paste, but the halwa would have a deeper color.

b. Oats Ladoo

This Father’s Day dessert recipe makes for a good evening or tiffin snack option.

Dry roast rolled oats until they turn aromatic. Blend some soaked, deseeded dates in a blender with the oats. This would have turned into a fibrous mix. Set this aside and blend the cashews, almonds, and other nuts as preferred. Combine all the elements together. You could add raisins or berries for some chewiness and extra sweetness. Now, there are two options. Either shape these into ladoos or set it in a plate and cut bar-sized pieces.

oats ladoo

c. Fruit Skewers with Yogurt Dip

Fruit skewers are a fun and healthful treat you can make for your father on Father’s Day. Thread chunks of pineapple, banana slices, mangoes, and Dad’s favorite fruits (cherries, plums, or watermelon) onto skewers. Grill these fruits to perfection and finish with a bit of charred sweetness. Serve this delicious and healthful dessert with a simple homemade yogurt dip sweetened with honey and a hint of vanilla extract.

fruit skewers

To Conclude 

These are all the Father’s Day dessert recipes we have to add a bit more sweetness to this day. We hope you try these and relish them as much as we did.

Which recipe are you starting off the day with, let us know in the comments.

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