Get the 10 Best Beer Glasses in India for Your Home Bar – Mishry (Jun 2024)
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Get the 10 Best Beer Glasses in India for Your Home Bar – Mishry (Jun 2024)

Finding the top beer glasses was never this easy! Here we have listed out the best ones to elevate your beer drinking experience. Let’s check out :

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While setting up your home bar, it is essential to get the right set of mugs and glasses. If you are more of a beer lover, and looking to buy a good-quality beer glass, let us help you with a few good options. 

An ideal beer glass should comfortably fit in your hand. Several beer glasses differ in style, shape, and size. From beer mugs to Weizen glasses, there are different beer glasses for every style. 

Searching for the ideal beer glasses can be confusing with the numerous options available online. To help ease your online buying journey, we have curated a list of the best beer glasses. 

1. Best Economically Priced Beer Mugs : Treo By Milton Beer Mug

2. Highly Durable Beer Glasses : Ocean Imperial Beer Glass

3. Best Beer Mugs With A Classic German Design:  Libbey Beer Mug

List of Top Beer Glasses in India

Here’s a list of the best pint glasses that you can add to your home/mini bar : 

1. Treo By Milton Beer Mug

It is a set of two beer mugs offering a quantity of 359 ml each. The good thing is that the handle is designed in an ergonomic manner that provides a firm and secure hold. Moreover, cleaning these is not a task as they are safe to wash in a dishwasher. Apart from beers, you can use them for serving juices, cocktails, and other beverages.

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Treo By Milton Beer Mug
Treo By Milton Beer Mug

Product Features:

  • These beer mugs feature an attractive design. 
  • Ideal for multipurpose use. 
  • Cleaning is easy. 

2. Libbey Beer Mug

This set of beer mugs sports a classic German design. The best part is that the design helps enhance the taste and aroma of thick ales and lagers. In addition, the material used here is free from lead and safe to use.

Libbey Beer Mug
Libbey Beer Mug

Product Features:

  • This set includes four mugs with a capacity of 16 ounces each. 
  • It is safe to wash in a dishwasher. 
  • Perfect gift for housewarming parties.

3. Ocean Imperial Beer Glass

Ocean’s beer glass is made using soda lime which makes it hygienic and safe to use. The build of these glasses is highly durable, which makes them perfect for long-lasting use. The tall design of these glasses lends an eye-catching and elegant look. The classic cut design enhances the overall feel while sipping beer.

Ocean Imperial Beer Glass

Product Features:

  • These glasses feature an elegant and contemporary design. 
  • They are resistant to heat and scratches. 
  • These are safe to use.

4. PrimeWorld European Beer Glass

Enhance your drinking experience with these elegant beer glasses. These feature a unique design that makes them an ideal addition to home bars, restaurants, and bachelor parties. Made from high-quality and lead-free glass, these are highly sturdy. The double wall bottom ensures high stability while used.

PrimeWorld European Beer Glass
PrimeWorld European Beer Glass

Product Features:

  • These glasses are dishwasher and refrigerator safe. 
  • It features an elegant design. 
  • These glasses are handmade.

Your quest for the best whiskey glasses ends here.

5. Vilon Italian Beer Mugs

Here’s a traditionally designed beer mug featuring an artwork-like bottom that will surely amp up your drinking experience. These glasses are made using thick glass, which makes them highly unbreakable. Equipped with a sturdy handle, it provides a comfortable hold. What else? If you are looking for a housewarming gift, you can include these as one of the options.

Vilon Italian Beer Mugs
Vilon Italian Beer Mugs

Product Features:

  • It features a traditional beer design. 
  • These are made using thick glass. 
  • These feature a sturdy handle.

6. Pashabache Beer Glass

A set of two beer glasses that feature a tall design. Each of them comes with a capacity of 320 ml. These glasses have a clear appearance and are made using glass. These glasses feature a simple yet distinctive design. If you plan to furnish a new home bar, consider adding them and enhancing the overall visual appearance.

Pashabache Beer Glass
Pashabache Beer Glass

Product Features:

  • It is a set of two beer mugs with a 320 ml capacity. 
  • These have a transparent appearance.


With a capacity of 400 ml each, these beer mugs have a crystal-clear appearance. It features an Italian-style design that lends an elegant touch. The base of these mugs is heavy which makes them stable and safe to use. In addition, these beer mugs come with the ability to retain heat and are 100% reusable.


Product Features:

  • These beer mugs have a heavy base. 
  • It features an Italian-style design. 
  • These mugs are easy to carry.

8. SYANKA Italian Premium Glass Beer Mugs

If you occasionally indulge in beer, this set of beer mugs is a must in your home bar. Ideal for home parties and social get-togethers, these mugs will be a valuable addition to your existing range of glassware. These mugs have a capacity of 400 ml each. The quality of glass used here is excellent and free from lead.

SYANKA Italian Premium Glass Beer Mugs
SYANKA Italian Premium Glass Beer Mugs

Product Features:

  • Perfect for serving juices and cocktails as well. 
  • It features a perfect handheld size. 
  • These are scratch resistant.

9. CINSHU Beer Mug

It is a set of big-sized beer mugs that sports an Italian design. Made using a thick material, these are extremely sturdy and have a heavy base. The handle on the side provides excellent grip and is comfortable to hold. These are stylish, visually appealing, and will last through years of usage.


Product Features:

  • These are big-sized beer mugs. 
  • The base of these mugs is heavy. 
  • It is highly durable.

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10. MIR Glass Jumbo Beer Mug

Made using toughened glassware, these beer mugs will last you through years of use. It is a set of two jumbo-sized beer mugs. Apart from adding them to your mini bar, you can also present these as a gift during housewarming parties.

MIR Glass Jumbo Beer Mug
MIR Glass Jumbo Beer Mug

Product Features:

  • It is a set of two beer mugs.
  • These are made using toughened glass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on best pint glasses

Beer glasses are available in different styles – tapered beer glasses, shaker beer glasses and pint beer glasses. While choosing any beer glass, it is essential to check the material, durability and the cost.

To find the best beer glasses in India you can check online shopping portals including Amazon, Myntra among others.

The price range for the best beer glasses is between INR 250 to INR 1999. The pricing will change as per the brand and the quantity purchased.

The popular brands for beer glasses in India from the above list are Treo By Milton Beer Mug, Ocean Imperial Beer Glass, and Libbey Beer Mug.

In Conclusion

Here we have founded and listed the best beer mugs to take your drinking experience to another level. The different styles of beer mugs will surely complement the different beer styles. 

From the above list, we recommend these three must buy brands: Treo By Milton Beer Mug, Ocean Imperial Beer Glass, and Libbey Beer Mug.

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