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We Found The Best Brand Of Banana Chips In India! (2024)

We selected Beyond Snack and Chedda’s as the best brands for banana chips in India. They stand out as our Top Picks due to their exceptional taste and texture.

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Following potato chips, banana chips stand out as one of the most beloved snacks, favored for munching. Embarking on a journey through the myriad options of banana chips in the market, we are set to identify the best banana chips brands in India.

After testing and tasting six brands, our Top Picks emerged as Beyond Snack (Thin Cut) and Chheda’s (Thick Cut). These stood out for their unparalleled freshness, exceptional crunch, and perfectly balanced seasoning.

Explore the detailed article below with us as we assess texture, taste, and freshness, leading you through a carefully chosen array of the best banana chips.

A quick glance at the banana chips brands we assessed, along with the ratings assigned to each: 

Brand Mishry Rating Buy Now
Beyond SnackTop Pick (Thin Cut) 4 On Amazon
Chedda’sTop Pick (Thick Cut) 4 On Amazon
5:15 PM 3.5 On Amazon
Garden 3.25
Jabsons 3 On Amazon
Haldiram’s  3
top pick banana chips

Our Review Factors

What are we expecting? A crunchy bag of banana chips with well-balanced seasoning. 

In the quest for the finest banana chips, we set the following criteria –

1. Taste 

Our evaluation checklist encompassed considerations such as flavor and freshness of bananas, flavor of fat (if any), aftertaste and level of salt.

2. Texture

The texture revolved around three key elements: the cut, thickness, and crunch. 

3. Additional Criteria

In addition to the aforementioned factors, we also examined the price, packaging, main ingredients, and shelf life.

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The Qualifier

How did we select the contenders for our banana chips review? 

When selecting our contenders, we opted for brands offering banana chips seasoned with salt, made from real bananas, deep-fried, and easily accessible both online and offline (in local grocery stores and supermarkets).

We attempted to include VS Mani & Co in our review but were unable to do so due to unavailability. Despite placing three separate orders for different PIN codes, we encountered various issues. The first time we received the chili variant, the second order was lost and subsequently canceled, and the third order was also canceled. Additionally, the product is not accessible on quick-commerce platforms like Zepto and BlinkIt. 

After multiple unsuccessful attempts across various platforms, we had to exclude it from the main review.

Our Review Process

We executed a straightforward taste test to evaluate the flavor and texture of various brands, aiding us in a more comprehensive and impartial assessment.

The Best Banana Chips in India – Detailed Review

In this section, you’ll find information on the brands we assessed, outlining their pros and cons, along with individual ratings.

1. Beyond Snack – Top Pick (Thin Cut)

Our Experience 

Beyond Snack took the first spot for two reasons that held the most importance – they are thinnest and the freshest banana chips out of all the brands we tried. The authentic flavor of banana prominently shines through, accompanied by a satisfying crunch. 

Notably, they are delicious with a well-balanced seasoning. Another commendable aspect is the complete absence of a lingering aftertaste of fat.

Beyond Snack is available in other flavors too. Check our detailed review here. 

Product Highlights

A 75 gm pack is priced at Rs. 60. It has 6 months of shelf life. The main ingredients include – Raw Banana (74%), Refined Vegetable Oil (25%), and Refined Salt (1%). 

beyond snack banana chips
Our Thin Cut Banana Chips Top Pick.
Taste - 4/5
Texture - 4/5
  • Well balanced seasoning. 
  • Thinnest and crunchiest texture. 
  • Prominent flavor of bananas. 
  • No oily aftertaste.

If your preference is for the thinnest banana chips, you’ll certainly love Beyond Snack’s banana chips.

2. Chedda’s – Top Pick (Thick Cut)

Our Experience 

Chheda’s Banana chips deliver a fresh banana flavor, making them notably the most delicious. These chips are lightly salted, exceptionally crunchy, and offer a satisfying starchy bite.

A notable distinction between Beyond Snack and Chheda’s Banana chips lies in their thickness. Chheda’s banana chips have a medium thickness, whereas Beyond Snack claimed the title for the thinnest chips.

Product Highlights

A 300 gm pack is priced at Rs. 275. It offers 6 months of shelf life. The key ingredients are – Banana 79%, Palm Oil 20%, and Salt 1%.

chhedas banana chips
Top Pick : Thick Cut Banana Chips.
Taste - 4/5
Texture - 4/5
  • Lovely fresh banana flavor. 
  • Extremely crunchy. 
  • Lightly salted.

Chheda’s banana chips will appeal to people who love thick cut banana chips.

3. 5:15 PM

Our Experience 

The banana chips from 5:15 pm feature a delicate seasoning and present a delightful banana flavor. They are crispy and have a non-oily texture. The only drawback observed is that they are slightly harder to chew when compared to our top picks.

Product Highlights

A 400 gm pack is priced at Rs. 370. This has 5 months of shelf life. The main ingredients are – Raw Yellow Banana, Palm Oil, and Edible Common Salt (Rock Salt).

515 pm banana chips
5.15 PM Banana Chips.
Taste - 3.5/5
Texture - 3.5/5
  • Non-oily texture. 
  • Delightful banana flavor.
  • These were slightly harder to chew.

4. Garden Banana Chips

Our Experience 

Garden Yellow banana chips did not secure a win in our review as they do not exhibit the fresh flavor of bananas when compared to Chheda’s. On the other side, these banana chips are thick, fairly crunchy, and have a non-greasy texture.

Product Highlights

The price of an 80 gm pack is Rs. 55. This has 6 months of shelf life. The ingredients it contains are – Yellow banana (60%), Refined palm oil, and Iodised salt.

garden banana chips
These lack a fresh flavor.
Taste - 3/5
Texture - 3.5/5
  • Non-greasy. 
  • Crunchy.
  • The fresh flavor of banana is missing here.

5. Jabsons Banana Chips

Our Experience 

Jabsons received a lower score in our review due to being both oilier and saltier compared to other options. Additionally, the presence of the fresh flavor of raw banana was negligible in this case.

Product Highlights

 A 150 gm pack costs Rs. 90. It has 6 months of shelf life. These are the main ingredients – Banana, Refined Palmolein Oil, and Rock Salt (sendha namak) (1.3%).

jabsons banana chips
Jabsons Banana Chips packaging & contents.
Taste - 3/5
Texture - 3/5
  • More oily and saltier than its contenders.

6. Haldiram’s Banana Chips

Our Experience 

Haldiram’s banana chips did not emerge victorious because they were slightly more oily compared to others. Nevertheless, they maintained a crisp texture and were appropriately flavored with salt.

Product Highlights

Haldiram’s banana chips are priced at Rs. 80 for a 200 gm pack. The shelf life is 5 months. The main ingredients – Banana[60%], Edible vegetable oil [palmolein\ cotton seed], and iodised salt.

haldirams banana chips
Haldiram's Banana Chips.
Taste - 3/5
Texture - 3/5
  • Aptly salted. 
  • Crisp texture.
  • These were slightly more oily compared to other contenders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on best banana chips

Certainly, these items can be found on both online platforms and offline stores, such as supermarkets and local shops.

All of the brands mentioned above are devoid of preservatives.

In general, banana chips may be regarded as a comparatively healthier choice than conventional potato chips, owing to factors such as nutritional content and the absence of additives and preservatives.

One cup of banana chips approximately 72 gms of serving contains somewhere around 370 to 380 calories.

Keep in mind that achieving crunchy banana chips relies on slicing them uniformly, frying at the appropriate temperature, and ensuring they cool completely.

Our Verdict

That’s a wrap on the best banana chips brands in India. 

We chose Beyond Snack and Chheda’s as our Top Picks. These are crunchy, crispy, tasty and the freshest of all. 

Which is your go-to banana chips brand from the above list?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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