6 Reasons Why Yoga Bar Flavored Oats is A Healthy Addition
yoga bar oats

Health Benefits of Yoga Bar Chocolate and Veggie Oats

Yoga Bar flavored oats come with a twist. There’s chocolate and there’s masala, here’s why you shouldn’t miss out on trying these variants.

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Visually unappetizing and bland to taste, oats are gooey grains not everyone is a fan of. Regardless, they are consumed for the exceptional fiber per serve (soluble and insoluble), the satiety they offer (thanks to the starch), and the minimal gluten content. This is why oats are becoming one of the most sought-after sources of complex carbohydrates.

What makes this brand stand out from other ‘health brands’ in the Indian market is the use of 100% natural ingredients, devoid of artificial flavors or additives, and the maximum use of Indian ingredients. 

With this view, a new (and lip-smacking) addition to their range of products is Yoga Bar Dark Chocolate oats and Yoga Bar Veggies Masala oats. Earlier we reviewed both these variants for their taste, texture, ease of cooking, and other parameters. Today’s review is more focused on the benefits of Yoga Bar oats. If you’re looking for a genuinely healthy AND tasty meal option, this review is for you!

6 Amazing Health Benefits of Yoga Bar Oats

From your taste buds to your tummy, everyone’s going to be super happy with these benefits of Yoga Bar Oats. 

1. Taste

Snacks and meals that taste yum are sure to sustainably become a part of your everyday diet. Yoga Bar has two variants that offer a tasty and healthy way to incorporate oats into your diet daily!

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Dark Chocolate- The bitterness of dark chocolate isn’t overpowering. It is only subtly sweet, and all nuts and seeds taste very fresh. 

Veggies Masala- Pre-cooking, this had a strong aroma of spices. We really liked the balanced salty and spicy flavors. There were some tangy undernotes that tied the entire dish together. 

yoga bar dark chocolate oats
This had a rich and delectable texture.
yoga bar veggies masala
This variant has veggies and seeds.

2. Texture

Essentially, oats have a gooey, porridge texture. Some crunch and chewiness are always appreciated and Yoga Bar does this well. 

Dark Chocolate- The pumpkin seeds, though added sparingly, lent a crunchy bite to our bowl of oatmeal. Another texture, chewy- was brought on by black raisins. Overall, the oats had cooked perfectly and had a delectable consistency.

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Veggies Masala- Just like the first variant, the Veggies Masala uses pumpkin seeds too. In addition to this, there’s also a fibrous bite from the dehydrated veggies this variant has. 

3. Ease Of Cooking

The brand promises a three-minute cooking claim. We were delightfully surprised when this claim was beautifully delivered on. We followed the water/milk to oats ratio, and within three minutes we had perfectly cooked bowls of oatmeal. 

4. Macronutrient Composition

Oats are naturally rich in carbohydrates and fiber with a decent proportion of protein and fats. The fact that the addition of nuts, seeds, vegetables, cocoa powder, and other flavoring agents didn’t alter the macro composition drastically is appreciated!

Dark Chocolate- 172 kcal, 4.9 grams of protein, 28.6 grams of carbohydrates, 5.2 grams of fiber, and 4.2 grams of fat, per 40-gram serve. 

Veggies Masala- 163 kcal, 5.4 grams of protein, 26.4 grams of carbohydrates, 5.2 grams of fiber, and 4 grams of fat, per 40-gram serving. 

5. Quality Of Ingredients

Since these are essentially oats, let’s begin by discussing the quality of grains used. Yoga Bar uses golden-rolled oats that are sourced from Australia. 

Dark Chocolate- To sweeten this variant, the brand has used no artificial sweeteners. They use raw sugar that imparts a different flavor due to the presence of molasses. 

Veggies Masala- For oil, the brand uses rice bran oil. 

closer look at yoga bar dark chocolate oats
The raisins add some chewiness.
closer look at yoga bar veggies masala
Veggies for some crunch!

6. Price

We ordered 400-gram packs of both variants. They are priced as follows – 

Dark Chocolate- Rs 225

Veggies Masala- Rs 199

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Yoga Bar Oats

1. How much protein do Yoga Bar oats flavors contain?

Yoga Bar dark chocolate oats contain 4.5 grams of protein per serve, whereas Veggies masala offers 5.4 grams. 

2. How much fiber does Yoga Bar oats flavors contain?

Both variants contain 5.2 grams of fiber. 

3. How much fat do Yoga Bar oats flavors contain?

The fat content in these flavored oats ranges from 4-4.2 grams per serve. 

4. Is Yoga Bar oats good for weight loss?

Though weight loss primarily depends on calories eaten vs calories burnt, we think Yoga Bar oats are a good option to be added to your diet. 

They are full of fiber and contain slow-digesting carbohydrates which keep you fuller for longer, hence keeping random hunger pangs at bay. 

Final Words

Free of artificial sugars, preservatives, or chemicals- Yoga Bar oats are DELISH! They are quick and easy to prepare which ensures a wholesome meal even during those rushed mornings. 

Additionally, the nuts, seeds, and veggies offer some yum textures to take your bowl of oatmeal from bland and boring to rock and rolling!

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