Benefits Of Fox Nuts (Makhana): Here's How You Can Up Your Health Quotient With Makhanas

Benefits Of Fox Nuts (Makhana): Here’s How You Can Up Your Health Quotient With Makhanas

Fox nuts are easily available across the globe. They can be prepared within minutes, right in the comfort of your home. All that you need to do is to include these nuts in your meals regularly to enjoy their full benefits.

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Fox nuts are also known as lotus seeds or Makhanas. They are called fox nuts because they belong to a plant called Euryale Fox, or Euryale Ferox that is a native of East Asia. Though this plant is commonly found in stagnant waters, the seeds carry immense health benefits with them. Fox nuts may be relatively new in today’s world, but you will be surprised to know that they have been used in Chinese medicines that were created 3000 years ago! Apart from being a holy snack that is prepared on religious occasions and festivals, fox nuts are also very light on your stomach as they don’t contain any oils, trans-fats or other unhealthy ingredients. Though you feel light after eating these nuts, you will experience a sense of fullness that automatically reduces your appetite.


Benefits Of Fox Nuts


What are some of the important health benefits associated with fox nuts or makhanas? Keep reading to know more about the same.



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1. Reduces inflammation

One of the biggest health benefits of fox nuts or makhana is that it contains a powerful antioxidant known as flavonoids, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to this, fox nuts will prevent your body against all types of inflammation, injuries, and infections. Since the inflammation of the cells is prevented, these nuts help to keep your heart healthy and active.


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Benefits of Fox Nuts (Makhana)


2. Helps you stay young

Wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, loose and dry skin are some of the symptoms that denote aging in your skin. This happens when the cells in your skin are damaged because of the oxidative stress or free radicals that are quite poisonous for your skin. The main job of antioxidants is to prevent the cells from getting damaged because of oxidative stress. Fox nuts, being a good source of antioxidants, keep your skin free from these damages.

It also helps to increase the production of collagen in your skin, which helps to retain the moisture and elasticity in your skin. Thus, your skin remains soft, supple, young and vibrant. Certain people also believe that fox nuts help to prevent premature greying of hair. So, if you want to keep looking young and fresh always, it is high time you included fox nuts in your meal plan regularly.


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3. Good detoxifying agent

When you want to detoxify your spleen and get rid of the toxins from your body, you have to eat makhanas regularly. The spleen is where the red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets are produced and stored. If this doesn’t function properly, your entire immunity system will go for a toss.  Fox nuts have been considered as an effective natural remedy to remove the toxins from your body without causing any side effects.


Benefits of makhana or fox nuts


4. Helps to regulate blood pressure levels

Fox nuts are rich in the mineral called potassium, which is an important ingredient to treat sodium imbalances in a person. When you suffer from a sodium imbalance, you will experience painful symptoms such as memory loss and chronic high blood pressure. When you include fox nuts in your meal regularly, the high potassium content of the nuts will negate the harmful effects of sodium imbalances, if any. Therefore, it reduces your risk of elevated pressure levels and keeps it at the optimum level at all times.


5. Infertility issues in men and women

Due to their high-water content, fox nuts may help to retain moisture and promote the health of the reproductive system in men and women.


6. Helps in the development of bones

Fox nuts are excellent sources of calcium; therefore, they play an important role in the development of bones. Eating fox nuts daily will keep your bones healthy and strong always.  These nuts will make you less prone to bone-degeneration diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis in your old age. This, along with the anti-inflammatory properties of the nuts, gives you immense relief from the pain arising from the bones and joints.


health benefits of makhana
As a rich source for calcium, fox nuts are beneficial fro your bone health.


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7. Helps you stay energized all through the day

Have you ever wondered how fox nuts keep you energized all through the day even though you don’t feel heavy after eating them? This is because these nuts contain a lot of protein content, which not only provides you with enough energy to sustain throughout the day but also helps you to lose weight while improving your muscle mass as well. This is the prime reason why fox nuts are considered to be good choice of snack to be eaten on days when you are fasting.


8. Helps to keep your blood sugar levels under control

Fox nuts have a low glycemic index; this means these nuts help to release glucose very slowly into the blood. They don’t have any trans-fats. Saturated fats are also found in very limited quantities in these nuts. These fats are the main culprits that cause undue sugar spikes in your body after a meal. Since fox nuts don’t have these fats, they are safer snacking options, and if eaten regularly, they can also help to keep your blood sugar levels in control at all times.


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benefits of fox nuts
With low glycemic index and limited quantity of trans fat, consumption of fox nuts helps in increasing the insulin sensitivity of the digestive system.


9. Perfect for people with allergies

Most of the time, people with wheat allergies aren’t able to get the full benefits of nuts because it causes their body to react strangely. However, with fox nuts, you don’t have to worry about this problem at all, because these are free from gluten and contain a good amount of proteins and carbs. Therefore, you can still enjoy the benefits of fox nuts without worrying too much about your allergies. These nuts are absolutely safe for people with wheat allergies.


10. Helps in weight loss

Fox nuts have low calories and high proteins. Therefore, they make you feel full for a long time. You will notice a visible reduction in your appetite, hunger pangs and the quantity of food that you eat daily. Hence, fox nuts are highly recommended in your daily meals if you are looking at simple ways to reduce weight, especially in the belly area.


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11. Great for pregnant women

The high calcium and iron content in fox nuts make it an ideal snack for pregnant women. Some expecting mothers may prone to stress and diabetes during her pregnancy. However, eating fox nuts can help to keep her relaxed and enjoy her maternity completely.

Here are some ways in which you can consume fox nuts to get maximum benefits from them:


  • Slightly roast some fox nuts with a teaspoon of ghee in a pan. Add salt and pepper for the extra dash of flavor. You are good to go, with a bowl of extra-healthy fox nuts that can be prepared within minutes.
  • You can also add honey to roasted fox nuts and add a bit of cinnamon flavor to prepare a bowl of healthy and tasty snacks right in your home.


Benefits Of Fox Nuts



Fox nuts are easily available across the globe. They can be prepared within minutes, right in the comfort of your home. They are low in calories; therefore, they are great for weight loss. All that you need to do is to include these nuts in your meals regularly to enjoy their full benefits.


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