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anveshan organic chia seeds review

Anveshan Organic Chia Seeds Review – Rich In Fibre & Antioxidants

Looking to include chia seeds in your diet? Anveshan Organic Chia seeds taste fresh and nutty.

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Fresh and nutty, organic chia seeds by Anveshan are priced at Rs 390/- for a 650-gram bag. They are oval-shaped and have a grey-white color.

Chia seeds may seem like the modern-day superfood, but in reality, their use dates back hundreds of years. Obviously, back then chia seeds weren’t used in breakfast smoothie bowls or puddings! Despite their size, chia seeds are a powerhouse of nutrients. They showcase a decent macro-composition breakdown and are also rich in vitamins and minerals. 

Another reason why chia seeds have made such a huge comeback is that they are supposed to help with weight loss. The high fiber content in these seeds promotes a feeling of satiety and fullness for longer, preventing the need to grab calorie-dense snacks between meals. 

Anveshan is an Indian brand that strives to deliver minimally processed, high-quality oils, spices, seeds, and honey. In Team Mishry’s Anveshan Organic Chia Seeds review, we talk about the quality, economic value, and how we tried these seeds. Is this nutritional powerhouse worth the hype?

Did You Know? Chia seeds and basil (sabja) seeds may look the same, but they aren’t! Sabja is native to India, has a mild taste of sweet basil, and blooms almost instantly. Sabja is completely black, while chia seeds can be black, white, and grey.

Anveshan Organic Chia Seeds Review – Everything You Need To Know

anveshan organic chia seeds packaging

Anveshan is one of India’s first food-tech startups that aims to empower farmers by bringing financial revolution at the village level, and thereby change the economic dynamic of our country as a whole.

All their products, including Anveshan Organic Chia seeds, can be traced at all three stages. When raw material is procured, when it is processed, and finally during packing.

Here are some more details about the chia seeds offered by the brand. 

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1. Available Sizes

Anveshan Chia seeds are available in pouches of 300 and 650 grams.

2. Packaging

The chia seeds are packed in a resealable pouch that makes storing the seeds easy.

3. Type & Authenticity

The brand boasts of its minimally processed food items. These chia seeds are inspected and certified organic by USDA and are also FSSAI certified. 

The semi-transparent pack allows for a peek. We could see black-grey and white chia seeds, and that’s how chia seeds naturally are. The pack contains 100% organic chia seeds.

4. Taste

Anveshan’s Chia Seeds have a very fresh, nutty taste. They aren’t rancid.

5. Nutritional Information

Following is the nutritional information per 100 g of Anveshan organic chia seeds-

554 kcal of energy. Anveshan chia seeds are a decent source of multiple vitamins, minerals, good fats, and proteins. They are known to be dense in bone minerals aka calcium and magnesium. 

5.1 Macro Composition

Per 100 g, these chia seeds provide 40.32 g of carbohydrates (out of which 35.6 g is dietary fiber), 17.12 g of protein, 29.4 g of fat.

5.2 Micro Composition

 Additionally, you also get 18 g of Omega 3 fatty acids,  4.8 mg of zinc, 628 mg of calcium, and 339 mg of magnesium. 

5.3 Health Benefits of Organic Chia Seeds

  • Chia seeds have thrice as much iron as spinach.
  • Five times more calcium than milk.
  • Eight times more Omega 3 than salmon.
  • And a whopping 15 times higher magnesium content than broccoli!

6. Price

The 300 g pack is priced at INR 210, whereas the 650 g pack is for INR 390. 

7. Shelf Life

These chia seeds have a shelf life of six months from the date of packaging.

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Anveshan Organic Chia Seeds – Detailed Review

Here are some product specifications on Anveshan Organic Chia seeds.

Chia seeds tend to soak up a lot of water and plump up and become gelatinous. So we tried the Anveshan Organic Chia Seeds raw and after soaking them in water. This also helped us gauge their absorbency power.

Anveshan Organic Chia Seeds Product Details
Price Rs 390/-
Quantity 650 grams
Protein 17.12 g
Carbohydrates 40.32 g
Fats 29.4 g
Fiber 35.6 g
Calories 554 kcal
Shelf Life Six months from the date of packaging
anveshan organic chia seeds in water
Anveshan Organic Chia Seeds
closer look at anveshan organic chia seeds in wate
Closer look at the Anveshan Organic Chia Seeds.
anveshan organic chia seeds review process
The chia seeds have a fresh, nutty taste.


  • These chia seeds are certified organic by USDA. 
  • They come in resealable pouches.
  • You can trace the production to the packaging process using the QR code.
  • The recommended serving size is 25 g.
  • These seeds are a high-quality source of protein and Omega 3 fatty acids.

What we liked about these Chia Seeds

  • The chia seeds have a fresh nutty taste. In addition, they have the signature bite.
  • We liked the crunch of the seeds.
  • The seeds soaked up an adequate amount of water and plump up well.
  • The product comes in a resealable pouch that is convenient for storage.

Best Suited For

Chia seeds are rightly labeled superfoods. Rich in fiber, good fats, and protein- chia seeds are very versatile. Since chia seeds can be consumed raw (without soaking), you can sprinkle a few teaspoons over salads or pasta. 

For a guilt-free yet completely satiating dessert, you can prepare a chocolate chia pudding, a fruit parfait with yogurt and chia seeds, chia granola bars, chia panna cotta, pancakes, smoothies, etc. 

If your kids aren’t fans of milk or spinach, chia seeds have more calcium and iron than the former!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Anveshan Organic Chia Seeds.

1. Are these chia seeds salted?

No, Anveshan chia seeds are organic and unsalted. 

2. Do these chia seeds need to be refrigerated?

If mixed with milk/water/fruit juice, then yes, the seeds must be refrigerated. You must keep them sealed in a cool and dark place for storage and consume them within the mentioned shelf life. 

3. How much of these chia seeds are to be consumed every day?

You are recommended to consume one serving of chia seeds every day (25 g).

4. Can these chia seeds reduce belly fat?

Chia seeds are rich in fiber which may help with better bowel movement. However, reduction of belly fat depends on an individual’s overall body fat percentage. A wholesome diet paired with strength training and cardio will surely reap results.

5. What is the best way to consume these chia seeds?

You can consume these seeds simply in a glass of water/fruit juice before meals, or convert them into a filling meal/snack like overnight chia pudding, or just sprinkle some over a salad.

Final Words

Anveshan’s Organic Chia Seeds come in a resealable pouch. These small, oval-shaped, grey-white seeds have a crunch and taste fresh and nutty. When added to water, they plumped up nicely and became gelatinous. 

Have you tried chia seeds before? Are they a staple in your pantry?

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