Amul Rabri Review

Amul Rabri Review

Craving for some home style rabri? A pack of Amul Rabri is sure to hit the spot!

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The ingredients in the Amul rabri contain only milk solids and sugar. It contains no preservatives, making it a perfect dessert for you. It has a very homestyle look and taste. It is lumpy and has an inconsistent texture. Taste-wise, it has the perfect sweetness and is great for one person per cup.

A piping hot, crisp jalebi with a dollop of chilled rabri is what heaven must feel like. Rabri (रबड़ी) is an extremely popular Indian dessert which is made using full-fat milk and sugar. While some people add cardamoms, saffron, and dry fruits like pistachios and almonds, some prefer eating it as it is. Rabri might not look fancy like tiramisu or as good as a plate of kaju katli, but it sure hits the spot with wholesome flavors. Making a good bowl of rabri at home is extremely time-consuming, and packaged rabris are not always creamy and delicious. We tried the Amul Rabri, which is made using only two ingredients – Milk solids and sugar. Here is our #FirstImpression.


Facts You Need To Know About Amul Rabri

*As per information on the pack


  • No preservatives.
  • 100 grams of the rabri provides 275 Kcal of energy.
  • Best before 10 days from date of manufacture.
  • Ingredients include milk solids and sugar.


#FirstImpression Of Amul Rabri

Price and packaging – The Amul Rabri comes in a yellow-orange sealed cup packaging. An 85-gram pack is priced at Rs 25/-. The shelf life is for 10 days from the date of manufacturing. Refrigerate it when you purchase this.


Amul Rabri

Aroma and color – The moment we opened the Amul Rabri cup, we were a tad underwhelmed. For a packaged dessert, this looked a bit unappetizing. It was lumpy and had a very inconsistent texture. That being said, the aroma and caramel color of the rabri was quite nice.


Amul Rabri Review

Taste and texture – The thick, malaidaar consistency was a big surprise. Frankly, after looking at the very plain packaging and appearance of the dessert, we weren’t expecting flavors that were so nice! We loved how the sweetness levels were remarkably balanced. The flavor is natural and homestyle, and we couldn’t stop eating it. You will get some thick malai bites and creaminess from the others. We thoroughly enjoyed eating this rabri from Amul.


A truly delicious dessert – Amul Rabri

The saying ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, truly applies to Amul Rabri. This product hits the bullseye when it came to flavor and consistency. A single cup is sufficient for one person. For someone who likes Indian desserts, this is a great option. Team Mishry gives this wonderful product a green signal. Serve this chilled, and pair it with a hot dessert like jalebi for an even better dessert-experience.


Amul Rabri

The Amul Rabri is the ideal dessert if you want something home style and wholesome.

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MRP – Rs 25/-*

*Price at the time of review


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