Amul Kaju Katli Review - Should You Buy This? (2022)
amul kaju katli review

Amul Kaju Katli Review – Should You Buy This? (2024)

Amul Kaju Katli is soft and showcases balanced sweetness levels. More details on the product covered below.

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3 / 5
3 / 5


Amul Kaju Katli is smooth in texture and has balanced sweetness levels. However, the rich, nutty flavor of cashews is missing here.

This diamond-shaped delicacy is a favorite across age groups. It’s melt-in-the-mouth texture makes India’s ‘cashew fudge’ a sold-out item at mithaiwalas all year-round.

Untimely craving or last minute offering? Amul’s got you. From tea-time snacks to indulgent desserts, Amul now offers Kaju Katli in a box. From the packaging to the shelf life, our Amul Kaju Katli review covers every aspect in detail.

How close does this come to a halwai/homemade kaju katli?

Quick view of Amul Kaju Katli’s product details that you need to know: 

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Amul Kaju Katli  Product Details 
Price Rs. 190 
Net Quantity 200 gm 

(per 100 gm)

491 kcal
Shelf Life 3 months
Buy Now On Amazon 
Mishry Rating

(on 5)


Our Review Factors

What are we looking for? We expect a rich-tasting and decadent Kaju Katli. It should have a smooth, melt-in-mouth texture with balanced sweetness. 

To review the Amul Kaju Katli, we set out the following parameters: 

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1. Taste

Indian sweets are a complete sugar feast. Hence, the initial focus of this segment is the overall sweetness. Is it apt or overwhelmingly sweet? Amul Kaju Katli is made using 54% cashews as the main ingredient. Is the nuttiness of the cashews evident? How fresh does it taste? Any stale or off-putting taste observed? 

Kaju Katli is a well-known and most loved Indian sweet made using cashew nuts as the hero ingredient. It is flavored with sugar, cardamom powder, or rose. Topped with varq. 

2. Texture 

A traditional Kaju Katli is soft and has a melt-in-mouth texture. It should not have a grainy mouthfeel. How was our experience with Amul Kaju Katli? Is it hard to break? Dry or soft? 

3. Other Observations 


Classic diamond shape? How attractive do these Kaju Katli look? Does it have varq? Any broken pieces?


We expect the packaging to be sturdy and well sealed.  


Is the pricing justified by the quantity offered? Does it offer value for money? 

Shelf Life

For how long is this ready-to-eat Kaju Katli ideal for consumption? 

Who won the title of the tastiest Kaju Katli – Haldiram’s or Bikanervala? Find out here.

Amul Kaju Katli – Detailed Review

This section highlights in-depth details about our entire review process of Amul Kaju Katli. 

Product Overview

Packaging, price, and shelf life 

Amul’s Kaju Katli comes in a diamond-shaped plastic box. In short, the plastic box is shaped in a big-sized Kaju Katli. Overall, the box pack is seal wrapped. It has a transparent lid that includes the sticker of the brand. 

There are a total of 27 pieces in a 200 gm pack. Additionally, it also has two smaller triangular pieces of Kaju Katli. 

packaging of amul kaju katli
The outer pack of Amul Kaju Katli.
a look at the inside of amul kaju katlis box pack
Amul Kaju Katli inner packaging.


Appearance-wise, these are diamond shaped and have a length of 5.5 cm. There is a beautiful layer of a thin silver varq over the top of the Kaju katli. In most of the kaju katlis, the silver varq covers the entire top layer from end to end.

first glimpse of amul kaju katli
First look at Amul Kaju Katli.

Main Ingredients  

The main ingredients are – Cashew nuts (54%), sugar, preservatives (202 , 210), and silver leaf.

Preservative 202 (potassium sorbate) is a food additive widely used to enhance the shelf life of food, drinks, and beauty products. It prevents the growth of mold and yeast, leading to a better shelf life.

Preservative 210 (Benzoic Acid) is an antibacterial and antifungal natural preservative used in food and drinks. Additionally, it is also naturally present in edible fruits and vegetables. 

Our Findings 

Taste & Texture 

The key focus points of our review are taste and texture. 

What worked? These taste fresh and have a balanced sweetness. Neither too much nor too less. The addition of cashews brings in a lovely nuttiness. Texture-wise, this Kaju katli was not hard to break, which is a point of appreciation. They are soft and break apart with ease.

What could have been better? In terms of taste, these are average. We felt that there is a scope for improvement here. Additionally, the melt-in-mouth texture we expected was not that prominent. The creaminess of the cashews does not give that rich decadent experience we were looking for. 

a close look at amul kaju katli
Macro shot of Amul Kaju Katli.
Taste - 3/5
Texture - 3/5
  • The packaging looks eye-catching. 
  • These are soft and break easily. 
  • The sweetness is apt. 
  • The creamy, nuttiness of the cashews should have been more. Despite containing 54% of cashews, the nuttiness of the cashew is not prominent. 
  • The melt in mouth texture is not highlighted very well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Amul Kaju Katli

Something as basic as a mithai tastes best when consumed fresh. Amul Kaju Katli contains preservatives, hence we do not deem this product healthy.

Amul Kaju Katli has a shelf life of 3 months.

Yes. Amul Kaju Katli contains Preservative 202 (potassium sorbate) and Preservative 210 (Benzoic Acid).

Apart from sugar, there are no additional sweeteners used in the Amul Kaju Katli.

Yes. The ingredients for Amul Kaju Katli do not contain any sources of dairy. Hence, it is vegan-friendly.

What’s Our Final Verdict?

Amul’s Kaju Katli has a decent taste and breaks apart easily. Some noteworthy points we loved are the attractive packaging, the layer of silver varq and medium sweetness. However, we still feel that there is scope of improvement in terms of taste and texture. 

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