Amul Frozen Margherita Pizza Review - Mishry (2023)
amul frozen margherita pizza review

Amul Frozen Margherita Pizza Gets 3 Mishrys. Why? (2024)

Taste, texture and convenience – Did Amul Frozen Margherita Pizza delight us? We got the answer here.

Mishry Rating

3 / 5
3 / 5
Value For Money
3 / 5


This frozen margherita pizza looks homestyle and has a decent taste. The ratings are indicative of the convenience it offers and the overall quality of the product.

The market for ready to cook frozen foods is huge. From kebabs to vegetables, if you think you’d tried everything, here’s a question. Have you tried a frozen pizza? The West has accepted it with open arms, but are we ready to sway?

Amul has a wide range of vegetarian frozen products like paneer tikkis and nuggets which have a loyal fanbase. We decided to test the frozen pizza and check if it’s worth your buck! Our Amul Margherita Frozen Pizza review decodes the taste and texture.

Here’s a quick glance at the product details of Amul Margherita Pizza : 

Amul Margherita Pizza  Product Details 
Price  Rs. 130
Net Quantity  210 gms
Shelf Life  6 months
Buy Now  On Amazon
Mishry Rating 3

Our Review Factors

Our Expectations? We expect a fresh tasting, cheesy pizza that crisps up well and involves a hassle free cooking process. We also checked if it’s value for money, considering you get a similar sized pizza at a much lower rate from your neighbourhood pizza shop.

Here’s a quick rundown on the review factors for Amul Margherita Pizza

1. Taste

The core ingredient of margherita pizza is cheese and a quality sauce. Keeping this in consideration, we expect a fresh tasting cheesy pizza. How flavorful is the sauce? Are there any seasonings or herbs added? 

Did you know? Margherita pizza is a traditional Italian dish that originated in Naples. 

2. Texture 

In this parameter,  we are focusing on the texture of the base of the pizza and the texture of the cheese. Does the pizza crisp up well? Is the cheese stringy? Is the base to the sauce and cheese ratio in sync? 

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3. Convenience 

Ready to cook frozen foods are convenient as they eliminate the need to prepare food from scratch. Now, margherita is a fairly easy pizza to replicate at home when you have a store bought sauce, shredded cheese and base. Add you need to do is dunk it in the oven till the cheese melts and turns golden brown. We checked the product for the time and effort it requires.

4. Other Observations 

Apart from the above main factors, the price, packaging and shelf life were our secondary factors of consideration.

Why was checking the price important here? On average, a cheese pizza from your local neighbourhood shop is priced anywhere between 70-100 Rupees. Keeping that in mind, we compared the quality of the pizza for the price it is being offered at.

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Amul Margherita Pizza – Detailed Review

Product Highlights 

Amul Margherita Pizza comes in a cardboard box. The pizza is wrapped securely with a plastic wrap. It also includes sachets of oregano and chili flakes. 

It is priced at Rs. 130 (210 gm) and offers a shelf life of 6 months. 

Main Ingredients 

Here’s a breakdown of the ingredients for both the toppings and the base : 

Ingredients (Toppings – 54%): Cheese (milk solids, iodised salt, microbial rennet, active culture), pizza sauce water, tomato paste, sugar, spices and condiments (2%), milk solids, iodised salt, acidity regulator (260) and stabilizer (401)] Base (46%) – Bread [refined wheat flour, water, yeast, palm oil, milk solids, sugar, iodised salt, preservative (282), improver {soya flour, corn starch, anticaking agent (170), antioxidant (300), flour treatment agent (1100)}, emulsifier (481(i))].

amul frozen margherita pizza packaging
The packaging of Amul Frozen Margherita Pizza.
the pizza before heating
The frozen pizza before heating.

Cooking Process 

Here are further details on the cooking process. 

Before baking – thaw the pizza by using either of these 2 methods:

  • Keep in the lower compartment of the fridge overnight.
  • Keep at room temp for 1 hour before use. 

There are precisely three ways you can heat this frozen pizza : 

a. Electric Oven – For this preheat the oven at 25 degrees and place the pizza for 8 to 10 minutes (till it turns golden brown).

b. Gas Oven  – The instructions are the same as in case of the electric oven. 

c. Tawa (frying pan) – Preheat the tawa for 2 minutes. Now place the pizza on the tawa and cover. Let it cook for around 8 to 10 minutes until the base turns golden brown. 


Cooking Method / Review Process 

We thawed the pizza by leaving it outside at room temperature for roughly an hour before baking it. This was done to give the base a chance to soften a little. We heated the pizza using an electric oven. The procedure we followed is as follows: 

  • We preheated the oven at 250 degrees. 
  • Later, we placed the pizza in the oven for about 8 to 10 mins. 
  • We allowed it to cook till the time it turned out golden brown.

The pizza did cook up well in the given time frame. It was crisped to perfection.  

the pizza post heating
The pizza showcases that a mild mozzarella stretch.


On first looks, the pizza looks quite homestyle and has a thick base. The sauce is spread evenly and there is a generous amount of cheese added. Overall, it is a very well seasoned pizza. It has an Indianized style flavor followed by a mild herbiness. The cheese tastes fresh. We quite liked that!

The best part was we did not feel the need to add any additional herbs like oregano and chilli flakes. This can be enjoyed as is. 

What we didn’t like was the flavor of the pizza sauce. It was rather sweet and the tomatoes couldn’t shine through. 


We were impressed that the pizza crisped up perfectly in the specified time. Even though mild, the cheese displays the distinctive mozzarella stretch. 

For optimum results, we advise consuming the pizza right away after heating it. If consumed for a prolonged period of time, the base has a tendency to become extremely chewy and hard.

A note on price and quality: Let’s give it to you straight! This is an average tasting pizza with decent textures and a price tag similar to a regular sized pizza from a popular pizza chain. Plus, this requires effort to bake. Now, calculating costs for a home baked pizza (readymade sauce, cheese and base) this is definately priced higher and not a lot of difference when it comes to effort. Keeping these in mind, we do not label this as value for money.

Taste - 3/5
Texture - 3/5
Value For Money - 3/5
  • Thick base.
  • Homestyle flavor.
  • Loved the fresh taste of cheese.
  • Crisps perfectly.
  • High on convenience.
  • The flavor of the sauce could have been better.
  • Not value for money

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Amul margherita pizza.

This frozen Amul Margherita Pizza has a thick base.

Ideally, margherita pizza is best enjoyed as is. Although there is no need to add any extra toppings, you can plonk a few onions, tomatoes or olives on top.

Yes. This frozen pizza is suitable for vegetarians.

On heating, Amul Frozen Margherita Pizza crisps up well.

You can heat this frozen pizza in three ways – Electric oven, Gas oven and tawa (frying pan). This is not intended to be heated in a microwave. 

Final Words

Amul Frozen Margherita Pizza is an average product with a limited audience. We appreciate the quantity of cheese and it’s fresh taste but the flavor of the sauce needs improvement. 

Have you ever tried a frozen pizza before? If yes, how was your experience? 

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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