Amul Doodh Review - Have You Tried These New Amul Milk Products?

Amul Doodh Review – Have You Tried These New Amul Milk Products?

We tried and tasted four types of Amul Doodh – Tulsi, Ginger, Star Anise, and Honey. Here is our review of a new range of Amul Milk Products.

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The dominant ingredient made its presence felt and yet did not diminish the flavor of milk. We loved all the flavors of the Amul Doodh, but Amul Tulsi Doodh was chosen as our Top Pick. We felt that the Amul Star Anise Doodh would be loved by all kids! These can be a good beverage alternative for children instead of soft drinks and packaged juices.

Amidst the pandemic, Amul, one of India’s largest and most trusted brands, launched a wide range of new dairy products that aimed at combining immunity-boosting ingredients with dairy like Haldi Doodh, Haldi Ice Cream, and many more flavored milk products. We got our hands on four different varieties of ‘latte’ from Amul including Amul Tulsi Doodh, Amul Star Anise Doodh, Amul Ginger Doodh, and Amul Honey Doodh.

We tried and tasted them and found that all the varieties of flavored milk delivered on the dominant ingredients mentioned on the pack. Here is why you should try these flavors of Amul Milk too.

Quick Review

All four variants of Amul Doodh (Amul Milk) are true to their flavors and make for a delicious beverage.

Price – Rs 25 per can

Net weight – 125 ml 

*Price at the time of review

We tried four flavors for our review – 

  • Amul Tulsi Doodh
  • Amul Ginger Doodh
  • Amul Honey Doodh
  • Amul Star Anise Doodh

The Amul Doodh (Flavored lattes) comes in a handy can packaging. A single 125 ml can is priced at Rs 25/-.

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Amul Tulsi Doodh

Ingredients – Milk solids, Sugar, Tulsi extract (0.2%). Contains synthetic food color and added natural flavoring substances. Provides 100 Kcal of energy per 100 grams. There is no mention of the type of tulsi used. 

Appearance and consistency – Amul’s Tulsi Doodh is light pista green in color and has a milk-shake like consistency. The milk is very creamy and is not watery at all.

Aroma and taste – As soon as we opened the can we could smell a strong tulsi aroma. The aroma is very fresh and smells exactly like raw tulsi. The sweetness levels are very balanced and the taste of the beverage is very fresh. The tulsi astringency is very prominent and it feels like you’re eating a freshly plucked leaf of tulsi. 

Give the Amul Tulsi Doodh a try for its heady grassy tulsi flavor!

Kid-Friendly – Amul Star Anise Doodh Review

Amul Star Anise Doodh

Ingredients – Standardised Milk, Sugar, Milk solids, Star anise powder (0.2%). Provides 100 Kcal of energy per 100 grams.

Appearance and consistency – Amul’s Star Anise Doodh (karna phool latte) has an extremely creamy consistency and is thicker than the other variants. It is a light brown, almost beige, in color. There is no added color.

Taste – Beautiful! The blend of star anise flavor with milk is smooth and wonderful. The milkiness doesn’t die down under the star anise flavor and maintains its own identity. This variant is the sweetest and can make an excellent base to make a fruit smoothie or overnight oats. This is one of the most kid-friendly variants from the Amul Doodh range when you want to serve something that is not aerated or full of synthetic colors. This will definitely be a hit amongst kids.

More Reviews of New Amul Products

Balanced Sweetness – Amul Honey Doodh Review

Amul Honey Doodh

Ingredients – Milk solids, Honey 9%. Provides 101 Kcal of energy per 100 grams. It does not contain any artificial colors.

Appearance and consistency – Amul’s Honey Doodh (Honey Latte) is a mild colored beverage with a milk-shake like consistency. Even though it is not very thick, or creamy, it does not feel watered down or diluted. 

Aroma and taste – The Amul Honey Doodh smells and tastes distinctly of honey. The delicate honey flavor is prominent throughout the entire beverage. Unlike a lot of flavored milk, the sweetness levels are very well balanced. This would be great for people who do not like sugar-loaded beverages. 

Also Reviewed – Amul Ginger Doodh Review

Amul Ginger Doodh

Ingredients – Milk solids, Sugar, Ginger powder (1.8%). Provides 105 Kcal of energy per 100 grams. It does not contain any artificial colors.

Appearance and consistency – Amul’s Ginger Doodh is a light brown in color and has a thick consistency. It is creamy and doesn’t feel or tastes watered down.

Aroma and taste – Amul Ginger Doodh (Ginger Latte) does not have a dominant aroma of its core ingredient. It tastes a bit like mild sounth powder (dry ginger powder). That being said, it is still tasty and has a mild ginger punch. 


All four variants of Amul Doodh (Amul Milk) are true to their flavors.

One thing we noticed across all the Amul Doodh flavors is that they feel exactly like their own versions of melted ice cream! The fresh cream and milky aroma of all of them help in contributing to this. All flavors of milk are true to their dominant ingredient and wonderfully marry the milk flavor. Anyone who likes chilled flavored milk would love these. These can be used to build a tasty bowl of oats or pudding too. We tasted them at room temperature during the winter season, but they must be consumed after refrigeration once the temperature rises.

This range of favored Amul milk can also pose as healthier alternatives for kids when you want to avoid aerated drinks and sugar-loaded juices. As the can packaging is small, Amul Doodh can be given to kids as fancy tiffin add-ons.

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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