Act II Ready To Eat Popcorn Review - 3 Flavors Reviewed
act ii ready to eat popcorn review

Act II Ready To Eat Popcorn Review – 3 Flavors Reviewed

3 flavors reviewed from Act II RTE Popcorn range – Butter, Tomato Chili and Spicy Pudina. Which flavor did we like the most? Let’s decode.

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The Tomato Chili & Spicy Pudina flavored popcorns did not impress us. The lack of crunch, oily aroma, and weak flavors were the factors that led to a low rating. However, the Act II RTE Butter Flavored Popcorn was better than the other two, taste and texture-wise. The rating is for this variant.

A bowl of popcorn plays peek-a-boo with us. It’s there one moment and then gone in a blink of an eye. They are addictive and you cannot stop at one. 

Act II, a brand synonymous with popcorn in India, is here with its exciting range of RTE popcorn. From simply salted to caramel popcorn, the flavors are endless.

We grabbed 3 flavors – Butter, Tomato Chilli and Spicy Pudina to test them for their flavor intensity and crunch. Do they come close to the fresh and crunchy microwave popcorn they offer? Let’s find out in our Act II Ready To Eat Popcorn Review.

Here’s a quick view at a few details of Act II RTE popcorn flavors we reviewed :

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Act II Popcorn Mishry Rating

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Butter  3.50 Add To Cart 
Tomato Chilli  2
Spicy Pudina 2.50

Our Review Factors

What do we expect from Act II RTE Popcorn? We look for fresh-tasting, crunchy popcorn with balanced salt levels and apt flavors in convenient packaging.

For our review process of Act II Ready To Eat Popcorn, we have listed the following review parameters : 

1. Aroma

Packaged food, especially snacks, might develop an unpleasant oily aroma if the oil used is not of good quality. We checked for the aroma while opening the pack. Is it inviting? Does it feel industrial or unpleasant?

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What about the aroma of specific flavorings like tomato chili and pudina? 

2. Size Of Kernels 

In this parameter, we look for how well are the popcorns cooked? Are all the kernels popped up perfectly?

3. Texture + Crunch

The texture and crunch is the most crucial factor that can make or break the entire experience of having RTE popcorn. We closely examine the crunch and crispness of each variant. Further, we also gauge if they feel oily or greasy to the touch.

4. Taste

The taste is another crucial aspect where we examine multiple points – the overall flavor, salt levels, butteriness, and freshness. How well does the taste justify the flavors on the pack? Is there any synthetic or industrial aftertaste? Are the flavors perfectly balanced, or did we feel an imbalance in flavors? 

5. Other Observations


How well are these popcorn packed? Is the pack resealable? Does it offer the convenience of easy storage after opening them? 

Main Ingredients  

Here we scan the ingredients list to find the use of any preservatives, stabilizers, or additives. We also keep an eye on the sources of fat used. 

Shelf Life 

What is the shelf life of this RTE popcorn? 

Team Mishry reviewed two flavors of Act II Sweet Corn. Find out which turned out the best.

Act II Popcorn Flavors – Detailed Review

This segment covers information on what we liked, disliked and our overall experience of reviewing each variant :

the 3 flavors of act II rte popcorn reviewed
Our reviewed variants from Act II RTE Popcorn range.

1. Butter

Packaging & Pricing

This variant comes in a blue and sunshine yellow color non-resealable pack. The price of a 50 gm + 10 gm (free) pack is Rs. 25. It has a shelf life of 4 months. 

Per 100 gm, it provides about 449 kcal of energy. 


Enticing! The buttery aroma of this variant is pleasing and inviting. It has an aroma quite close to the one that we could whiff outside movie theaters.


Appearance-wise, this is a bag of different-sized popcorn. They have a yellowish tinge over them. 

act II butter flavor popcorn packaging and contents
This flavor was the best of all.

Main Ingredients 

The primary ingredient in this variant is popcorn kernel (88.7%). In addition, it also has refined edible palmolein oil (TBHQ), iodized salt, nature identical flavor (butter), table butter (0.07%), and Beta carotene. 


Though the crunch is not that pronounced, it is still better than the other two flavors we tried. We liked how non-greasy they felt on the hands.


We expected buttery popcorn, and buttery popcorn is what we got. Well-seasoned popcorn kernels with a buttery taste, we loved this variant. 

The salt levels and the buttery flavor combine very well and do not make it over-bearing. A lot of times butter popcorn turns very salty as butter might also contain salt.

Aroma - 3.5/5
Appearance - 3.5/5
Crunch - 3/5
Taste - 4/5
  • The crunch is better compared to the other variants. 
  • It has balanced salt levels.
  • We loved the buttery aroma. It is pleasing and inviting. 
  • These popcorn kernels are well-seasoned. 
  • These are not oily or greasy to touch.
  • We do not appreciate the use of refined palmolien oil and would have preferred if a better source of fat was used.

Love butter popcorns but are too lazy to prepare them? Act II RTE Butter Flavored popcorn are ideal for you.

2. Tomato Chilli

Packaging & Pricing 

The red and blue color packaging looks appealing. It is non-resealable. The 45 gm + 5 gm (free) pack costs Rs. 25. It offers a shelf life of 3 months.

Per 100 gm, this variant contains about 482 kcal of energy. 


As we opened the pack, there was an unpleasant oily aroma.


All popcorns have an even shape and are evenly cooked. These are coated with a light orange color masala. 

the packaging and closer look at the tomato chilli flavor popcorn
This variant showcases an imbalance in flavors.

Main Ingredients 

Popcorn kernels (75%) are the main ingredient used here. The other ingredients are – refined edible palmolein oil, iodized salt, and dehydrated vegetables (Tomato powder (1.3%), onion powder, garlic powder). 

In addition, it also has maltodextrin, sugar, chili powder (0.3%), stabilizer (hydrolyzed vegetable protein), acidity regulator (citric acid), and flavor enhancers (disodium guanylate, disodium inosinate), natural flavor (chili) & Nature Identical Flavor (Tomato). 


Thumbs down! Any popcorn tastes best if it’s crunchy. However, that was not the case here. These popcorn lack a bold crunch. They are not crispy. 


This variant showcases an imbalance of flavors. While the tanginess and tomato flavor were adequately present, the chili flavor was almost negligible. The salt levels are slightly low and these have a subtle sweetness too.

Overall these do not deliver on the tomato-chilli promise as well as they should have.

Aroma - 2/5
Appearance -3/5
Crunch - 2/5
Taste - 2/5
  • All the popcorn kernels are evenly cooked. 
  • Tomato tang is present.
  • It has an uninviting oily aroma. 
  • The crunch is missing. 
  • The salt level is on the lower side. 
  • The spiciness is absent.

3. Spicy Pudina

Packaging & Pricing

The Spicy Pudina flavor has green and blue color packaging. It comes with a shelf life of 3 months. Our review pack of 45 gm + 5 gm (free) is priced at Rs. 25. 

It provides about 471 Kcal of energy per 100 gm. 


On opening the pack, we could whiff an oily aroma with slight undertones of mint. It was not at all pleasing. 


These are medium-sized popcorn cooked to perfection. The dry coating of mint powder does not coat all the popcorns evenly. 

a closer look at the packaging and contents of act II spicy pudina flavor popcorn
Macro shot of the packaging and contents of Act II Spicy Pudina Flavor Popcorn.

Main Ingredients 

The list of main ingredients includes – Popped corn, refined edible palmolein oil, iodized salt, and maltodextrin.  

It also contains spices and condiments, sugar, dehydrated vegetables (onion powder and garlic powder), acidity regulators (citric acid, malic acid), stabilizer (hydrolyzed vegetable protein), and chlorophyll.

Further, it uses permitted natural color (140) and added flavors (natural & nature-identical flavoring substances). 

Maltodextrin is usually used as a thickener to increase the volume of processed food. It is also combined with artificial sweeteners and helps sweeten products. It also helps increase the shelf life of packaged food. 


The texture of this popcorn is nowhere close to fresh homemade popcorn. Though these are not soggy, it lacks the pronounced crunch we were looking for. 


The mint flavor is pleasingly subtle and so is the spiciness. But once you eat them, the aftertaste becomes slightly spicier. For those who are looking for a bold chilli flavor, this is not the pick for you. There’s a slight tang which pairs well with the mint.

Aroma - 2.5/5
Appearance - 3/5
Crunch - 2/5
Taste - 3/5
  • All the popcorn kernels have popped well. 
  • The salt levels are balanced. 
  • The subtle flavor of mint is delicious.
  • The aroma is oily and unpleasant.
  • It lacks freshness and a bold crunch. 
  • The spiciness is on the lower side, so the ‘spicy’ tag is not justified. 
  • It makes use of refined palmolein oil and maltodextrin.

Your quest for the Best Microwave Butter Popcorn Brands ends here :

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Act II Popcorn.

Fresh popcorn with no additives and vegetable fats is a healthy snack to munch on. But, these RTE popcorns contain refined palmolein oil and maltodextrin (two variants) which are not meant for regular consumption.

Definitely. People who love savory snacks with tea or coffee, will enjoy these popcorn with their tea or coffee.

Upon scanning the ingredient list we found that the Tomato Chili and Spicy Pudina flavor have maltodextrin. In addition to acting as a thickener, it is also used to increase the shelf life of packaged foods.

No. None of the above variants are high on spiciness.

To maintain the freshness and crunch of the popcorn, it is best to store them in an air-tight container after opening the pack.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, we liked the Butter Flavor Popcorn better than the other two variants. It is well seasoned, has an inviting buttery aroma, and balanced salt levels. The Tomato Chili and Spicy Pudina flavored popcorn showcase an imbalance of flavors, lack a pronounced crunch, have an unpleasant oily aroma, and do not aptly justify the flavor tags. 

Are you a fan of RTE popcorns? Which is your go-to brand?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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