8 Refreshing Ideas To Jazz Up Nimbu Paani!
ways to jazz up nimbu paani

8 Refreshing Ideas To Jazz Up Nimbu Paani!

Beat the summer heat with our refreshing ideas to jazz up the plain old glass of nimbu paani.

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A sweltering hot summer day and a glass of chilled nimbu paani. Ah! Bliss. Nimbu Paani or lemon water is healthy and the perfect thirst quencher that only needs three ingredients to make. This beverage is a very standard lemon-sugar-water drink that even a five-year-old can make, and brilliantly so. But, how to turn this into a fancy drink if you have unannounced guests? Nimbu paani to the rescue. No, we aren’t talking about the same old version. Here are some ways with which you can bring a fancy touch to your everyday nimbu paani.


Which summer drink is your favorite – Nimbu paani or aam panna?


Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe – Which lemonade will it be?


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Love Nimbu Paani? 8 Cool Ways To Make It Fancy!

Looks like it’s time to take out your mother’s ‘fancy’ glasses from the crockery cupboard.

1. Watermelon Nimbu Pani

The perfect addition to a nimbu paani is another summer favorite -watermelons! The watermelon nimbu paani is low in effort and cost-effective too. Not to mention that the benefits of watermelon make it even more healthy! Chop some watermelons finely and muddle them. Add water, lemon, sugar syrup, and mint leaves. Stir and serve chilled.


Chilled watermelons mulled into delicious lemonade. Add a sprig of thyme if you want to accentuate the flavor.

2. Fancy Ice Cubes

Fancy ice cubes have taken the forefront when it comes to uplifting the look and taste of a simple beverage during the hot summer months. Chop some mint leaves and grate the zest of a lemon. Mix and add them to ice cube trays. Add water on top and set in the freezer till they solidify. Add it to your regular nimbu paani. The color and flavor of the ice cubes will POP! Don’t hesitate to use chopped fruits like phalsas, peaches, and cherries to make ice cubes.

3. Spiced Nimbu Paani

Kala namak and bhuna jeera are your best friends when you wish to bring a savory touch to your regular glass of nimbu paani. The shikanji-like flavors are very close to what we have been drinking since we were kids.

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4. Thai Flavor Lemonade

Nothing spells fancy more than a glass of Thai flavored nimbu paani. Grate some ginger, bash up some lemongrass and chop kaffir lime leaves. Boil it in water and sugar to make a concentrate. Add this to a glass of water with, lemon and some crushed ice. Perfection!


Thai flavors in a drink are a dream team. Add a dash of vodka to make it boozy!

5. Feel The Fizz

Switch the water with some soda or flavored clear soda like blackcurrant or peach. If you are using a sweetened carbonated beverage, cut back on the sugar. Add lots of crushed ice and mint leaves.

6. Berry Good Nimbu Paani

If you get your hands on any type of berries like blueberries or strawberries, add it to your nimbu paani. Rich in antioxidants, berries add a burst of flavor to a plain glass of nimbu paani. Strawberries and lemonade are an ideal pairing. Muddle the chopped strawberries and add it to nimbu paani for a fresh take.

7. Kiwi Nimbu Paani

Blend some kiwis and add it to your regular glass of nimbu paani. The results are beautiful to look at and tastes amazing. Add some soda on top to give it the crisp aftertaste. Check for flavor before adding the sugar and lemon as the kiwi fruit can have a tart or sweet taste.


The combination of kiwi and lemon is a zesty one!

8. Immunity Booster – Amla nimbu paani

Mom’s will go to extra lengths to feed their children healthy things. Amla is one of them. If you are looking for ways to include fresh amla in your child’s diet, this is the perfect solution. Grate an amla, squeeze out the juice. Use this juice in place of the lemon and add water and sugar. The kids will gulp it down without even knowing the difference. Tried and tested on own kids.


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Looking For Ready-Made Lemonade Options?

Need a quick fix? Here are some of the best ready-made lemon drinks and lemon drink powder that are available online. Have a look!

1. Tang Lemon and Mint Drink Powder

We all have tried and tasted the original orange-flavored tang, here is a lemon and mint drink powder that will surely will you over. Here are some features.


  • Resealable pouch
  • 100 grams of this product provides 390 Kcal of energy.
  • Allergen information – Contains soya



2. Unloq Nimbu Pani

This is an instant powder mix.


  • No artificial colors
  • No artificial flavors
  • No preservatives
  • Made with natural ingredients.



3. Smoodies Masala Nimbu Pani


  • No preservatives
  • 100 ml of this drink provides 27 Kcal of energy
  • It contains water, sugarcane, lemon, pink salt, pure apple concentrate.



4. Raw Pressery Aloe Vera Lemonade


  • Ingredients include water, maple syrup, aloe vera, ginger, and rock salt.
  • Calorie count – 200 ml of this drink provides approximately 64 calories.
  • Our review – Raw pressery’s protein milkshakes. Raw Pressery’s milkshakes have a high protein content and are lactose-free. Check out our review to know more.


Are you a fan of jazzed up nimbu pani? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comment box below.


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