20 Outstanding Benefits and Side Effects of Raisin Water
benefits of raisin water for your body

20 Outstanding Benefits Of Raisin Water

Poor Eating habits and lifestyle or excess intake of alcohol can affect the functioning of the liver. From detoxification to relieving acidity, Raisin water can be a promising drink to cure various chronic diseases. Start consuming this supernatural drink for innumerable black raisins benefits.

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A sprinkle of raisins over snacks, cereals, and desserts is a tempting treat! Raisin is a seedless dry fruit, packed with essential nutrients like vitamins, dietary fiber, potassium, and magnesium. Despite its 60% natural sugar, raisins contain the highest amount of polyphenolic content and antioxidant levels as compared to other dried fruits. Raisin or Kishmish is prepared through drying grapes, but raisins are nearly four times more nutritious than grapes.

A drink made of soaked raisins or raisin water is even healthier to consume as it has zero fat and cholesterol. Raisin water benefits include purifying the blood, increasing the blood count, and detoxifying the body. Moreover, it can manage several health issues such as blood cholesterol, diabetes, anemia, and even heart-related concerns. It’s advised to consume raisin water religiously for four days but not in excess, and sugar intake should be less during these days.

This article will highlight the benefits of drinking raisin water, how to make raisin water and the side effects of overconsumption of raisin-soaked water.

A study shows that raisins and raisins soaked water can reduce several chronic diseases and promotes healthy eating habits (1).

Quick Recipes with Raisins: A Secret way to add them in your Diet!

hoards of raisins with a spoon

Soaked Raisin Water Benefits

1. An Excellent Detoxification Drink

The liver is a vital organ that naturally detoxifies our body. However, due to poor eating habits and an unhealthy lifestyle, it can’t perform efficiently and needs our help for detoxification. Soaked Raisin water purifies impure blood, stimulates the liver’s biochemical processes, and flushes out the toxins from our body. Thus, raisin water acts as a fantastic detoxification drink that improves the functioning of vital organs. Furthermore, an adequate amount of fiber in raisins exerts more bile from the liver.

black raisins kept on a white bowl

2. Combats Constipation- Boosts Your Stomach Health

Raisin water contains plenty of insoluble fiber and natural fluids, which are known for improving digestion. Raisins have flavonoid components like Tartaric acid, Tannins, and Catechins which promote a laxative effect, create a form of bulk that helps move the food through the intestines, and prevents constipation. Drinking raisin-water is an effective home remedy to keep your stomach clean and healthy.

3. Alleviates Acidosis

Acidosis is a problem that occurs due to the rise in acidity in the blood and the presence of blood gases in the respiratory system. The associated conditions of Acidosis are serious ones such as arthritis, cancer, tumor, hair loss, heart diseases, and damage in the internal organs. The antacids, potassium and magnesium found in black raisin water are very beneficial for balancing the acids in the stomach hence may prevent this chronic disease.

raisins strewn on a white marble floor

4. Battles Anaemia- Increase Blood Count

Raisins are rich in Iron, B-Complex Vitamins, and Copper. The Iron and the B-Complex Vitamins help in forming new blood cells. Copper, on the other hand, is beneficial in iron absorption.

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To summarise, soaked raisins give you oxygen-rich blood cells, improve the body’s hemoglobin levels, and go a long way in preventing anemia.

5. Strengthens The Bones- Good Source of Calcium & Potassium

We all know that calcium is crucial for bone health, and our body needs a sufficient amount of it, but did you know that potassium also helps in the growth and strengthening of bones?

Apart from potassium, Boron, present in raisins, can protect you from a chronic disease called Osteoporosis. A good amount of Calcium and a decent quantity of Boron, Potassium, and Micronutrients in raisin water makes our bones strong and healthy.

raisins collected together and kept on a white floor

6. Energy Booster – Soaked Raisin

Raisin water has lots of healthy carbohydrates and natural sugars that give energy to our body. Dry-grapes water can absorb protein and other necessary nutrients. Your concentration will improve, and learning something new will be easier. But to get a good grade in college, it is enough to order an essay on the Essaynow writing service, which is in demand among students who need academic help. So, raisin water may be an excellent substitute for other energy drinks because it contains zero additives, artificial flavors, or added sugar, so start drinking black raisins water before a workout for boosting your energy.

7. May Be Helpful In High Fever

The benefits of raisins can work for high fever too! Phenolic Phytonutrients are known for Germicidal, Antioxidants, and Antibiotic Properties that are high in raisins. Raisin water can fight off viral and bacterial infections, so try adding this miraculous drink to your daily routine.

raisins kept on a black bowl against a black background

8. May Build Immunity Against Cancer

Raisin water contains Catechins, a polyphenolic antioxidant that helps prevent colon cancer. Moreover, raisins contain Resveratrol and Anthocyanin, both anti-cancer components that can inhibit colon, melanoma, and prostate cancer growth.

9. Can Prevent Dental Problems – Improves Oral Health

Dental problems like cavities, tooth decay, and brittleness can be very painful and embarrassing but raisin water is there to help you! Oleanolic and Phytochemicals are found in raisin water, which may protect you from two major harmful bacteria: Streptococcus and Porphyromonas that cause tooth problems. You can also eat a soaked raisin and let it stick to your teeth for some time to kill the bacteria.

Summary: You must avail of the benefits of dry grapes for improving oral health.

raisins spread on a green floor

10. Aphrodisiac

Apart from other benefits of soaked raisin water, it can increase the libido and act as an aphrodisiac. An amino acid, Arginine is found in raisin is known to stimulate sperm motility levels.

11. Improves Eye Health

We all know that Vitamin A is crucial for healthy eyesight. As we age, we are more prone to poor vision, macular degeneration, and cataracts. Vitamin A and Phytonutrients present in raisin water are great for eyes that help tackle eye diseases; therefore, benefits of kishmish can be reaped to promote eye health.

biscuits garnished with raisins
We all know that Vitamin A is crucial for healthy eyesight

12. Good For Hypertension

Potassium is known for reducing blood pressure and raisins are rich in potassium. Dietary fiber and antioxidants may positively alter the biochemistry of blood vessels limiting risk to hypertension. Therefore, the benefits of soaked raisins in water can maintain blood pressure.

13. Can Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

Most diabetic people refrain from eating raisins because it is high in natural sugars, but like every other fruit, dried grapes can also be consumed in any form by them, but in limited quantities. Raisins have a low glycemic index (GI) which means it doesn’t dramatically increase the blood sugar levels upon consumption. Additionally, raisins can improve insulin response and help in regulating blood sugar levels.

blood sugar checking machine
Raisin can improve the insulin response and helpful in regulating blood sugar levels

14. Beneficial In Natural Weight Loss

Raisin water contains fructose and glucose, the natural sugars which provide enough amount of energy for long. Additionally, it can regulate hormones such as Leptin and Ghrelin as well as their secretion in the body. These hormones send a signal to the brain when we are full or hungry, thus helping balance eating and preventing unnecessary calories. So if you are trying to shed some weight, you could avail of raisin-water benefits.

 15. Aids Immunity- Natural Healthy Immunity Booster Drink

Apart from detoxification and blood purification, Raisin water is rich in antioxidants that battle with free radicals and prevent several diseases. Furthermore, it contains Natural Bioflavonoids that enhance our defense system and strengthens our immune power. What could be better than Kishmish benefits for strong immunity!

black grapes

16. May Balance Blood Cholesterol

As we have already discussed, raisins help in blood purification and provide a healthy gut and heart. A phytochemical, Resveratrol is available in raisins which is very helpful in decreasing the bad cholesterol and triglycerides levels of the body. Dry grapes uses may help maintain ideal blood pressure!

17. A Good Source Of Nitric Oxide

Raisin water has Arginine, an amino acid that is beneficial in increasing nitric oxide production in the body. Nitric oxide is a colorless and odorless gas formed by the body cells and benefits us in so many ways. It ensures the proper blood flow, reduces the workload of the heart, and lowers the risk of blood pressure, hypertension, and heart failure.

dry raisins kept in a beautiful bowl

 18. Anti Aging

Raisin looks quite aged but it can prevent you from getting fine lines and wrinkles! The Phenol, Vitamin C, and Antioxidants present in raisin water can slow down the aging process. Vitamin A and E form new cells for the epidermis (top layer of the skin) hydrates the skin and decreases oxidation that stops the DNA of the skin. Raisin water has Resveratrol that helps in blood purification, removing toxins, makes new cells. Start drinking soaked raisins drink for soft, supple, younger, and beautiful skin!

19. Can Reverse Hair Loss – Hair Health

Hair loss has become very common nowadays and people start using different kinds of hair products to regain hair. Thankfully, the benefits of black raisins include hair health also. Black raisins can improve blood circulation and stimulates the hair follicles that prevent hair thinning and hair loss.

a container containing raisins

20. Provides Sound Sleep

In the run of life, deep and sound sleep is not less than a luxury these days. Melatonin, present in raisins helps you fall asleep quickly and it doesn’t wake you up often in the night. Moreover, it tackles the oxidative stress caused by sleep disorder in the patients of insomnia. The benefits of black raisins soaked in water can fulfill your dream of sleeping the whole night!

How To Make Raisin Water Or Kismis Pani?

Ingredients Required

  • 2 cups of water
  • 100 grams of black raisins

Preparation Method

  • Take a pan and boil the black raisins in water for 15-20 minutes. Make sure the raisins are washed and cleaned thoroughly.
  • Let the raisins soak in the water overnight.
  • Heat it again on low flame in the morning.
  • Strain the mixture and drink the water.


  • You don’t need to throw soaked raisins as they are very nutritious and you can’t miss the benefits of eating raisins soaked in water, right! You can eat them raw or add it in your breakfast such as oats or muesli.
  • It’s advised to drink this detoxification drink at least for four days on an empty stomach in the morning to see the desired results.

Side-Effects Of Raisin Water

Are raisins good for you? You will say a big yes after reading lots of black kismis benefits but it may have some serious side-effects. Let’s discuss in detail to avoid them!

1. Excess Of Antioxidants

We have read that raisin water is a powerhouse of antioxidants which is helpful in many ways but the extreme amount of it can hamper the absorption of nutrients in the body and they start interrupting the healthy cells of the body.

2. Extremely High In Dietary Fiber

Dietary fiber is helpful in digestion and curing stomach problems but the excessive dietary fiber of raisin water can hamper with normal body functioning. High consumption of fiber can sometimes lead to various health problems like gas, low absorption of nutrients, intestinal blockage, indigestion, and intestinal blockage, thus moderation is the key.

a raisin cake sliced and kept

3. May Cause Hypotension

Potassium is great for maintaining the blood pressure but a high intake of it through raisin water can also drastically reduce the blood pressure and show symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, and blurred vision. So if you are already on blood pressure pills and/or are diabetic, only include raisin-water into your diet after due consultations with your doctor.

4. Allergy

You must be very careful while availing of the benefits of soaked raisins as they may cause allergy if you are prone to allergies. Raisins are not hypoallergenic and can cause few health problems in some cases like a bacterial infection, running nose, skin rashes, nasal congestion, coughing, vomiting. You can consume raisin water in small quantity and occasionally only if it suits you, otherwise, it is best to avoid it.

5. Can Be Harmful During Diabetes

The excess amount of raisin water can trigger hypoglycemia and lower sugar level beyond permissible limits in a diabetic. It would be better to consume raisins/kishmish in moderation and only after consulting your diabetologist.

a sugar bowl and a glucometer

6. Weight Gain

Raisins water contains fewer calories than raw raisins but it’s still high in calories which can increase your weight. You shouldn’t consume it regularly for the benefits of soaked raisins if you want to lose few inches from your body.

7. Stomach Problems

There are so many benefits of kishmish water but it may not be suitable for everyone. Being high in sugar, raisin water can lead to diarrhea in people suffering from a sensitive stomach in some cases. Raisin water should be avoided in case of a weak stomach.

Selection And Storage Of Black Raisin

  • We must always pick dark raisins over yellow raisins because dark raisins are sun-dried and naturally dehydrated, on the other hand, yellow and shiny raisins are artificially dried and may contain sodium chloride to maintain it’s color.
  • Always buy organic raisins from a trusted brand.
  • Raisins must be stored in an airtight packing in a cool and dark place.
  • The shelf life of raisins is six months to one year, if stored in a refrigerator otherwise it should be consumed within one month as kitchen cabinets are generally very warm and raisins starts losing its their color and nutrition.
black raisin in a transparent jar
Selection And Storage Of Black Raisin

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it okay to have raisin water everyday?

Raisins are great for digestion, especially for someone who deals with constipation and indigestion. Therefore, it is okay to drink raisin water first thing in the morning daily on an empty stomach. However, people on certain medications or expecting mothers should always take expert advise before consuming it daily.

2. Are raisins bad for the liver?

Excess of anything is bad, even if it is a healthy food. Having too much of fructose-rich fruits can cause inflammation in the liver. The sugar present in raisins can cause to up the levels of fat in the blood when you have too many raisins. Moreover, raisins are a high calorie snack. In fact, too much fiber can also reverse the good effects of raisins.

3. Can diabetics drink raisin water?

Yes, however, it is best to first consult your doctor. Do not take it without any supervision.

Final Words

Apart from detoxification of the liver and purification of blood, raisin water can combat numerous health issues. Black raisin benefits can be multiplied through consuming raisin water but it’s not recommended to drink it on a regular basis as the prolonged or excess intake of soaked raisins water may be harmful to you. People having medical conditions like diabetes, sensitive stomach and allergy must be very careful while consuming raisin water. Benefits of soaked raisin water are incredible which makes it a must-try detoxification drink!

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