Healthy Green Tea Brands | Best Brands Of Green Tea for Health

Healthy Green Tea Brands | Best Brands Of Green Tea for Health

In this article, you will read about which green tea is best out of a list of the best quality green teas according to the country of origin.

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Most Indians never looked beyond their kadhi hui chai two decades back. Now everywhere you look in a supermarket there is a complete aisle dedicated to green tea. Different brands of green tea with varied flavors and artisanal packagings are available in every urban city in India. There are many different types of teas, which include oolong tea, black tea, pu’er tea, dark tea, white tea, and green tea available in the Indian market in the form of tea bags and loose tea leaves.

We have been reading about the benefits of drinking green tea since a long time. Green tea is an extremely healthy tea that helps our bodies out in numerous ways. It is fantastic for the circulatory, respiratory, excretory systems of the body, as it may act as a natural cleanser. Drinking green tea may reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease, but it should not be used as medicine.

People also say that green tea helps in weight loss and smoothens other bodily functions, as it is loaded with antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients. However, drinking some tea once or twice a day can be soothing. Maybe that’s why they serve it at the spa!

There are many types and brands of green tea available in market, and we will be discussing these brands later in the article. Green tea was originally a Chinese discovery, and we will talk about the best green tea brand in China itself. However, many Asian countries specialise in its production and sale. Japan and Korea have some of the best green tea in the world as well.

India also has many pure green tea brands. Yes, there are many green tea brands available in India. There are a few green tea brands in Kerala as well as other states. Here’s where we should not forget that India is a country that invented Ayurveda and the likes, hence the importance of herbs, including tea, is very relevant. These are all good green tea brands for weight loss, that help with better digestion, cholesterol control, etc

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China and Japan are the countries which have the best green tea brand for weight loss. In this article, you will read about which green tea is best for you out of this list of the best quality green teas according to the country where it originated. Let’s have a look at the best brands of green tea in China.

cup of green tea
cup of green tea

Best Chinese Green Tea – Top Green Tea Brands

Being the inventor of green tea, China has some of the top green tea brands. Here is a list of good green tea brands in China.

1. Dragon Well Green Tea by Canton Tea Co

Wild Mountain Dragon Well is top rated green tea from the Zhejian region of China. This tea grows wild on the mountainside. Its somewhat sweet and floral to taste, and at the same time has toasty flavours of chestnuts. This is because the tea leaves are toasted before packaging which makes the taste of this brand of green tea popular.

2. Pi Lo Chun Tea by Mei Leaf

Here’s another one of the top green tea brands from China. Pi Lo Chun (also sometimes spelt ‘Bi Lo Chun’) tea is from the Jiangsu province of China and is top rated green tea. The flavor of this green tea has an earthy tone with a hint of smokiness. It is a tea which is perfect for drinking in the afternoon or the early evening and is one of the best green tea available in market.

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3. First Flush Mao Feng Tea by Yunnan Sourcing

Here is another excellent green tea, which is by Yunnan Sourcing. ‘Yunnan’ means a tree with ‘large leaves’. Yunnan is also the place where this tea grows. The tea is called Mao Feng tea, and the brand-name for it is First Flush, which represents the ‘first flush’ of spring. This tea has the aromatic flavours of the season of spring – floral and sweet with a roasted-chestnut like taste. It is one of the most popular brands of green tea.

4. Tai Ping Hou Kui by Wan Ling Tea House

Tai Ping Hou Kui tea by Wan Ling Tea House accounts for some of the best green tea brands to come from China. This tea comes from the Anhui region of China. It has a sharpness to it, which you can feel as you open the package. The aroma of this floral, rich tea is so strong that you would want to make yourself a cup right away.

dried green leaves in a cup
dried green leaves

5. Organic Imperial Golden Buds by JING

Yet another top green tea brand from the Zhejian region of China, this organic tea has a lovely and refreshing aroma as well as flavour. This tea by JING has a sweet taste and is smooth to drink like liquid silk. JING, for its Organic Imperial Golden Buds tea, is a must-try green tea brand from China, and you should not miss out on its flavours and notes. Aside from only its taste, texture and aroma, it is organic and is some of the best organic green tea out there.

Best Japanese Green Tea – Popular Tea Brands

Japan is also one of the countries which is greatly known for various things – kimonos, sushi, and very importantly, green tea. Before moving on to the next section in this article, you must know that the Japanese love green tea! Here are some of the top rated green teas in Japan.

1. Matcha Green Tea

Matcha green tea is a type of green tea which is native to Japan. It is something that was created in the 12th Century and is consumed the most in Japan. Matcha green tea is a green tea whose leaves are made into a fine powder. Hence, instead of placing tea leaves or a teabag to sit in water and allow the water to absorb the same, you mix the powder in hot water, stir and consume.

Matcha green tea is a Japanese speciality and is a must-try if you are a green tea aficionado and also love to try new things. Who knows? Maybe it could turn into the best green tea for you. Matcha green tea is being used around the world to make desserts, smoothies and modern gastronomical dishes. Have you tried matcha green tea?

2. Sencha Hachiju-Hachiya by Chiyonoen Tea Garden

A famous tea from Japan is Hachiju-Hachiya tea, which is tea harvested on the 88th day of Spring. The words ‘Hachiju-Hachiya’ in Japanese translate to ‘Eighty-Eight’ in English. The Chiyonoen Tea Garden is a small family tea garden in Yabe, a village in Fukuoka, Japan. The flavours of the tea are floral and sweet. This brand is some of the best green tea on the market. This is a family-run business and a lot of love and care goes into the cultivation of these tea leaves.

3. Imperial Gyokuro Genmaicha by Tealyra

Gyokuro is a type of Japanese green tea whose leaves are a deep shade of green, and provide for a lovely, rich flavour. Genmaicha is a type of green tea which has green tea leaves on it, with an added twist – roasted rice. The Imperial Gyokuro Genmaicha tea combines these two qualities and gives you a complex flavour which combines the rich flavour of the tea leaves and that of roasted grains. Due to the rice grains, there is a kind of savoury tone on the palette, and the leaves make the tea feel richer with a broth-like body. This is one of the best brands of green tea.

infusing the green tea flavor in a warm water
infusing the green tea flavor from a dried green leaves in a warm water

Best Tasting Green Tea – Top Tea Brands in UK

The United Kingdom is popular for many things, including their stereotyped accent, scones and their undying love for tea. Like Indians are obsessed with their chai, people from the UK are too obsessed with their brews. Hence, it is no surprise that there are several green tea brands that UK has to offer. Here is a list for you of the best brands of green tea in the UK.

Something to remember is that while Japan and China generally sell loose green tea leaves, it is not necessarily the same way in the West. The United Kingdom has some of the best quality green tea bags.

1. Twinings Green Tea

Twinings is one of the oldest brands of green tea from the UK. Founded by Thomas Twining in 1706, twinings is one of the best brands of green tea. Their green teas come in several flavours like jasmine, coconut, cherry, ginger, lemon, mango, and mint. But, that’s not it. This brand has a lot of innovative flavours of tea, such as salted caramel green tea.

2. Lipton Green Tea

Lipton is another great and one of the best green tea brands UK has to offer. It is similar to Twinings, in context with its flavours and mixing and matching of tea. Lipton came up in the year 1880 and has some brilliant flavours of green tea, such as Jasmine + Passionfruit, Lemon, Pomegranate + Cranberry, etc. As you can see, Lipton has also taken some bold flavour risks, as Twinings has. This puts them in close competition with each other.

Twinings Vs Lipton Green Tea – It is challenging to decide which green tea is best in the United Kingdom, but Lipton and Twinings are close rivals. Both of these brands have some of the best green tea bags, so where is the best tea from – Twinings or Lipton? It is not possible to select the best green tea company while looking at Twinings vs Lipton. They are both equally popular brands of green tea, hence here’s what you should do. It is best to try each one of the same boxed flavour by yourself, then go on to select which you like better. You can decide for yourself which is the best green tea brand UK has to offer.

lipton green tea
lipton green tea – popular green tea brand

3. Tetley Green Tea

Tetley tea was founded in 1837, Yorkshire, United Kingdom by Joseph Tetley and Edward Tetley. Tetley’s manufacturing and distribution of green tea is spread across 40 countries throughout the world. Tetley is one of the most popular brands of green tea around the world.

Good Green Tea Brands in India

India is yet another country which is famous for it’s tea. After all, the world-famous ‘Chai Tea’ did originate here. While ‘chai tea’ is popular in the west, there are also some high quality green tea brands in India too.

Which green tea is best in India? – Well, this is a difficult question, but we tried to solve that problem without intensive green tea review. Over 2 weeks of drinking green tea by 9 different brands, we chose a winner for the best green tea for everyday use (for beginners).

If you are wondering which are the healthiest green tea brands available in India or which are the best green tea brand in India for weight loss, you can know more about the details here. In India, we have almost all green tea brads available from around the world including Tetley and Lipton. In fact, we have boutiques dedicated to buying some exclusive green teas. Here is a list of the best brands of green tea that originated in India.

1. Hathikuli Organic Green Tea by Amalgamated Plantations

Tata is among the top brands in India for a variety of products, and tea is one of them. Amalgamated Plantations fall under one of Tata’s ventures into the beverage industry. Being under such a reputable brand, Amalgamated Plantations could possibly be the best green tea brand in India. However, saying that this is true would be unfair to all the other green tea brands in India. Hathikuli Organic Green Tea is part of the family of organic tea brands in India, and comes from the tea gardens of Assam with assured high quality of tea leaves.

2. Barnesbeg Organic Green Tea by Goodricke

Goodricke is one of the top organic tea brands in India. Goodricke’s Barnesbeg organic tea collection consists of authentic Darjeeling tea. It includes flavours of lemon + mint, tulsi + ginger, and unflavoured organic green tea. Being organic as well as relatively less expensive, it is one of the most popular green tea brands in India.

green tea in a cup
cup of flavorful green tea

3. Super Green Tea by Goodwyn

Goodwyn is one of the leading brands in India for green tea. Their super green teas include Kashmiri Kahwa green tea, Darjeeling tea and Jasmine tea. It takes the goodness of these wonderful green teas and serves it up as healthy green tea brands in India. Out of all the green tea available in India, Kashmiri Kahwa green tea is a must-try; it is some of the best green tea in India.

4. Tulsi Green Tea by Organic India

As you may have gathered, there is a lot of consumption of organic tea in India, hence there are a lot of organic tea brands in India. Being wholly organic in nature, Organic India is also the best green tea brand in India for fat loss. Tulsi Green Tea by Organic India comes in several flavours, such as Earl Grey, Lemon + Ginger, Jasmine, and Pomegranate.

Brewing Of Green Tea

The brewing of green tea involves allowing the tea leaves, i.e., the tea bag to sit in hot water for a few minutes, and drinking it while the temperature remains. If you wish to use tea leaves from scratch rather than tea bags, you can instead allow the leaves to sit in hot water for a while and follow the same process. However, you must make sure not to use boiling water for green tea as it takes away from the flavour and does not allow you to enjoy it to its full capacity.

Green tea is not supposed to taste bitter if prepared with care. Here are 4 tips that will help you make a flavorful cup.

Final Words

Green tea is a great hot beverage to consume once or twice a day. It is an excellent way to begin your mornings and a soothing way to end your day. Inculcating green tea into your daily life is a great thing, as it helps your body out in several ways, as mentioned above. We hope that this list helps you better understand the top quality-TEA brands of green tea available in the market, domestic as well as international.

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