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fabulous uses and benefits of coconut water

15 Fabulous Reasons To Drink Coconut Water

From hydrating you instantly to aiding in weight-loss, fresh coconut water is more beneficial than we can imagine. But it does a lot more than that. Read on to find out.

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One of the most important things to keep in mind during summer is to stay constantly hydrated. A cool drink every few hours can be immensely helpful and you’ll probably hate the weather a little less. Tender coconut water or nariyal paani is probably one of the best ways to protect yourself from the heat of these months. And its benefits are famous the world over. Not only does it have zero fat and cholesterol, which makes it beneficial for a healthy heart, it also tastes delicious.

Coconut water has five components – sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium – all of which make it a super drink. It does contain few calories, which is ideal for providing energy when you’re feeling tapped out of strength. Plus it has terrific cooling effects, which is also why tender coconut water is so much in demand during summer. But that’s not all it does; read on to know more about the fabulous health benefits of coconut water.

Nutritional Value In Coconut Water



Energy 19 grams calories
Carbohydrates 3.71 grams
Protein 0.72 grams
Fat 0.20 grams
Cholesterol 0 mg
Dietary Fibre 1.1 gram

Benefits Of Drinking Coconut Water

Easy on the stomach and the system, tender coconut water is best when drunk fresh. And if you must go for packaged drinks, choose wisely. If someone falls sick due to excess heat, coconut water is always recommended.

1. Helps In Weight Loss

Did you know that a 100ml serving of coconut water contains only 19 calories, which makes it a great aid when it comes to losing weight? It also does a good job a flushing out toxins from the body. And even though you might be guzzling lots of water, don’t forget to add one tender coconut to your diet during your weight loss program.

coconut in the hand of a lady
100 ml coconut water has only 19 calories

2. Promotes Smooth Digestion

Coconut contains fiber that gives your stomach the impression of being full for a longer time, therefore keeping hunger pangs at bay. Fibrous food is generally recommended to those who have a weak digestion, and a portion of coconut water every day helps in its regulation.

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3. Can Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

Coconut water contains an abundance of the L-arginine compound that contains anti-diabetic and anti-thrombotic properties. A study on mice shows that the right amount of coconut water helps in lowering blood sugar levels of the body. However, if you’re drinking it specifically for that and must go with packaged coconut water, pick one that has no sugar. Apart from coconut water, coconut oil is also quite beneficial.

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diabetic measuring machine
Coconut water contains abundant of L-arginine compound that contains anti-diabetic and anti-thrombotic properties

4. Powerful Energy Drink

Coconut water is often consumed post a work-out session because it balances out the electrolytes in your body. It provides you with instant energy and is better than most energy drinks available in the market.

5. Beneficial For Kidney Health

Coconut water is known to flush out excessive mineral deposits such as potassium and calcium from the kidneys. The extra mineral deposit can lead to the formation of stones, which can be extremely painful. Coconut water helps to reduce the risk of stone formation in the body. Additionally, thanks to its antibacterial properties coconut water also help to treat infections in the body.

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6. Strengthens The Bones

Coconut water contains about 24mg of calcium for every 100ml of serving, and that’s less than 5% of what you need daily. So no, it cannot be your go-to source for obtaining calcium, but can definitely be an aid. However, it does have more calcium and even magnesium than any other sports drink, which is why it’s a favorite with those who work out regularly.

bones xray
Coconut water is good for strengthening our bones

7. Improves Heart-Health

It’s no mystery that high cholesterol can cause several heart problems. Coconut water is helpful in reducing the cholesterol levels in the body as it’s a zero cholesterol drink. It has few chemicals which are beneficial in maintaining the normal cholesterol levels.

8. Can Regulate Blood Pressure

Almost all heart-related problems are connected with our blood pressure. Whether you have a history of heart disorders in the family or are just being cautious, a heart-healthy diet is a must. And for that, we need to make sure we keep our blood pressure under control. The potassium in coconut water can help to do just that, simply by controlling the sodium levels that boost blood pressure. But it cannot be the only thing you rely on for a healthy heart.

9. An Excellent Moisturizer

You can slap on as many beauty products you can on your skin, but a good healthy diet is actually what does the trick. And coconut water is rich in cytokines, an antioxidant which helps in the reduction of wrinkles. It also has anti-microbial properties that are great for decreasing any burning sensation on the skin, and it helps to keep pimples at bay. It’s a natural moisturizer which keeps our skin hydrated and prevents dryness.

coconut water
Coconut is a natural moisturizer which keeps our skin hydrated and prevents dryness

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10. Promotes Hair Health

Cytokines, an oxidant that’s known to be quite beneficial for one’s hair growth can be found in coconut water. It makes the roots stronger and promotes hair health.

11. Beneficial During Pregnancy

Coconut water has amino acid, potassium, Vitamin B and C which are beneficial for the baby and mother-to-be. However, a pregnant lady should always consult a doctor before including coconut water in her diet.

12. Hydrates The Body

Coconut water is known for its hydrating qualities. When you’re out and about in summer, your body loses a lot of water through perspiration. Tender coconut water not only quenches thirst but also renews your energy levels by replacing the lost water. Plus, it cools the body down thus maintaining the body’s temperature.

coconut water with straw
Coconut water provides a cooling effect to the body that maintains the body temperature

13. Can Relieve Headaches

Headaches due to hot weather is a common problem and most of the time we can’t concentrate on anything. A deficiency of water in our body leads to dehydration which in turn can give us all a nasty headache. The situation can however be tackled if you keep some tender coconut water handy.

14. May Help To Reduce Stress

If there’s one thing people have been getting stressed about lately, it’s stress itself. And when it’s summer, moods get affected, emotions get aggravated and people are generally a lot more high-strung. A tall glass of cool tender coconut water can actually fix the problem. Have it in the morning to control your energy levels and manage stress. And it’s not just a placebo. Coconut water contains vitamins B5 and B6 and folate and if taken regularly, can aid in the reduction of stress.

picture of a lady stressing out
Coconut water contains Vitamin B5, B6 and folate which helps in decreasing stress

 15. Can Keep Constipation At Bay

If you are suffering from constipation, get some tender coconut water right away. It acts as a natural laxative and cleans out the stomach easily. Additionally, coconut water contains a lot of fiber, which in general is great for stomach-health. A clean stomach can prevent various diseases from harming our bodies.

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Uses Of Coconut Water

You know the benefits, but let’s look at the various other questions one might have when it comes to the whens and hows of drinking coconut water. And remember, what is most important is how much to have, how long for and when. Here are a few suggestions.

1. On An Empty Stomach

The lauric acid in coconut water kick-starts metabolism and boots your immunity, so it’s a great drink to begin your day with. And given that it also helps in weight loss, you can definitely have it on an empty stomach.

coconut water in a glass
Morning is the best time to drink coconut water

2. Can Be Added To Salad

You can add some coconut water into your salad to make it even more nutritious. Tender coconut flesh is also a beautiful ingredient for salads, even though it’s a lot fattier than the liquid.

3. Before Or After Meals

One of the coolest things about coconut water is that if you are hungry, it can fill your stomach temporarily causing you to feel slightly fuller. And then on the other hand, it also helps to soothe your stomach if you’ve eaten too much, and it helps in your digestion process. So you can either have it before your meal or even after.

4. Before Or After Exercise

Coconut water is an energy booster so it can be consumed before or after exercise. It also takes care of any feeling of dehydration, which is quite normal after a workout.

woman playing
Coconut water is an energy booster

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have answered a few informative FAQs about coconut water.

1. When you should drink coconut water?

It’s suggested to have coconut water in the morning as it gives us a quick shot of energy which we can all do with when we start our daily routine.

2. Is drinking coconut water good for health?

Even though coconut water is healthy, you need to drink it right quantities and for a certain amount of time. If you drink too much and for too long you may suffer from sodium deficiency because the water expels sodium from our bodies as well. Prolonged consumption in more than necessary quantities can also affect the kidneys. So do it in moderation, like everything else.

3. What are the benefits of coconut water?

Coconut water helps in maintaining blood pressure and blood glucose levels in our body. It makes our heart healthy and provides instant energy.

4. When should you drink coconut water during pregnancy?

It’s advised to drink coconut water in the morning. It’s good for the health of the mother and mom-to-be. However, a doctor’s consultation is still necessary.

5. How does coconut water help the skin?

Drinking coconut water hydrates and moisturizes the skin, prevents premature aging and reduces any burning sensation.

Final Words

Coconut water can be included in one’s daily diet for maintaining overall health in the summer. As we have already discussed in the beginning of the article that it is a powerhouse of vital minerals that prevents us from dehydration.

Disclaimer – This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information before making any dietary changes.

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