Wingreens Farms Oregano Leaves Review – Is It A Good Taste?
wingreens farms oregano leaves

Wingreens Farms Oregano Leaves Review – Is It A Good Taste Enhancer?

Wingreens Farms Oregano leaves can be added to a pizza, pasta sauce or a bowl of veggies. But do the Wingreens Farms Oregano flakes have the potential to elevate a homemade dish?

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Wingreens Farms Oregano leaves miss the mark when it comes to showcasing its flavor and aroma. We liked that this was not a powdery residue, and we could actually see the herb flakes.

We hear ‘oregano’ and our minds instantly think of a cheesy slice of pizza. This flavorful herb instantly uplifts the overall taste and you really can’t go back to relishing pizzas without a generous sprinkle. 

Oregano is used in several Mexican and Mediterranean dishes and more commonly as a staple herb in pizza and pasta sauces. Like most herbs, oregano is available as fresh leaves as well as dried herbs. Considering how overpowering the fresh leaves of oregano can get, most people prefer the dried variant. 

Wingreens Farms added the dried herbs range to their list of products which include basil, thyme, rosemary, and oregano. All you need to know is covered in Team Mishry’s Wingreens Farms Oregano leaves review. Is this dried oregano aromatic? Does it bring the herby flavors? Do we recommend this dried herb?

wingreens farms oregano leaves review

Started as a part of the Women Initiative Network, Wingreens Farms Pvt Ltd is a Gurugram-based food company established by Anju and Arjun Srivastava. In 2008, the Srivastavas partnered with farmers in Haryana to start their venture. From travel-friendly snacks to dips and sauces, even cake premixes, the Wingreens products are extremely innovative. 

We ordered the Wingreens Farms Oregano leaves for our review this week. The aroma, flavors, economical value are all discussed in detail in our Wingreens Farms Oregano leaves review. You would also find some quick and easy to prepare recipes we tried with these dried herbs.

1. Ingredients 

This product contains whole oregano leaves in the dried form. Wingreens Farms Oregano leaves are devoid of any artificial colors, flavoring, or preservatives. 

2. Form Factor

Wingreens Farms Oregano leaves are dried oregano leaves. Typically with dried herbs, a powdered or flaky form is the biggest concern. However, the dried oregano by Wingreens Farms was in the whole form. We noticed some leaves even had stems on them. Overall, this dried herb had a coarse texture.

3. Taste

Oregano is characterized by a warm and aromatic taste that has some bitter notes too. Even a small quantity of oregano uplifts simple dishes by adding pungent and earthy flavors. 

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Wingreens Farms Oregano leaves had a subtle flavor of oregano. The classic flavors that oregano is characterized by were missing.

Packaging of the Wingreens Farms Oregano Leaves.

4. Aroma

Dried herbs always have a stronger aroma when compared to the same fresh herb. This is why dried herbs are used in relatively smaller quantities during cooking/seasoning.

Wingreens Farms Oregano leaves have a subdued aroma. We expected an earthy aroma to cover our test kitchen as we opened the pack. However, what we sensed was a barely-there aroma.

5. Price

The 30-gram Wingreens Farms Oregano leaves price is INR 125/-

When compared to other brands of dried oregano available in the market, Wingreens Farms Oregano leaves fall under the same price range but a little on the higher side.

6. Best Enjoyed With

Oregano over pizzas, oregano in a pasta sauce, some oregano added to a cheese sandwich, tomato soup with some oregano- all these dishes make a great pair!

We sprinkled some on a pizza made using the Wingreens Farms pizza dough, to test the flavor on the intended use of the product.

7. Nutritional Information

Wingreens Farms Oregano leaves nutritional value is as follows: 3 calories, 1 gram of carbohydrates, 0 grams of fats and proteins

8. Shelf Life

This product has a shelf life of six months from the date of packaging. You are recommended to store it in a cool, dry, and hygienic place that is away from direct sunlight.

9. Availability

Wingreens Farms Oregano leaves are available online on Amazon, BigBasket, etc. You can even avail these dried herbs directly from the Wingreens website.

Alternatively, these can be found at hypermarkets/departmental stores.

Wingreens Farms Oregano Leaves – Detailed Review

Parameters Wingreens Farms Oregano Leaves
Price Rs 125/-
Ingredients Dried Oregano Leaves (whole)
Quantity 30 grams
Shelf Life 6 months from packaging
Best Pair As suggested on the pack- pizzas, pasta, garlic bread

Our Wingreens Farms Oregano leaves review lasted for over five days, and we tried it with multiple dishes. We sprinkled these dried oregano leaves on some pasta, cooked sauteed veggies with it, and since no oregano taste test is complete without a pizza, we sprinkled some over a homemade pizza too! For the pizza base, we used the Wingreens Farms pizza dough.

Minimal ingredients and vegetables were used to get the real taste of Wingreens Farms Oregano leaves, which in turn helped us produce a fair, well-rounded review. 

The key observation from these experiments in our test kitchen led us to the conclusion that Wingreens Farms Oregano leaves are more aromatic than flavorful. The pungent, earthy, acidic flavors one typically expects from dried oregano were missing. Towards the very end of the bite, we could taste a mild hint of some oregano.

Wingreens Farms Oregano Review
A closer look at the oregano flakes.


  • Wingreens Farms Oregano leaves are priced at Rs 125 for the 30-gram pack.
  • It consists of dried leaves that are whole.
  • This product is made in turkey.
  • The dried oregano leaves are double packed, a separate packaging inside the outer pack.
  • It has a shelf life of six months from the date of packaging.


  • Wingreens Farms Oregano leaves have a coarse texture.
  • The dried herbs feel fresh.


  • The aroma from the oregano leaves by Wingreens is too mild for our liking.
  • These dried herbs do not add a lot of flavor to the dishes.
  • The classic oregano flavors could not be tasted as strongly.

Best Suited For

If you are preparing healthier variations of kid favorites like pizzas, pastas, garlic bread and are looking to tone down the pungent flavors to their liking, the Wingreens Farms Oregano leaves could be something to try.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the other Wingreens Farms dried herbs?

You can try the Wingreens Farms rosemary, basil, thyme, and mixed herb variants. We reviewed the Wingreens Farms Rosemary leaves and loved the freshness of the herb.

2. Are Wingreens Farms oregano leaves aromatic?

Yes, they have a subtle aroma.

3. Is Wingreens Farms vegetarian?

The Wingreens Farms Herbs are vegetarian. 

4. Are preservatives used in Wingreens Farms oregano leaves?

No, the dried herbs are free of preservatives. 

5. How to use Wingreens Farms oregano leaves?

These herbs can be sprinkled over homemade pizzas, added to pasta sauces, sprinkled over veggies.

Final Verdict – Wingreens Farms Oregano Leaves

What we really liked about the Wingreens Farms oregano leaves was the coarse texture they had. Typically with dried herbs, we get powdered or superfine residue at the end. Thumbs up for this!

The Wingreens Farms oregano leaves did not get more Mishrys from the team because it failed to deliver strong parameters of aroma and flavor. Subtle aroma and an even subtle taste, the authentic oregano flavors were missing.

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