Skillet Buying Guide : Things To Know Before Buying a Skillet

Skillet Buying Guide : Things To Know Before Buying a Skillet

What is a skillet, how to season it, different materials used and what are the parameters you need to keep in ind before buying a skillet. This buying guide has everything!

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Who doesn’t like a well-equipped kitchen that has everything! You would want the best cooker, pan, bowls, and Tawa, along with other things in your kitchen.

One thing you won’t be able to survive without is a skillet. You might wonder ‘what is a skillet?’. Every kitchen needs to have this versatile utensil and here is this guide to help you know everything about it.

This article on skillet buying guide has all the information which will help you buy the best skillet for your kitchen.

What is a Skillet? 

What is a skillet, actually? Most people use the terms skillet and frying pan interchangeably, which isn’t true. A skillet is a utensil that has a flat bottom and slant sides. It is a product that heats up evenly from all sides. It is usually thick and made to withstand high heat.

The best thing about the skillets is that they usually have a lid to cook the food perfectly. You can get them in different sizes and materials.

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Now that we have discussed what is a skillet, now let’s discuss the pointers to keep in mind before making a purchase, you can choose different recipes that can be cooked in a skillet as well.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Skillet

Now that you know what is a skillet, let us discuss some crucial pointers about how to choose them. If you are planning to buy a skillet, it is better to consider a few necessary things. As there are so many options available in the market, these points will help you make your purchase easier.

1. Size

veggies and eggs cooked in skillet
Budget, size, material, and many more parameters that you should keep in mind before buying a skillet.

Skillets come in different sizes. You can get it in mini (under 6”), small (between 6”-9”), medium (between 10”-12”), large (between 13”-15”), and extra-large (over 16”). You need to know which one will be perfect for your kitchen and which one will allow you to move your hand freely while cooking.

2. Material

cooking in nonstick skillet
Skillets are made using different materials like cast iron, aluminum, and non-stick.

Do consider which material suits your pocket. At the time of purchase, you also need to know the skillet material you want to buy. It is available in ceramic, non-stick, cast-iron, aluminum, copper, and carbon steel material.

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So, here are a few materials in which you can buy them:

1. Copper

The skillets that are made with copper are high-caliber and the classic cooking utensils. They are made to respond quickly to the changes in the temperature. They can easily control the heat and offer you properly cooked food. They have a shiny appearance. And, they are needed to be washed gently to prevent tarnishing.

2. Non-Stick

The non-stick skillets are the best when you are cooking food that might stick to the pan. They are used to make delicate food items like eggs. They are made with a coating that allows the food to slip easily off the pan and is convenient to clean. Non-stick cookware also requires a low level of oil usage. They are also acid-resistant for safe cooking.

3. Cast-Iron

Cast Iron skillet is also the best one because it is the oldest and most reliable material. The skillet is made to heat up slowly and can withstand high-temperature. It is durable, but you need to be careful while maintaining it. You need to wash it gently and keep it seasoned.

4. Ceramic

Ceramic skillets are made using a nonstick coating. You can also have a ceramic skillet in your kitchen. The ceramic skillets are made with a non-stick ceramic coating which allows you to cook food with less oil. It can be used at low to medium heat. The ceramic skillets come in beautiful colors and require to be washed gently with hands for durability.

5. Carbon Steel

The best thing about carbon steel skillets is that they are naturally long-lasting, non-stick, and durable. They are made with a high amount of iron and tend to heat up and cool down quicker than the cast-iron skillets.

6. Aluminum

Aluminum skillets heat up quickly and cook the food perfectly and evenly. These are light in weight and cheaper in comparison to steel and cast iron cookware. They are easy to clean.

3. Weight

weighing lodge cast iron skillet
Weighing Lodge cast iron skillet

The material and size of the skillet will automatically determine the weight of the utensil.

4. Brand name and warranty period 

A lot of brand names provide warranty on their products. They are available online and offline as well.

5. Lid

castiron skillet with lid
Cast Iron Skillet with Lid

You can also choose from skillets coming with or without a lid. A skillet with a lid helps in fast cooking.

6. Handle 

cast iron skillet with handle
Cast iron Skillet with Handle

You also need to consider the handle of the skillet. It needs to be made with durable material. It needs to be made with a material that doesn’t heat up and burn your hand. It should allow you to remove the skillet from the gas easily.

7. Thickness

rice, broccoli and chicken in skillet
Skillets are deeper than frying pans.

The thicker the skillet, the sturdier it will be.

8. Dishwasher-safe

If you want, you can also look for the skillets that can be washed in a dishwasher. You need to know that not every skillet can be washed in a dishwasher. So, make your choices wisely only after reading the description of the product.

9. Ovenproof Skillet

At the time of purchase, you need to make sure that if you are buying a skillet for cooking in the oven, you need to choose the right one. It is because not every skillet can be used for cooking in the oven.

10. Price 

eggs being cooked in skillet
Price is another factor to be considered while buying a skillet.

Price is one more necessary thing you need to check at the time of purchase. Decide on a budget, material, size, and weight.

11. Reviews 

In the end, do not forget to go through the reviews of the products you have shortlisted. The reviews will help you to know if the product will meet your needs and expectations or not.

So, consider these points at the time of purchase and buy the best skillet for your kitchen. These points will help you to buy the exact product you have been looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on how to choose a cast-iron skillet.

If you know ‘what is a skillet,’ but you don’t know what items you can use, go through the some of the options mentioned below:

  • Pan-fried chicken
  • Omelets
  • Pancakes
  • Pan pizzas
  • Spanish tortilla
  • Half-fry egg
  • Lasagna
  • S’mores
  • Panini

Though people use both these terms interchangeably, there is still a difference between them. Both of them indeed look similar, but the skillets are deeper than a frying pan. You will find most of the skillets with a lid, but there are no lids with frying pans. Also, both of these are used for cooking different types of food.

To have a clear understanding of skillets, you need to know the difference between a skillet and a sauté pan. A sauté pan is having straight walls, whereas a skillet has slant sides. The sauté pans are made to have a larger surface area in comparison to skillets. There is a price difference between these two utensils.

The main reason for using seasoning is that it makes your utensil durable and safe to use. The best oils you can use to season a cast-iron skillet are.

  • Grapeseed oil
  • Animal Fats and Butter
  • Flaxseed Oil
  • Canola oil
  • Neutral-smelling vegetable oil
  • Cooking spray.


The market is full of different options for utensils. But, one thing that every kitchen needs to have to be complete in today’s time is a skillet. Now that your query of ‘what is a skillet’ is clear, use this buying guide to purchase the perfect skillet for your kitchen.

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