Weikfield Vanilla Cooker Cake Mix Review – Eggless

Weikfield Vanilla Cooker Cake Mix Review – Eggless

Was the Weikfield Vanilla Cooker Cake Mix spongy and tasty? Let us find out.

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Don’t have an oven? No worries. Cooker cakes provide the convenience of a homemade cake in just a few minutes. We reviewed the Weikfield Vanilla Cooker Cake Mix (Eggless) almost a year ago and found that the sweetness was balanced, but the cake was a little sticky. The plain vanilla flavor did nothing by itself, but that it would form a good base for another dessert, like a trifle maybe. Weikfield has a new Cooker Cake Mix (Eggless) in Vanilla flavor. The packaging doesn’t tell you whether this is a new product or just a new packaging/carton. Always eager to find new, interesting, and tasty products, our team decided to review this. Here’s how it went…

What You Need To Know About The Weikfield Vanilla Cooker Cake Mix

*As per information on the pack

  • Contains permitted synthetic food colors and added flavor.
  • Allergen Information – Contains wheat and milk ingredients.

#FirstImpression Of Weikfield Vanilla Cooker Cake Mix

Price and packaging – Weikfield Vanilla Cooker Cake Mix comes in a box packing. A 150-gram pack of the cake mix is priced at Rs 95/-.

How to make this cake – The instructions given on the back of the pack are easy to follow.

Weikfield Vanilla Cooker Cake Mix Review
  1. Place the pan inside the cooker (Cooker capacity – 3 liter or more) and fill the cooker with water up to 5 cm high from the bottom.
  2. Mix oil, milk, and cake powder separately in a vessel and beat for 3 minutes until a smooth consistency is achieved.
  3. Pour the batter into the cooker pan and close the lid without whistle for 30 minutes.
  4. Open the lid and allow the steam to escape. The cake is now cooked and can be removed from the pan.
Review of Weikfield Vanilla Cooker Cake Mix

Taste and texture – The vanilla flavor shines bright but we found this cake to be a little over sweet. If you have a high sugar tolerance, this would not be an issue. As this is a plain vanilla cake, you would want to top it up with some icing, syrup or ganache which would further sweeten it up more.

Secondly, the cake did not rise sufficiently. We found it to be a little flat and dense at the end. The airy, spongy texture that is possible even with a cooker cake was missing.

But most importantly, the cake had a distinct eggy smell. Even though it is an eggless product it has a major egg-smell which may put off those who just don’t eat eggs or even those who do it may get a bit overbearing.

A Comparison Between The Two Cake Mixes

Parameter Review #1 Review #2
Price Rs 95/- Rs 95/-
Texture – Wish it was a little softer.
– Sticky
– Dense and flat at the end.
– Cake did not rise properly.
Sweetness Balanced Over sweet
Taste – Vanilla flavor shines.
– Would make for a good base for another dessert.
– Vanilla flavor shines.
– Distinct eggy smell even though it is an eggless cake mix.

Weikfield Vanilla Cooker Cake Mix

Weikfield’s Vanilla Eggless Cooker Cake Mix was disappointing.

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MRP – Rs 95/-*

Net weight – 150 grams

*Price at the time of review

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