These Vegan Coconut Energy Bars Offer Perfect Sweetness And Nuttiness

Product Details

Price- Rs 90/- Net Weight- 50 grams Mishry Rating-

Main Ingredients

– Peanuts – Oats – Amaranth


– These energy bars have a clean, simple packaging. – They are wrapped in a brown sleeve. – It does not mention a shelf life, only the dates of manufacturing and packaging are printed.

Nutritional Quotient

– The main ingredients are peanuts, oats, amaranth, dates, coconut, cashews, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds. – The nutri-label is detailed. – No additives or preservatives. – No refined sugar.

Aroma & Appearance

– The energy bar had a beige hue with a thickness of half an inch. – At the top, we could see coconut flakes with sparse bits of seeds. – Natural, mildly sweet and nutty aroma.


– Not overly greasy, but the bar felt slightly oily on the fingertips. – The dates and nut oils (naturally occurring) held this energy bar well, it wasn’t crumbly. – While nuts and seeds added a desirable crunch, the oats and amaranth added a softer bite and bulk to the bar.


– Mild on sweetness but dominant on the nutty flavor of peanuts, tropical flavor of coconuts. – A satiating, filling snack. – Dates add a delicate sweetness.

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