Gourmet Craft Millet Idli Mix

Product Details 

-  Price: Rs. 135 - Net Quantity: 250 gm - Calories (per 100 gm): 330.6

Mishry Rating: 4

Main Ingredients

- Millets (Kodo millet, Little millet, and Barnyard millet) - Rice - Urad dal - Flattened rice - Raising agent (Baking soda) - Citric acid - Fenugreek - Common salt

Texture + Taste

- Rises well and are soft. - Not dense. - Bite is slightly grainier when compared to rice idli, but given the ingredients, this is made with – it’s natural.

Our verdict

Considering that this idli mix is made from millets, the taste and texture were satisfactory. These are really easy and quick to make. Moreover, the ingredient list is clean. These are rich in iron, as claimed by the brand.