Digital Measuring Spoon -  Gimmick or Actually Works?

Product Details

Price - INR 1299 Material - Plastic Color - Blue Mishry Rating (on 5)

Design & Material

– Material - Plastic – Spoon design – Back side holds the battery slot – Small display in the front – Three different buttons: On/Off/Tare | Mode | Hold


– Maximum Weight: 500g (or 300g) – Minimum Weight: 0.5g – Volume: 5ml-30ml

Tips For Safe Usage

– Don’t press the scoop of the spoon scale heavily. – Don’t use this spoon scale in high or humid temperatures. – Always keep the scale in a horizontal position to read the display. – Clean the spoon using a soft cloth with a little water or detergent. Avoid using organic solvents or alkali liquid for cleaning. – Please prevent water or other liquid into the scale. It might result in short-circuit.

How We Tested This?

– We measured the following items using this spoon scale: – Coriander seeds – Cumin – Dal – Sabudana – Red chili powder

Our Experience

– Sturdy construction. – The long handle adds a lot of convenience and comfort while using. – The spoon cavity is large, deep, and well-rounded. – We used a wet cloth to clean it and then immediately dried it using a dry cloth.

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