5 Reasons Why Chimney is Necessary for Every Kitchen
why is chimney necessary

Want To Know Why Is Chimney Necessary In The Kitchen?

Want to know what is chimney and is chimney necessary in kitchen? Read everything in the sections mentioned below. Follow the guide to purchase the best and right kitchen chimney for your home.

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A lot of people ask why is chimney necessary in the kitchen. They need to know that cooking in the kitchen can never be easy if there are no chimneys. An electrical chimney can save you from a lot of things while you are cooking. It will help you in getting rid of smoke and fumes along with various other things.

You just need to make sure that you are buying the effective one. You need to make sure that you are going for the one that is appropriate for your kitchen.

So, go through this kitchen chimney buying guide to know how to choose the best chimney for your kitchen and its benefits.

You must have seen that most of the kitchens are installed with chimneys and before you know how chimney works, and is kitchen chimney necessary, lets know what is a chimney?

So, a chimney is an appliance installed inside a kitchen above the cooking counter to pull in the smoke, fumes, and oil particles released at the time of cooking. Do you think ‘ is chimney necessary in kitchen ’? It is an appliance that is used to keep the air of your kitchen clean.

Types of Electric Chimney

If you want to buy an electric chimney, here are a few types of chimneys you can go for:

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1. Wall-Mounted Chimney

The wall-mounted chimneys are installed against the wall and above the cooking platforms. It looks attractive and is effective.

2. Island Chimney

Then there are island chimneys installed in the middle of the kitchen ceiling because the cooking counter is in the center. They are hanging and efficiently eliminating the smoke from cooking.

3. Built-In Chimney

Now, the built-in chimney is installed against the wall. It is a type of chimney that is fitted inside the wooden furniture in your kitchen. It allows you to save a lot of space in your cooking area.

4. Corner Chimney

A corner chimney is fixed at the corner of the kitchen because the cooking platform is in the corner. It absorbs smoke and oil particles as soon as you start cooking.

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Whenever you decide to buy a chimney for your kitchen, make sure that you know the placement of your cooking counter and the design of the place to have a perfect chimney.

5 Reasons Why Your Kitchen Absolutely Needs Chimney

Yes, the chimney is a significant part of every kitchen. Cooking is not possible if you don’t have a chimney inside your kitchen. We mentioned few reason on why is kitchen chimney necessary. Below are a few use of chimney in kitchen :

1. Prevent Kitchen Tiles from getting Dirty

Having a chimney inside your kitchen will prevent the tiles and walls from getting dirty due to the smoke and fumes created from cooking. When the food is cooked, it releases the oil particles that make the kitchen’s surroundings sticky, but if you have a chimney, this will be prevented.

2. Removes Unwanted Aroma

Chimneys are best at removing the unwanted smell you come across at the time of cooking. Once the chimney is on, you won’t experience any discomforting smell to have a fantastic cooking experience.

3. Looking Attractive

Another benefit a chimney offers is that it makes your kitchen look attractive. It provides a classic style to your kitchen. It makes your kitchen look different from the rest of the kitchens around you.

4. Less Inhalation of Spice while Cooking

As most of the electric chimneys’ suction power is impressive, it takes away all the aroma when cooking some spicy food and prevents you from constant sneezing. With chimneys, the chances of you inhaling spices are less, which means you are going to sneeze less.

5. Remove Excess Heat from the Kitchen

It also helps in removing excess heat from the kitchen when you are cooking your dinner. It keeps the atmosphere of your kitchen less hot.

So, here is this answer to your question: why is a chimney necessary in the kitchen? There are some other benefits as well of a kitchen chimney that you will come across once you have got it installed in your kitchen.

wall mounted kitchen chimney
Chimneys are best at removing the unwanted smell you come across at the time of cooking

Planning to buy one?

Look into these buying factors of kitchen chimney before getting one for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here, let’s discuss a few FAQs about the kitchen chimney.

Exhaust fan removes heat and unpleasant odor from the kitchen through vents, whereas the chimney absorbs excessive heat, bad odor, and grease through suction and motor. Chimney reduces kitchen cleaning efforts than an exhaust fan as it traps all the smoke and greasy particles.

Undoubtedly, a chimney is a better option than an exhaust fan. But it is expensive and consumes more electricity.

Modular kitchens have a lot of storage space including cabinets under and above the cooking countertop. Due to this arrangement, the movement of air can get very restricted leading to a hot and suffocating kitchen space.

To regulate the air and make the kitchen less stuffier, it is important to have a chimney in the kitchen. If you have a large window that can be opened in your kitchen near the gas stove, then you can save your chimney expense.

Necessary or not depends on the design of your kitchen. If it’s an open, airy kitchen with large openable windows, an exhaust fan can prove to be enough. If not, a chimney might be a better choice.

A chimney sucks up excess oil, grease and smoke produced during cooking. This can help the kitchen from becoming overly stuffy. As we know that Indian food involves a lot of oils and spices during cooking, which could leave a stain on kitchen tiles. Thus, having a chimney will save us from the pain of cleaning kitchen tiles and grease. The high suction capacity chimney is best suitable for Indian cooking.

Yes, regular use of chimney tends to reduce the temperature and heat inside the kitchen and keeps it cool.

Chimneys on an average consume anywhere between 120 to 200 watts.

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Final Words 

Once you know why is chimney necessary in kitchen, hunt for the right one carefully. Consider all the important factors that will help you choose the one that will meet your expectation and will be effective. And go for the one that will be within your budget and durable.

If you have close and compact place in the kitchen, please install chimney. This will not only make your kitchen visually appealing but also will benefit you while cooking. Make sure to get one looking for what’s your requirement.

Also let us know in the comment section what all you benefitted after installing the kitchen chimney and what’s according to you is the reason for “Is kitchen chimney necessary?”.

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