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Vezlay Soya Indi Fries Review – Should You Try This Frozen Snack?

Vezlay Soya Indi Fries scored low on Mishry’s Rating scale. Both, taste and texture were below average.

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Nutrition Label/Ingredients
2 / 5
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2 / 5


The stringy texture of the soya fries and the peculiar taste led to a low rating for the Vezlay Indi Soya Fries. While this has a comparatively higher protein content, the ingredient list is not clean.

Packaged food is a boon for those who don’t have a lot of time on hand to carefully craft meals everyday. Ever since the entry of frozen food in Indian supermarkets, people have loved them for the convenience they offer. And barring a few exceptions, these frozen goodies are appetizing as well.

For vegetarians, after potatoes and paneer in the frozen food aisle, another plant-based ingredient is increasingly becoming popular – Soya. From playing around with mock meats to some traditional tikkas, there are a lot of soy-dominant products in the market now. We picked the Vezlay Soya Indi Fries from a popular online grocery shopping portal to check how it tastes.

During the Vezlay Soya Indi Fries review we gauged the product for its packaging, ease of cooking, nutri label, flavor and texture. Yay or nay? Let’s find out.

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Vezlay Soya Indi Fries – Everything You Need To Know

Here is all that you need to know about the Vezlay Soya Indi fries.

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1. Packaging

The soya fries are packed in a green colored carton. Inside, a plastic tray that has been shrink wrapped holds the fries. The tray cannot be resealed.

vezlay soya indi fries packaging
Vezlay Soya Indi Fries come packed in a carton.
vezlay soya indi fries inside packaging
They are further placed in a plastic tray.

2. Main Ingredients

The ingredients used to make these soya fries are – Vegetable protein (soy), Wheat protein, Wheat flour, Starch, Rice, Salt, Bread crumbs [Wheat flour, Sugar wheat protein, Yeast, Salt, Edible soybean oil, Soya flour, Calcium propionate (E282), Sodium Stearoyl-2-Lactylate (E481), Acetic acid (E269), L-Ascorbic acid (E300)], Spices and condiments.

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Allergen information – Gluten, Soy.

Also contains Monosodium Glutamate which is not recommended for infants below 12 months of age.

3. Taste

The whole point of frozen food is lost if they don’t taste good. Correct? The taste is not only about the seasoning, but also about how every component comes together to make a delicious collective bite. 

The Soya Indi Fries by Vezlay, unfortunately, does not have that. While the seasoning is tasty with notes of garlic, balanced spiciness and salt levels, the collective bite is not tasty. It lacks a certain freshness that we always look for.

4. Texture

Texture and crunch plays a vital role when it comes to us testing any frozen food that needs to be deep fried. When we say texture we mean both – exterior and interior.

The Vezlay Soya Indi Fries have a crisp exterior. The breading to ‘meat’ ratio is apt. At no point does it feel sparse or overloaded.

The soya fries have a very tough, stringy texture. So much so, it is difficult to cut a bite easily using our teeth. 

5. Appearance

Upon dry inspection we noticed that none of the pieces were broken and all of them were similar in shape and size. On average, each ‘fry’ is 12 cm in length and has ½ an inch thickness. 

6. Price

A single pack of Vezlay Soya Indi Fries is priced at Rs 160/-.

7. Shelf Life

The shelf life is 12 months.

8. Nutritional Information

The nutrition label provided on the pack is very detailed. There is also a comparative chart where the nutritional break-up is compared to several animal based protein sources like eggs, chicken, and goat meat.

Per 100 grams (3.5-4 pieces approx), this pack provides 160 Kcal of energy and 20.1 grams of protein. Just to give you a fair idea, 100 grams of eggs (hen) provides 13 grams of protein approximately. As this is not an animal derived product, it doesn’t have any cholesterol. It is also low on fat with 0.69 grams of total fat in 100 grams of these fries.

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Vezlay Soya Indi Fries – Detailed Review

All the information you would need to understand the Vezlay Soya Indi Fries better.

Product Information Vezlay Soya Indi Fries
Price Rs 160/-
Net weight 200 grams
Shelf life 12 months
Energy (Per 100 gm) 160.85 Kcal

To make these soya fries we deep fried them in hot refined vegetable oil as instructed. They were fried on medium flame for about 2 minutes and then a minute more to brown them evenly. We liked that these did not soak up any extra oil.

They are even in shape and size and are about 12 cm long. The texture and taste of the soya fries, as mentioned above, are not something we particularly enjoyed.

Another important aspect – Does it back the healthy claim? Well, yes and no. The ingredient list isn’t as clean as we would have liked it to be, but the protein content is surely impressive. Moreover, it needs to be deep fried. There is no way to bake it or air fry it (atleast it is not mentioned on the pack).

pre cooking stage of vezlay soya fries
A look at the Vezlay Soya Indi Fries before cooking.
vezlay soya fries after cooking
We deep fried the soya fries in vegetable oil.
closer look at the exterior of soya fries
Closer look at the soya fries after cooking.
cross sectional view of the vezlay soya fries
What the soya fries look like on the inside.


  • A 200 gram pack is priced at Rs 160/-.
  • Each pack holds 7 pieces.
  • The shelf life is 12 months.
  • Allergen information – Gluten and Soy
  • Contains MSG.
  • Vegan friendly.


  • The seasoning is fairly good.
  • We liked the crunchy exterior.
  • It does not soak up any extra oil.
  • The nutri label is detailed. This has a higher protein content in comparison to hen eggs.


  • The stringy texture of the soya fries is not something we appreciate. It has a hard bite.
  • This is not a fresh tasting snack and the overall bite is not delicious.
  • Contains MSG and preservatives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Vezlay Soya Indi Fries.

1. Are these indi fries healthy to consume?

Nothing comes close to a freshly cooked meal at home using fresh produce. We always recommend the consumption of packed food in limited, monitored quantities. This contains MSG and preservatives, which is not meant for regular consumption. Moreover these need to be deep fried (as per the packet instructions). 

2. How many fries can be made from one pack?

A 200 gram pack holds 7 soya fries. 

3. Do these fries contain preservatives?

Yes. Calcium propionate (E282) is a preservative. 

4. Can these fries be served with mayo dip?

Yes, these fries can be served with mayonnaise, ketchup, or a hot sauce of your choice. 

5. Can these fries be paired with tea or coffee?

Yes. If you like something crunchy and savory with your cup of tea or coffee.

Final Words

The fresh flavors and texture we were looking for in this frozen food was completely missing. The ingredient list is not as clean and contains preservatives and MSG. We do not recommend the Vezlay Soya Indi Fries.

Have you tried soy based frozen foods yet? If yes, how was your experience? Let us know in the comment section below.

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