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vegetables that start with letter u

List of Vegetables That Start With U

Can’t think of a vegetable starting from U? Here we have a list of vegetables that start with U. Do not worry. We are here to help.

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It seems like U is an unfortunate alphabet when it comes to vegetables – there are rarely any vegetables starting with U but we have still managed to find you two of them. We have listed here the two vegetables that start with U along with their scientific names and some details about them which will help you know their culinary uses and the nutrient goodness.

Vegetables That Start With U

Read this list to increase your knowledge in the vegetable category, at least for the vegetables that start with U.

1. Urad Bean

urad beans
Urad Beans [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
The first vegetable that starts with U is Urad Bean. Its scientific name is Vigna mungo.This bean is also known as Black gram, minapa pappu, Mungo bean and is extensively grown in South Asia. In Northern India, these beans are widely used to make dal which is highly nutritious. While in Southern India, it is an integral nutrient for making staple dishes like Idli and Dosa. This dal is used in preparing the batter. Urad beans are soaked overnight to make vadas. This vegetable from the list of vegetables of the letter U is also used in the Punjabi cuisine to make Dal Makhani. 

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Now look at another vegetable from the list of vegetables of letter U

2. Ullucus

Ullucus Root Vegetable [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Ullucus is the second vegetable from the list of vegetables beginning with U. It belongs to the family of Basellaceae. Its scientific name is Ullucus tuberosus. It is both a root and a leafy vegetable. It is a crop of economic importance in South America. It is most widely grown there second to potato. The leaf is similar to spinach while the tuber is somewhat like a potato. This vegetable from the list of vegetables starting with U is highly rich in protein, calcium and carotene.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered most asked FAQs about the vegetables that commence with the letter U.

1. Which vegetables start with the letter U?

In the above article, we mentioned the vegetables that start with the letter U are Urad Bean and Ullucus.

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2. Which of the vegetables starting with the letter U are rarest?

Ullucus is a root vegetable similar to potatoes, they are native to South America (Andean region). It is loaded with protein and Vitamin C. Also, the water content in Ullucus is high which makes it unsuitable for baking and frying.

3. Which of the vegetables that begin with the letter U are common in India?

Urad beans are common in India; they are mostly grown in the southern region of Asia.

Final Words

These were the only two vegetables starting with U. These vegetables beginning with the letter U have several healthful benefits. This was all about the vegetables of the letter U.

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