Nissin Top Ramen Review - Manchurian + Schezwan Flavor (2024)
nissin top ramen review

Trying The Top Ramen Schezwan & Manchurian Noodles by Nissin (2024)

Long slippery noodles and lip smacking flavors. Top Ramen’s latest noodle flavors, Schezwan & Manchurian, live upto the flavors promised.

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Mishry Rating

4.5 / 5
4.5 / 5


Nissin Top Ramen instant noodles are a must-try of you're a fan of spicy instant noodles. While the Schezwan noodles have a fiery punch, the Manchurian noodles sit comfortably in the medium-spice zone. Both of these are delicious. We liked the long, non-sticky texture of the noodles.

While most of us believe that desi masala noodles are incomparable, there’s something about a chilli-garlic noodle bowl that is addictively delicious. Recently, Nissin launched two fusion flavors – Schezwan and Manchurian. Our review of Nissin Top Ramen Noodles is based on parameters like flavor intensity, taste, and texture of the noodles.

Do these noodles live up to the flavors promised or was did our experience leave us feeling meh? Find out below.

Quick glance at the flavors we tested: 

Nissin Top Ramen Flavors Mishry Rating  Buy Now 
Schezwan  4.5 On Amazon
Manchurian  4.5 On Amazon

Our Review Factors

1. Taste

We checked for:

  • The intensity of flavors promised on the pack
  • Overall seasoning
  • Spice levels

2. Texture

Texture holds prime importance when it comes to examining any pack of instant noodles. Long, non-sticky, and bouncy noodles are the ideal texture. Squidgy and mushy noodles are a big no-no. How did Nissin Top Ramen noodles fare in this aspect?

We also examined if the noodle-to-seasoning ratio was appropriate. This was done to check if the seasoning spreads evenly or does it leave behind any bland strands of noodles.

3. More Information

Apart from the above prime parameters, we also shed light on the ingredient list, price, packaging and the shelf life of each variant.

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How Spicy Are The Top Ramen Fiery Chilli Noodles?

Nissin Top Ramen Noodles– Detailed Review

For preparing the noodles, we followed the instructions as stated on the pack. The review process was the same for both variants. These are as follows: 

  • Boil around 1.5 teacups (230 ml) water.
  • Once boiled add the noodle block along with the masala provided in the pack 
  • We allowed the noodles to cook on medium-high flame. 

The following section discusses our entire experience with both the flavors in detail :

1. Schezwan

Product Details 

The schezwan flavor comes in a lovely pink-magenta outer pack. The price of a 70 gm pack is Rs. 25. This has 10 months of shelf life. A 70 gm pack is sufficient for single serving. 

What does the pack include? 1 Noodle Block + 1 sachet of seasoning. 

The main ingredients are : 

  • Noodles (88%) : Refined wheat flour (maida), Edible vegetable oil (palm oil), Iodised salt, Red chilli powder, Acidity regulators [INS 451 (i), & INS 500 (i)], Color [INS 160c (i)], Antioxidant (INS 319), and Thickener (INS 412). 
  • Seasoning Mix (12%) : Garlic powder, Iodised salt, Sugar, Tomato powder, Corn starch, Hydrolysed vegetable protein powder (soya), Onion powder, Red chilli flakes, Garlic flakes, Acidity regulators (INS 330 & INS 260), Flavor enhancers (INS 631 & INS 627), Onion flakes, Thickeners (INS 412 & INS 415), Color [INS 160c(i)], Mixed spices 1.64% (black pepper & red chilli), Flavors (Natural & Nature Identical), Celery seed powder, Spring onion, Coriander leaves, Oleoresin capsicum & Anticaking agent (INS 551). 

Per 100 gm it contains 1310.57 mg of sodium and 365.90 kcal of energy. 

Aroma + Appearance 

Appearance-wise, this is an orange color noodle block while the seasoning mix depicts a fiery red color as shown below. This variant released a very pungent and sharp aroma of dry red chillies. 

Taste + Texture

Firstly, the noodles cooked perfectly within the said time frame and the cooking instructions mentioned were apt. 

Flavor explosion! These noodles are fiery, garlicky and definitely too hot to handle. True to its flavor tags, this is not an average instant noodle experience. The overall flavor profile of these noodles is extremely ADDICTIVE. We bet you will gulp the entire bowl even if your tongue or lips keep burning with the spice.

Texture-wise, these noodles depict a pleasant bouncy texture with a satisfying soft bite.

If you love everything spicy, this variant is a definite try. While people with low spice tolerance might not be able to handle the heat. 

Chef’s Tip – If you wish to tone down the spiciness, you can add some cheese or paneer or chunks of tofu/boiled egg on top to balance the flavors.

schezwan noodles - noodle block + masala
The Schezwan noodle block + seasoning mix.
close look at the schewan noodles
These are spicy and true to its flavor tag.
Taste - 4.5/5
Texture - 4.5/5
  • Bouncy texture of the noodles
  • The cooking time stated is perfect 
  • Extremely addictive 
  • True to its flavor

Calling all schezwan lovers! These super spicy schezwan noodles by Nissin Top Ramen are a definite try.

2. Manchurian

Product Details 

This variant bags a dark purple color pack. Priced at Rs. 25 (for 70 gm), this offers a shelf life of 10 months. A single pack is ideal for one person to serve. 

What does the pack include? 1 Noodle Block + 1 sachet of seasoning. 

Here are the key ingredients

  • Noodles (87.3%) : Refined wheat flour (maida), Edible vegetable oil (palm oil), Iodised salt, Acidity regulators [INS 451 (i), & INS 500 (i)], Mixed Spices 0.17% (Turmeric, Coriander, Cumin, Red Chilli), Antioxidant (INS 319), and Thickener (INS 412). 
  • Seasoning Mix (12.7%) : Iodised salt, Mixed spices 12.5% (Ginger, red chilli, black pepper), Garlic powder, Sugar, Corn starch, Dehydrated garlic flakes, Hydrolysed vegetable protein powder (soya), Dehydrated onion flakes, Soya sauce powder, Dehydrated red chilli flakes, Tomato powder, Flavor enhancers (INS 631 & INS 627), Yeast extract powder, Dehydrated spring onion, Onion powder, Dehydrated coriander leaves, Flavors (Natural flavor & Artificial wok flavor), Thickeners (INS 412 & INS 415), Edible vegetable oil (palm oil), Acidity regulator (INS 330), Colors (INS 150d & INS 160c(i)), Anticaking agent (INS 551) and Oleoresin capsicum. 

Per 100 gm it contains 1541.95 mg of sodium and 456.55 kcal of energy. 

Aroma + Appearance 

The noodle block has a yellow-brown tone while there are a lot of dehydrated red chilli flakes and some greens visible in the seasoning mix. 

Taste + Texture 

The texture of these noodles is commendable. These are long, slurpy noodles that do not stick to each other, ensuring a pleasant eating experience. 

The flavor delivered is in sync with the labels. The dominant flavors of soy and garlic showcased here are reminiscent of a classic manchurian sauce. These noodles offer a medium spice level compared to the schezwan noodles. The best part? Unlike other manchurian noodles available in the market, these do not taste industrial. There’s no off-putting aftertaste.

manchurian noodles - noodle block + masala
Packaging + Contents of Manchurian Noodles.
close look at manchurian noodles
These noodles are medium spicy.
Taste - 4.5/5
Texture - 4.5/5
  • Non-sticky noodles
  • Super flavorful 
  • Hassle-free cooking 
  • Cooking instructions mentioned are perfect

If you are looking for delightful Manchurian flavored noodles, then this one from Nission Top Ramen is a must try.

Have you tried Nissin Top Ramen Curry Noodles. Here’s our detailed experience on testing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Nissin Top Ramen Noodles.

Both the variants have a shelf life of 10 months.

Among the two variants we tested, the Schezwan flavor is spicier than the Manchurian flavors.

This product by no measure calls itself healthy or claims to be made using better ingredients. We did not rate it on nutritional parameters. The flavors promised were delivered and there was no issue with the quality (texture) of the noodles. Instant noodles are meant to be eaten in moderation occasionally. These are not meant to be had as a complete meal anyway.

You can grab these noodles for purchase on various online platforms including – BigBasket, Amazon, Blinkit, and other similar grocery shopping apps. Additionally, they may be available at nearby grocery stores.

Final Words

Nissin Top Ramen Noodles elevates instant ramen to new heights.

The Schezwan and Manchurian flavors are spot-on, delivering a delightful and authentic taste you expect from a pack of noodles. Combined with the bouncy, non-sticky texture of the noodles and hassle-free preparation, these Nissin Top Ramen varieties are a must-try for any instant noodle lover.

Have you tried these yet?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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