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Top 7 Ideas To Celebrate Teachers Day in India

Creative ideas to show gratitude towards your teachers and make this Teachers Day more memorable.

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Teachers hold an important part in our overall growth by imparting knowledge, and shaping our futures. We’ve put up a list of suggestions to make this Teachers’ Day more joyful, fun, and memorable. Let’s have a look at some of the ways with which you can celebrate your teachers and mentors.

Best Ideas For Teacher’s Day Celebration

Here are details of the different ideas you can put forth to celebrate Teachers’ day :

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1. Creating a Thank You Note 

A nicely handwritten Thank You note is an excellent way to show your appreciation for your teachers’ devotion and efforts. To write a meaningful note, explain a unique feature about your teacher that you admire and that has had a beneficial impact on your life. Make sure you personalize it a little for that added warmth.

thank you note for teachers

2. Planning a Field Trip 

Plan and organize a quick excursion to your professors’ favorite place. You may visit a local hill station, or an amusement park. It would be a great idea for teachers to spend quality time with their students outside of the classroom and get to know them beyond those four walls.

3. Organizing Fun Games

Games are both entertaining and educational. Plan an entire day of exciting activities, from card games to outdoor games. Organizing games is an excellent way to spend time with children while escaping the monotony of the classroom routine. Plan old-school games like musical chairs and pass the parcel that your teacher might enjoy.

fun games at school

4. Writing a Song or Poem

Composing a song or composing a new poem for your teacher is a unique way to show them how important they are. You can present your poem by conducting a solo or a group performance. A simple melody or soulful rhythm will surely touch their hearts and make them feel appreciated.

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5. Classroom Decoration

Decorating the classroom is a great way to surprise your mentor. Everything in the classroom can be decorated, including the doors, blackboard, benches, and walls. The right décor will set the tone for the day.

classroom decoration

6. Teachers Awards Ceremony

Arranging an awards ceremony for Teachers’ day is definitely a unique idea. This ceremony will be a great opportunity to disclose your teachers’ special tag you have given them. Make sure to maintain decorum while the awards are being presented. You don’t want your teacher to yell “Is this a fishmarket?”, afterall.

7. Dumb Charades

Dumb Charades is a highly engaging activity and is fun at the same time. This game requires two teams with any number of members competing against each other. And it would be great if the teachers and students form separate teams.

You can also make crafts with waste material or chip in money with the entire class for a beautiful gift she would appreciate.


These were a few quick ideas to celebrate Teachers’ Day. Teachers hold an invaluable part in every student’s life and hence they must be celebrated everyday. From the above, go for the idea that you think is the best and will make your teachers feel appreciated.

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