Top 10 Toffee Brands India | Best Toffee Brands in India
top toffee brands in India

Top 10 Toffee Brands India | Best Toffee Brands in India

This article contains a detailed list of the 10 best toffee brands in India. Their unique features along with their price are also given here. This article aims to help you select the best Indian candy brand so that you can enjoy delicious small treats every day.

Toffees are a great treat to our taste buds. They are like little balls of bliss. There are numerous toffee brands in India producing mouth-watering best candies. Indeed, we should not consume too many toffees a day, it may affect our health and teeth. But occasional toffee treats do not harm us.

Because of their sweet taste, toffees are especially loved by children. Parents often use toffees as a reward for their kids.

  1. Best Coffee Flavored Toffee – Lotte Coffy Bite
  2. Best Sour Candy – Pass Pass Pulse
  3. Best Chocolaty Treat – Parle Melody
  4.  Best Fruity Candy – Parle Mango Bite

Summary Table: List Of Best Toffee Brands in India

Product Name Buy Now On Amazon Buy Now On Flipkart
Lotte Coffy Bite Check price here
Pass Pass Pulse Check price here Check price here 
Parle Melody Check price here Check price here 
Parle Mango Bite Check price here Check price here 
Parle Kismi Check price here Check price here 
Alpenliebe Gold Check price here Check price here 
Ravalgaon Pan Pasand  Check price here
Cadbury Eclairs Check price here Check price here 
Dabur Hajmola Check price here
Candyman Toffichoo Check price here

Top 10 toffee brands in India

Some of the best toffee brands in India are discussed in detail. You can compare all the candy companies in India with the others and buy the best one.

Cadbury Choclairs Toffee

Eclairs is one of the best toffee in India. Whenever we talk about candies, the first name that pops up in our heads is Eclairs. Eclairs is produced by one of the most popular chocolate brands Cadbury. That is why we all know it as Dairy Milk Éclair.

This delicious toffee comes in the list of top 10 toffee in India and has a sweet chocolaty center and a sweet, chewy caramel covering. There is a huge fan following of this brand in India.

There are different types of toffee available with Eclairs like Cadbury Eclairs Orange Twist, Cadbury Eclairs Velvets, Cadbury Eclairs Hazelnut Twist, and Cadbury Velvets Coffee.

The price of this chocolaty caramel toffee is 1 Rs. per piece.

cadbury choclairs
A classic chocolaty treat – Cadbury Choclairs

Product features

  • It gives us instant energy.
  • It has a mouth-watering taste.
  • It is made with cocoa mass, glucose syrup, palm oil, milk powder, and skimmed milk. All of these make Eclairs tastier.

Parle Melody Toffee

When we are discussing the best toffee brands in India, we cannot miss Melody.

This brand has a very famous tagline, “Melody itni chocolaty kyun hay?” which means, ‘why is Melody so chocolaty?’

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So, from this tagline, we can understand how delicious this candy can be.

This Indian candy has a rich creamy chocolate caramel on the inside and a layer of yummy caramel outside. This dual caramel makes it the perfect toffee. One piece of Melody toffee costs 1 Rs.

parle melody
Have you found the answer to ‘Melody itni chocolaty kyun hai’ yet?

Product features

  • It is very hygienic
  • The caramel layers make it very delicious and soft
  • It uses all vegetarian ingredients
  • Glucose, sugar, salt, edible vegetable oil, and various flavors are used to make this candy.

Pass Pass Pulse Candy

Pulse toffees in India are manufactured by the Pass Pass brand. It is one of the noteworthy toffee brands in India. Pulse has a very unique and tangy flavor. It was first manufactured by a DS Group based in Noida in the year 2015. Then it was only available in Kaccha Amm/ unripe mango flavor. But now they have launched the candy in different flavors like orange, guava, pineapple, lichi, and some others.

The center of this candy has a filler made of tangy salt, amchur, and some other spice. All these flavors make it one of the best toffee brands in India. One piece of Pulse candy costs 1 Rs.

pass pass pulse candy
Pulse is one of the most loved sour candies in India.

Product features

  • Pulse has a very unique tangy taste
  • It is a good quality candy
  • Food coloring, amchur, sugar, and some food additives are used to make this candy.
  • It is a hard-boiled candy.

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Candyman Toffee

Candy is one of the toffee names in India which offers us a wide range of best toffee. They are manufactured by ITC. Candyman has launched a variety of toffees that suit every age type. We can choose from Orange Josh, Mango Delite, Candyman Duochoo, Candyman Toffichoo, Pineapple Punch, and Candyman Cereme Lacto.

They have recently launched a new coffee flavor candy named Candyman Cofition. ITC has also launched brand new layered flavored candies like Candyman Mango and Candyman Pineapple. They spice up our taste buds with a tangy-sweet flavor. One piece of Candyman toffee costs 1 Rs.

candyman toffichoo
Candyman’s Toffichoo are soft chewy toffees.

Product Features

  • It has a mouth-watering taste.
  • This confection is sugar boiled.
  • They are available in different flavors.
  • All-natural and hygienic ingredients are used to make this toffee.

Alpenliebe Toffee

Alpenliebe is produced by one of the biggest Indian candies brands that is Perfetti Van Melle. It is one of the top five candy producers in the world. As a result, Alpenliebe has become one of the most recognized candy brands in India. They also produce different products.

For example, Alpenliebe ice cream is another well-known product in the market. Alpenliebe comes in different flavors. All of them are super sweet and creamy. They fill one’s heart with joy. One piece of this candy costs 1 Rs.

alpenliebe gold candy toffee
The classic caramel candy – Alpenliebe.

Product features

  • They provide us single product expertise
  • The rich flavor and sleek design of this candy stands out and appeal to both young and adults.
  • It’s nice packing, rich quality, and supreme look make it irresistible.

Parle Kismi Toffee

This is one of the oldest toffee brands in India, dating back to the 1960s. Since then, it is popular and everyone’s favorite. These Indian candies catch our eyes with their gorgeous white and purple wrapper. This candy also has a unique flavor. It is a perfect mix of caramel and Elaichi flavor. This candy is produced by Parle, which says a lot about its quality.

They have launched brand new flavors like Rajbhog, Kulfi, Metha Paan, Rosemilk, and Elaichi. One piece of Kismi costs Rs 2/-.

parle kismi
With a delicious elaichi flavor – Parle Kismi Toffee

Product Features

  • This is the perfect balance of cardamom and caramel flavor.
  • It makes a great snappy sweet treat
  • As it is manufactured by Parle, the quality you get is the best.
  • This brand represents quality, class, taste, and nourishment.

Parle Mango Bite Toffee

Mango bite is one of the well-known Indian candies names. It is also produced by the reputed food-producing brand Parle. Another famous product of the same brand is the biscuit named Parle-G. Mango bite is the oldest, popular, modest, and best toffee in India. You can enjoy the sweet flavor of juicy mangoes in this toffee. One piece of this toffee costs 1 Rs.

parle mango bite
A mangolicious candy by Parle – Mango Bite.

Product features

  • The best feature of this toffee is, it tastes like a real mango.
  • It is vegetarian candy. Even vegans can enjoy the irresistible taste of Mango bites.
  • It is super hygienic.

Dabur Hajmola Digestive Toffee

Hajmola Candy toffee is very different in taste and form. They are made of different herbs and spices. All these herbs are scientifically tested. All these are combined in a sugar base candy that is Hajmola. Hajmola has several health benefits that make it one of the best toffee brands in India. They are good for our gut.

Hajmola can cure gastric issues, indigestion, anorexia, irritable bowel syndrome, and constipation. All the flavors and sweet base make these candies tasty, and all the herbs and natural elements help us in our digestion. There are several flavors of Hajmola candy. The three most popular flavors are- Aam, Albela, and Chulbuli Imli. One piece of Hajmola candy is 1 Rs.

dabur hajmola toffee
The OG digestive candies in India – Dabur Hajmola.

Product features

  • It has a perfect mixture of sweet and tangy taste.
  • It helps us in our digestion
  • It brings our urge towards food
  • It tastes delicious
  • Hajmola stimulates the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Replacing Hajmola with other chocolates is healthier and tastier.

Pan Pasand Toffee

It is one of the oldest toffee brands in India. Pan Pasand is produced by Ravalgaon. It was first launched in India in the year 1990. Since then, it has become one of the best 90s candies India. It is a pan flavor candy and works as a perfect mouth-freshener.

The brand also produces Mando Mood which is another popular product. After a heavy meal, you can also have this candy to freshen up your mouth. One piece of this candy costs 1 Rs.

pan pasand toffee
Pan Pasand is one of the most loved candies from the 90’s.

Product features

  • You can use it as a mouth freshener.
  • It tastes like a real paan. You get the exact flavor, sweetness, and spice.
  • It is made of all-natural ingredients.

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Lotte Coffy Bite Toffee

Coffy bite is produced by Lotte India Corporation Ltd. They also manufacture different kinds of toffees, candies in India, besides other sweets. This is the best toffee in the world that has a rich flavor of coffee. Its creamy texture makes it mouthwatering to all of us.

This brand also manufactures Caramilk, Lotte Eclairs, Lacto Kind, Spout gums, and Booproo. Because of its versatility, it is one of the best toffee brands in India.

lotte coffy bite
The iconic Coffy Bite by Lotte.

Product features

  • High-quality chocolate is used to make this toffee.
  • It has a real coffee taste which makes it very popular.
  • The authenticity, texture, and ingredients make it irresistible to us.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some interesting FAQs on the best toffee brands in India:

When selecting a toffee brand in India, it’s essential to consider factors such as taste preferences, quality of ingredients, reputation of the brand, pricing, availability, and any specific dietary requirements or restrictions.

Yes, several toffee brands in India offer a variety of unique flavors to cater to different tastes. Some popular ones include Mango Bite, Coffee Bite, Eclairs, Butterscotch, and Coconut Toffee.

Several toffee brands in India have started offering options tailored to specific dietary requirements. Some brands provide sugar-free toffees for those watching their sugar intake, while others offer vegan-friendly options made without any animal products.

Certainly! Some premium toffee brands in India known for their superior quality and indulgent taste include Walkers, Alpenliebe, Werther’s Original, Choco Fills, and Cadbury Eclairs.

You can find the top 10 toffee brands in India available for purchase at various supermarkets, convenience stores, specialty candy shops, and online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, BigBasket, and Grofers. Additionally, many brands have their official websites where you can buy directly or find a list of authorized retailers.


So, these are the top ten toffee brands in India. They are very cheap and delicious. Some of the candies also have several health benefits. So, try them all and satisfy your taste buds.

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