Tips for Selecting the Best Raksha Bandhan Gifts for Your Sister
how to choose raksha bandhan gift

8 Tips for Selecting the Ideal Raksha Bandhan Gift for Your Sister

Confused about what to give your sister this Rakhi? Here’s a list of tips that can help you select the best one :

Raksha Bandhan marks the epitome of the bond shared between brothers and sisters. No one knows a sister better than her brother. Not even her closest friends. Around you, she is completely herself, no pretension, no hiding. 

But let’s face it, selecting the perfect gift for someone as dear as your sister can be a bit challenging. How to choose the best Raksha Bandhan gift then? Do not worry, we have got your back. Here are some of our tips to help you select a special gift for your sister this Rakhi, keeping her personal preferences in mind. 

Tips for Selecting the Best Raksha Bandhan Gifts

Yes, we know! Choosing the apt Raksha Bandhan gift for your sister is a task. But these easy tips will help you pick the ideal raksha bandhan gift: 

1. Know What She Loves & Appreciates 

Gifting your sister what she loves is the best way to make her feel special. As basic as this may sound, knowing what she loves will make choosing a Raksha Bandhan gift for your sister fairly easy. Make a list of 5-7 things that she would like and then shortlist as per her need.

This could be as simple as a cheese board with her favorite add ons, a curated coffee hamper or a visit to the bookstore where she can pick anything she likes. 

2. Make It Personal 

Adding a personal touch is SUPER important. Anything off the shelf might seem a bit lazy and it’s best if you add a part of your personality to the gift. Could be a hand written note, a sweet card or a doodle. Attach it to the gift and see her face light up.

This may include a personalized album of your favorite moments together, a mug she can drink out of everyday or a cushion.

personalised gifts

3. Age Factor

Needless to say consider your sisters age before planning. What a 16 year old might love, won’t be appreciated by a 26 year old. However, certain gift items like desserts, chocolates, stationery items are gifts that would be appreciated across all age groups.

4. Gift Inspired By Zodiac Sign 

Is she into astronomy? Gifting a present influenced by your sister’s zodiac sign will make for an excellent heart-warming gift. It will also help you to cater to your sister’s preferences and give her what she will truly love. Depending upon the zodiac sign, you can give her the appropriate gift.

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Personalized jewelry based on sun signs is all the rage these days.

zodiac sign inspired gift

5. Work Around Memories 

The price tag doesn’t matter! Well, most times it doesn’t. Thoughtful gifts that can help her walk the nostalgia lane will be cherished by her much more than something off-the-rack. 

giving meaningful gifts

6. Shopping With Sister 

If none of the above works, the best option is to take your sister shopping with you. You can take her along with you to her favorite mall, shopping outlet and allow her to explore and choose the gift of her choice. This will not only give her a choice, but you can rest assured she will have something she genuinely likes. 

Fun game: You can set up a budget and put a timer on. Tell her she can pick anything from that particular store under 60 seconds and if it fits the budget – it’s hers!

7. Credit Notes

At times, due to geographical boundaries, taking your sister along with you for shopping might be out of the question. What is the best thing to do then? You can ask the store manager if they have a credit note facility available. This can always help her ACTUALLY buy things that have been in her cart for a gazillion years. You know it!

8. Presentation Matters  

Last but not the least, the final presentation will leave the most powerful impact. Make sure to choose an elegant basket or a beautifully designed box for gifting. For a personalized gift experience, you can also add a heartfelt handwritten note and attach it to the gift. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Tips for selecting the Best Raksha Bandhan gifts:

Rakhi is meant to be tied only on the right wrist.

Majority of people in India believe that Rakhi can be worn as long as the brother wants. However, as per Maharastian culture the Rakhi is removed from the Pola festival that falls 15 days after Rakhi. Some even wear it throughout the year.

Gifts might be the answer, but not for all. Sometimes a chai-gossip session is all you need to make her day. Understand what she might need. Afterall, it’s a day to celebrate your siblings. 

Final Words

It is not always about buying expensive gifts and impressing your sister. At times, presenting a simple gift that is valuable is far more cherished and appreciated. 

These were a few valuable tips you can make a note of while selecting the best Rakhi gift for your sister. Your sister will be extremely happy seeing that you have taken the time and effort to find her a gift that complements her.

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