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Theatre sheer fur stockings review

How Cool Are These Sheer Fur Stockings By Theatre: Tried & Tested

Trying the viral sheer fur stockings by Theatre!

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Mishry Rating

4.5 / 5
4.5 / 5
4.5 / 5


These are premium looking sheer stockings with a warm, comforting feel. We highly recommend them!

I’ve seen them!

You’ve seen them!

We have ALL seen them somewhere or the other on the internet.

I am talking about the stockings with a fur lining inside that gives a black sheer effect when you wear them.

As a plus-sized person, I was always on the lookout for stockings that won’t roll down, are warm, and fit comfortably. To my disappointment, most leading brands in India could not offer that.

Then, like a beacon of hope, I stumbled upon a brand called Theatre. Could these be the stockings I’ve been dreaming of?

This Theatre sheer fur stockings review is based on my real experience over 2 months. Here’s all that you need to know.

Product Theatre Sheer Fur Stockings
Price Rs 1,990/-
Mishry Rating 4.5
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Our Review Factors

We tested the Theatre sheer fur stockings on the following parameters:

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1. Material

Questions I asked while testing this:

  • How soft and premium does the fur lining feel?
  • Is the material stretchable?
  • What is the look and feel of the black material outside?
  • Is it able to create a sheer look?
  • Is the fur lining to the foot or does it end at the ankle?

2. Warmth

Are the stockings warm enough to let me survive in a dress at 7-8 degrees Celcius? (Hello, Dilli ki sardi!)

3. Comfort

I define comfort in the feel of the stocking on the skin and the overall fit. These should not roll down or collect at the heel while walking. How broad is the band? Does the crotch area feel comfortable while sitting and walking? 

4. Value For Money

Is the stocking value for money?

Theatre Sheer Fur Stockings  – Detailed Review

First things first! The packaging is SUPERB and screams premium. The box they come in is stunning. I appreciate how these do not come in a drab plastic wrapper. The detailing in gold is W.O.W!

The MRP is Rs 1,990/- but I got these at a discount for Rs 1,190/-.

Upon unboxing, I was skeptical about the fit. Can you blame me for my doubts about the teeny-tiny elastic band fitting my large waist? But I am glad that my skepticism was shattered into pieces by the gorgeous fit!

I love that:

  • It doesn’t roll down my tummy.
  • The sock area isn’t fur lined which is great cause my boots won’t have fit correctly otherwise.
  • This also helped because the stocking doesn’t slip and collect around the heel area.
  • The sheer effect I was looking for was A+
  • Superb stretchability
  • Warm as a blanket, I did not feel cold even when the temperatures dropped to 5 or 6 degrees. 
Theatre sheer fur stockings packaging
The packaging looks premium.
Theatre sheer fur stockings first look
Quick glimpse of the stockings.

How did I wear them? I styled it with multiple dresses, trench coats, and woolen skirts throughout the winter. Definitely do not recommend wearing these under skin-tight jeggings as they may become blobby and out of shape.

How to take care of these? 

  • Pre-stretch them by hand before wearing them.
  • Avoid any sharp objects getting stuck to it
  • Wash it in mild soap with your hand only.
Sheer fur stockings review process
These have excellent stretchability.
Material - 4.5/5
Comfort - 4.5/5
Warmth - 4.5/5
  • Size inclusive. YAY!
  • Premium to look at.
  • Warm.
  • Gives the sheer look.
  • Does not roll.
  • Stocking does not collect at the heel.

From small to 4xl, these sheer fur stockings are Mishry recommended!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Theatre sheer fur stockings

Styling stockings will add a touch of elegance to your overall outfit. For styling it the right way, keep in mind the following aspects: 

  • Pick the right color. 
  • Choose the desired thickness. 
  • Make sure the stockings fit well. 
  • Consider pairing with skirts or dresses.

Yes, these are very warm and are ideal for cold temperatures (Tested till 5 degree Celsius).

Yes! From afar it looks like you have a black sheer stocking on. Upon closer inspection only can someone decipher that it’s not sheer.

Yes. These stockings showcase excellent stretchability.

Final Verdict

Petite or large, small or XXXL – these premium sheer stockings are a must-buy to survive the Indian winter in style!

I give it a thumbs on all parameters.

Have you tried any products by this brand? If yes, how was your experience? Tell us down below.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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