The Taste Company Ready to Eat Rava Upma Review - Mishry (2023)
the taste company classic rava upma review

Only Green Flags For The Taste Company Ready To Eat Classic Rava Upma! (2024)

We give a huge thumbs up to this rava upma for the convenience, fresh taste, and clean ingredient list. Team Mishry recommends!

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4 / 5
5 / 5


Fresh flavors, apt texture, and a clean ingredient list, this rava upma is high on convenience. This is quick to prepare and would be perfect as a fuss-free breakfast option when you're short on time.

Struggling to whip up a fresh, wholesome breakfast in the morning? Calling a dry piece of toast ‘breakfast’? Not anymore! We are here with a solution which is an instant rava upma.

Though there is nothing that can come at par with a freshly made upma at home, but for those who do not have the time or live alone, RTE meals can be a boon. Yes, many brands offer upma but the list of ingredients is what sets it back a few steps.

The Taste Company Classic Rava Upma review revolves around the taste, texture and list of ingredients. Details down below. 

Here’s a tabular information about the product : 

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The Taste Company Classic Rava Upma  Product Details 
Price INR 89
Net Quantity 76 gm 
Net Quantity (after rehydrating) 240 gm 
Shelf Life 6 months 
Buy Now On Amazon 
Mishry Rating 4.33

Our Review Factors

What are we expecting from the taste company’s classic rava upma? We are looking for a fresh-tasting upma with homestyle flavors that gets ready in minutes. 

Here’s a list of the factors that helped us form a detailed review of The Taste Company Classic Rava Upma :

1. Taste 

The taste of any classic upma is a mix of different elements – typical Southern flavors of curry leaves, mustard seeds and dal, the freshness of vegetables (if any), the flavor of ghee or any other fat, and seasoning levels. We closely examined every element under this parameter. 

2. Texture 

In this segment, we gauged the texture of the semolina along with the crunch of dal and cashews. Has the semolina plumped up well? Do the dals and cashews retain their crunch? Is the upma smooth or lumpy? Is it hard, gloopy or smooth and soft?

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3. Convenience 

The Tasting Company’s Classic Rava Upma requires just the addition of hot water and a wait time of 5 minutes. Hence, we have taken the convenience factor as our third prime parameter. How was our experience with this instant rava upma? 

4. Ingredients 

Any RTE meal is usually filled with additives like anticaking agents, flavor enhancers and more. What about the upma by The Taste Company? Clean, crisp labels or a whole lot of NOPE?

5. Other Non-Tasting Parameters 


How well is the upma packed? Does it include a spoon/napkin? Is the packaging travel friendly? 


Is the price justified for the quantity provided? 

Searching for the best ready to eat upma? We compared six brands, here’e the one you should buy. 

The Taste Company Classic Rava Upma – Detailed Review

Product Information 

The upma comes in a white and black color box pack. Inside the box, there is a sealed pouch that holds the upma. There is no spoon or napkin included in the box. The 76 gm pack is priced at Rs. 89 and it offers a shelf life of six months. 

This 76 gm net weight is ideal for a single person. The outer box is pretty sturdy. 


In the dry mix, we could spot a lot of dal, mustard seeds and cashews. Also, the upma is made using large-sized rava and not the fine suji that we usually use at home. 


The ingredient list is as follows: 

Rava upma (93.8%): Rava, Edible oil, Mustard seeds, Bengal gram dal, Urid dal, Onion, and Green chilli. It also has Ginger, Salt, Ghee, Curry leaves and Milk, and Roasted cashews (6.2%). 

Mishry’s View : The clean ingredient list is a cherry on the cake here. Despite being a packaged product, the absence of preservatives, added flavors or any artificial colors is appreciated. 

the taste company classic rava upma packaging
The Taste Company Classic Rava Upma has a sturdy box pack.
the contents inside the pack of the taste company classic rava upma
The dry upma mix comes in a separate seal pack.
a quick look at our review process
The dry upma mix before adding water (left) and the prepared upma (right).

How To Make This? 

The instruction as given on the pack are – 

  • Open the lid
  • Tear the pouch
  • Drop the food contents into the box
  • Add Hot water till mentioned mark
  • Stir the food contents in the box
  • Close the lid and wait for 5 minutes
  • Open, stir the food contents in the box and enjoy your hot, aromatic and mouthwatering meal.

Mishry’s View :  The instructions mentioned were easy to follow. The water line indicator as given is just right. It helped achieve the desired consistency which was neither too smooth nor lumpy.  

Our Observations 

There is a noticeable aroma of ghee and curry leaves. 

The rava is soft and has a characteristic plumpy texture. We appreciate the crunch coming from the ample amount of dal and cashews.

Taste-wise, this has a very homestyle freshness. Mustard seeds and curry leaves add a Southern touch to this instant upma.

The best part? The flavor of ghee adds an overall rich and delicious taste. A few other taste elements we liked is the balanced salt level and the mild kick of green chili.

Taste - 4/5
Convenience -5/5
  • The rava has plumped up very well. 
  • Clean ingredient list. 
  • Super convenient to prepare. 
  • The cashews and dal bring in a nice crunch. 
  • Loved the fresh taste of the upma. 
  • Sturdy and travel-friendly packaging. 
  • Balanced salt levels.

Busy mornings? Quick meal on the go? Pressed for time? We got a quick fix for you. Team Mishry highly recommends trying this classic rava upma from The Taste Company for its fresh taste and excellent/homestyle texture. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on The Taste Company classic rava upma.

No. The overall taste of this rava upma is balanced and it has a mild hint of green chili.

A wholesome breakfast should include foods that are high in fiber, protein, healthy fats and micronutrients. Considering that this bowl of upma is a mix of fiber, protein and healthy fats, it can be consumed as a wholesome breakfast. Considering this is a packaged product, we recommend occasional consumption.

Although this is sufficient by itself and doesn’t require any vegetables, you can add a few pre-cooked/steamed vegetables in this.

No. This classic rava upma is devoid of preservatives.

This instant upma has a shelf life of 6 months.

What’s Our Verdict?

The Taste Company’s Classic Rava Upma is a delicious ready-to-eat upma with a clean ingredient list. Be it the soft & khila-khila texture of rava, the freshness, flavor of ghee or the crunch of dal and cashews – we loved it all.

This gets a green signal from Team Mishry!

Will you give this instant rava upma a try? Let us know what you think.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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