The Better Flour Gluten Free Atta Review - Mishry (2023)
the better flour robust red review

The Better Flour Review – Stone Ground Gluten Free Atta (2024)

Robust Red Flour Blend by The Better Flour is a lip-smacking alternative to regular wheat rotis if you’re trying to eliminate gluten. Read the review to learn more.

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Nut flour, and pseudo-cereal flours are some gluten-free alternatives to wheat flour. If you’re going gluten-free, here is a brand we recommend you try.

As part of our Curated By Mishry series, we ordered a fiber-rich, gluten-free flour from The Better Flour. The brand aims at making nutritious food fuss-free and easy to use and we ordered a 500-gram pack of their Robust Red Blend for our The Better Flour review.

This is a must-try, here’s why.


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The Better Flour- At A Glance

S.No Parameter Brand Information
1. Legal name The Better Flour
2. Founder Shailesh Vallabh Karwa
Sharad Ravi Dalmia
3. Founded Year 15 May 2021
4. Headquarters Worli, Mumbai
5. Products Offered Gluten-free flours
6. Delivery Zone PAN India

The Better Flour- Everything You Need To Know

The founder, the brand’s mission, the products they offer and more is covered in this section.


The Better Flour was founded by Shailesh Vallabh Karwa and Sharad Ravi Dalmia in 2021. 

The Better Flour’s Journey

This journey began when the founders questioned why a staple like flour is considered to be without any flavor. 

This is when they set out to make the bold and progressive choice of using white chickpeas as the base but also packed in plenty of flavor. 

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Brand Mission & Vision

The brand believes quality food is the base of a better future. And what better way to ensure a better future than the foundation of food, flour. 

Flour is an Indian household staple and the brand has crafted a proprietary blend that is not just good for the gut but also flavorful. 

Products Offered

Gluten-free flour blends – Original, Lean Green, and Robust Red.


The Better Flour delivers PAN India. 

The Better Flour- Our Review

The following section sheds light on our complete experience, from placing the order to the taste test. 

What we ordered?

We ordered a 500-gram pouch of the Robust Red blend.

How much did it cost us?

This was priced at Rs 295/-. (confirm delivery charges, if any)

Storage/Preparation Instructions

The brand recommends transferring the contents to an airtight container after opening. 

Boil 175 ml water and add it to 128 grams of the Robust Red blend. Mix the two using a wooden spatula. Set this aside for 5-10 minutes, knead the flour into a dough and let it rest for 15-20 minutes. 

Then roll the dough into chapatis and cook both sides on a pan.

Place the cooked chapati over a flame to let it puff up.

How we made it

The flour can be used to prepare chapati, chilla, and crepes.

For our The Better Flour review, we prepared chapatis.

Needless to say, the consistency of the batter will depend on the recipe you’re cooking. 

the better flour robust red flour
The dry flour had a pale pink appearance.

Here is our experience with the product-

Robust Red Blend flour

Our review was primarily divided into two stages- 

  1. Nutrition Quotient
  2. Cooking + Taste Test

Stage 1- Nutrition Quotient

The main ingredients are white chickpeas, sorghum, rice, urad dal, red lentils, dehydrated beetroot powder, dehydrated tomato powder, xanthan gum, salt. 

We compared the calories and macronutrients that a wheat flour roti and Robust Red flour roti offers. 

Nutrition Quotient

(100 grams)

The Better Flour Robust Red Whole Wheat
Calories 368.45 Kcal 340 Kcal
Carbohydrates 57.04 grams 72 grams
Protein 15.46 grams 13 grams
Fat 4.41 grams 2.5 grams
Fiber 9.69 grams 11 grams

While the caloric difference is marginal, whole wheat roti has a higher carbohydrate and slightly lower fat content. The protein offered is quite similar. 

the better flour robust red dough
It was quite easy to convert the flour into a dough.
the better flour robust red cooking
We rolled a thicker than average roti.

Stage 2- Cooking + Taste Test

The flour was packed in a resealable pouch that is made of virgin plastic. A 500-gram pack is priced at Rs 295/-. This has an eight-month shelf life. 

We followed the instructions on the pack and turned the flour into a dough. 

Usually, rolling out a single millet flour roti is quite a task. However, The Better Flour rotis were relatively easier to roll out. We rolled them marginally thicker than wheat rotis. A noteworthy observation, the dough was considerably more elastic than other millet flours.

Our review panel thinks the addition of xanthan gum and rice plays a key role in the effortless rolling of rotis and the elasticity of the dough. 

Did the rotis puff up? While some rotis puffed up well, others did not. 

To gauge the taste and texture fairly, we tasted the rotis dry and with some ghee as well.

Unlike most millet rotis, these weren’t too hard or dry. Even without a curry or ghee, these were comparatively softer. It took a tad bit longer to chew these rotis, which is good practice when you’re eating (To chew a little longer and eat slowly). 

Taste-wise, these are lightly salted. Unlike how millet flours usually are, this was not bitter to taste. It had a nutty, earthy taste that millets are known to have along with a natural earthiness from beetroot. Do note that the flavor of beetroot is not overpowering and can be paired with all types of curries and gravies. 

the better flour robust red roti
The rotis had cooked well, did not break, and were not dry.

The Better Flour- Contact Details



Social Media- Instagram, Facebook

Frequently Asked Questions

The Better Flour offer three gluten-free flour variants- Original, Lean Green, and Robust Red. These are offered in packs of 500 grams and 1 kg. 

Currently, the brand delivers PAN India. 

The flours have an eight-month shelf life. 

Prepaid, online payment via UPI, cards, E-Wallets, and NetBanking are the payment options.

As per our experience, no. Once your dough is kneaded and rested, you won’t have any issues rolling this out. What you might need is a little extra dry atta while rolling out and a light hand movement. Do not put extra pressure on the roti, as it will tear very easily. 

Final Words

To wrap up, we found that The Better Flour Robust Red flour makes fresh and flavorful rotis. 

In comparison to a regular gluten-free/millet-based roti, these were easy to prepare. The nutritive values are more or less similar to a regular wheat roti, but these are slightly lower in carbs.

Gluten-free or not, The Better Flour Robust Red flour is something you could try for a boost of iron. 

Thumbs up from Team Mishry. 

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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