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Tata Sampann California almonds review

Tata Sampann California Almonds Assure Quality (2024)

Fresh, crunchy and nutty, Tata Sampann’s California Almonds get a thumbs up from Team Mishry.

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Mishry Rating

4.5 / 5
4.5 / 5
Value for Money
4 / 5


Tata Sampann California Almonds are fresh, nutty and sweet tasting. The crunchy texture and the absence of any discoloration is indicative of the quality.

Tata Sampann is well-known for its dedication to providing top-notch instant mixes of high quality and offers an extensive range of premium dry fruits, nuts, and seeds. Our evaluation is focused on Tata Sampann’s Whole California Almonds. Packed in premium multilayer packaging, these almonds go through meticulous quality inspections.

We assessed the product on various criteria such as appearance, aroma, taste, and crunch. The outcome? Let’s unveil the answer in our Tata Sampann California Almonds review.

Quick product details outlined in the table below: 

Tata Sampann Almonds  Product Highlights 
Price  Rs. 275
Net Quantity  200 gm
Shelf Life  1 year 
Buy Now  On Amazon
Mishry Rating  4.33

Our Review Factors

What are California Almonds? What’s special about them? 

California Almonds have recently gained a lot of popularity owing to their distinctive characteristics and superior quality. The Central Valley in California, a rare global gem, is blessed with the perfect Mediterranean climate and soil composition, creating an optimal environment for cultivating almonds effectively.

California almonds are well renowned for their size, uniformity, and distinctive sweet aroma. These have a crisp texture and a delightful nutty flavor profile.

To conduct an in-depth review of Tata Sampann Almonds, we have established the following criteria for evaluation:

1. Visual Inspection

The exceptional quality of almonds is indicated by uniformity in shape, size, and color, with no presence of discoloration, spots, or molds. How did our experience with Tata Sampann California Almonds fare in this regard?

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2. Taste

Good-quality almonds should exhibit the following attributes: a mild, sweet, and nutty taste. The presence of bitterness or sourness in almonds signals potential rancidity. How were Tata Sampann’s California Almonds in terms of taste? 

3. Crunch

Almonds taste best when they have a satisfying crunch to them as you bite. How crunchy are these almonds by Tata Sampann? 

4. Other Information 

Aroma: Fresh almonds typically release a delicate sweet aroma, whereas stale almonds emit an unpleasant, off-putting aroma. How was the aroma experience with Tata Sampann California Almonds?

Value for money: How do the prices of these compare to other brands in terms of quality?

Additional considerations encompass details regarding pricing, packaging, and the product’s shelf life.

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Tata Sampann California Almonds – Detailed Review

Product Details 

A 200 gm pack of these almonds is priced at Rs. 275. It is packed in a dark green pouch pack that is non-resealable. This has a shelf life of 1 year.

Tata Sampann California almonds packaging
The outer pack of Tata Sampann California Almonds.

Our Experience 


These are large-sized whole almonds, free from any visible discoloration or spots. Every piece is fully intact, with no broken pieces observed.


These California almonds release a fresh, sweet, and enticing aroma. 

Tata Sampann California almonds review process
Review Process : Tata Sampann California Almonds.
Tata Sampann California almonds close look
These are big-sized almonds.

Taste + Crunch

The almonds are devoid of bitterness and have a pleasingly sweet and nutty flavor. They also show no signs of discoloration or breaking.

Tata Sampann’s commitment to quality shines through in the firm texture and pleasant crunch of these almonds, making them an ideal choice for those seeking a premium snacking experience.

Pricing Factor 

Tata Sampann’s California Almonds are priced at Rs. 1375 per kilogram, a cost that is entirely justified given the exceptional quality they provide. 

Generally, California almonds fall within the price range of 1000-1500 per kilogram, with variations depending on the brand.

Taste - 4.5/5
Texture - 4.5/5
Value for Money - 4/5
  • Crisp almonds
  • Excellent quality. 
  • No rancid aftertaste. 
  • Pleasant aroma. 
  • Super fresh in taste.

If you’re in search of high-quality California Almonds, we recommend trying Tata Sampann’s California Almonds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Tata Sampann almonds review

These almonds have a shelf life of 1 year.

Ensure to store these almonds in a cool and dry environment, preferably within an airtight container. This practice serves as an effective measure to prevent the almonds from becoming rancid.

Of course! Due to their versatility, California almonds can be used for a wide range of culinary tasks, such as baking, cooking, as a snack, and dressing up salads and desserts.

Indeed, the temperature, soil, and varietal diversity of the state of California give rise to certain qualities that distinguish Californian almonds from those cultivated elsewhere.

Our Take

Tata Sampann’s California Almonds have a delightful nuttiness and freshness. There is no rancid aftertaste or any discoloration observed. These almonds are firm and crisp, providing a satisfying crunchy texture. This clearly indicates the excellent quality of nuts.  

Have you ever tried California Almonds?

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