Tata Cold Coffee Liquid Concentrate Review - Mishry (2023)
tata cold coffee

Tata’s Cold Coffee Concentrate Is Convenient But… (2024)

Tata Cold Coffee Liquid Concentrate does eliminate the need for equipment. But do we recommend it?

Mishry Rating

3 / 5
3.5 / 5


The idea behind Tata Cold Coffee Liquid Concentrate was impressive. Sadly, the performance was not up to mark.

Cold coffee. For some, this is simply a beverage. For others, it’s nothing short of an emotion. It’s an essential for some, a non-negotiable me-time factor for some. 

That said, there are certain mornings where you can’t really make time to brew, or you’d rather save that cup of caffeine for when the midday slump hits. A decoction or concentrate is ideal for such scenarios. After a few commendable experiences with liquid coffee concentrates, we tested another brand in our Tata Cold Coffee Liquid Concentrate review. 

What’s good, what’s not, and more decoded here. 

Key details are mentioned in the following table. 

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Tata Cold Coffee Product Details
Price Rs 125/-
Net Quantity 100 ml (5 x 20 ml)
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Coffee (6.6%)
Mishry Rating 3.25
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Our Review Factors

To review Tata Cold Coffee, we gauged it across parameters like flavor, consistency, convenience, and if or not this was a value for money product. 

A brief explanation of these parameters has been explained in the following section. 

1. Flavor

We wished to gauge the strength and depth of the coffee flavor, whether it was more nutty or cocoa-like. Was the characteristic bitterness in place or underwhelming?

As it already contains sugar, we checked for balance and if or not there is room for adjustment. 

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2. Convenience

Milk and this decoction- is this all you need for a cuppa?

Were the instructions apt and clear? Taking the consistency and overall quantity into consideration, do we recommend this product? 

3. Secondary Parameters

The price, packaging, instructions, and shelf life are decoded here. 

Tata Cold Coffee – Detailed Review

Price + Packaging

A carton holding five sachets (20 ml each) is priced at Rs 125/- This has a shelf life of one year. 

Main Ingredients

The liquid concentrate is made using Water, Sugar, Coffee (6.6%), Stabilisers (440, 415), Chicory, Nature-identical flavoring substance, natural flavor, Preservative (202).

One sachet offers 31 Kcal.  

How did we make this?

The instructions are mentioned on the carton. We added the concentrate into a cup and followed it with 200 ml of chilled milk, and half a teaspoon of sugar. After mixing, we topped it with two cubes of ice and served. 

tata cold coffee packaging
Clean, bold packaging.
tata cold coffee appearance
The concentrate had a deep hue.

Aroma + Appearance

This is a rich, deep brown-hued concentrate that was a syrup-like consistency. Not too watery, not too thick either. As for aroma, it was nutty, like that of well-roasted coffee beans.

Taste + Consistency

Straight off the bat, the consistency was smooth and uniform. When milk was added, this mixed in seamlessly and an even beverage was prepared.

As for flavor, it was pretty average. Sure, the classic coffee bitterness was present, but we have tasted much richer and smoother-tasting coffees. To better explain, this was not a bad coffee. It’s just that, cost considered, there are better alternatives to this. 

tata cold coffee consistency
We mixed this with 200 ml of chilled milk.
tata cold coffee ready
As instructed, we topped it with ice cubes.
Convenience- 3.5/5
Taste- 3/5
  • Travel-friendly packing
  • Easy to prepare. No equipment needed.
  • Fresh taste
  • Inviting aroma
  • The strength of coffee could have been better
  • Contains preservatives
  • Unfeasible for those who prefer sugar free coffee

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Tata Cold Coffee.

Yes, just replace dairy milk with plant-based milk. 

Yes, this is meant to be consumed with chilled milk.

Yes, you can use nut milk. 

No, it does contain a preservative – INS 202. It is generally considered safe, but moderate consumption is advised.

Once mixed in milk, it is best consumed immediately. 

So, Should You Buy This?

A convenient and equipment-free way of making cold coffee – anytime, anywhere. But would we go back for seconds? Maybe not! Sure, the flavor and intensity was fairly decent, but looking at the cost, this is not really worth it. There are much better options in the market.

Coffee, iced or hot, what’s your pick?

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