The Tastiest Cheese Flavoured Nachos
Cheesiest Nachos

The Tastiest Cheese Flavoured Nachos

In our lookout to find the best cheese flavored tortilla chips, we bought three popular brands of nachos. The winner is…

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A movie night or party with friends is never complete without a bowl of munchies. Nachos, even better when they are loaded, make for a fun snack that can keep the conversations rolling for hours. We reviewed three popular brands of nachos to find the cheesiest-tasting (no pun intended!) one amongst them all. After 12 packets of nachos and hours of crunching, we can definitely say that Cornitos – Cheese and Herbs emerged as a unanimous pick.

Mishry Reviews – The Most Delicious Cheese Nachos

Top Pick – Cornitos Nacho Crisps

Cornitos Nacho Crisps

Cornitos Nachos won our taste test because of its authentic and dominant cheese flavor and the wonderful crispiness.

MRP – Rs 35/-*

Net weight – 60 grams

*Price at the time of review

Why Cornitos Nacho Crisps were our Top Pick?

Cornitos Nacho Crisps were extremely tasty. The cheddar cheese flavor is dominant and cannot be missed. As soon as we opened the pack, that strong cheesy aroma was our first experience.

These tortilla chips are perfectly seasoned. Unlike some packaged nachos available which are over-salted, this one had just the right amount of salt, and the overall seasoning was very-well balanced too.

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The little specks of dry herbs and the cheese powder all marry together for a brilliant overall flavor.

Cornitos Nacho Crisps were also the crispiest of the lot. The nachos were not too think. Neither were they wafer-thin, making each bite a perfectly crispy and noisy one!

Salsa or no salsa, these are delicious on their own as well.

Our Review Process

Taste! Taste! Taste!

Our review process was rather simple and was divided into two phases. Our review team conducted the taste test via a video call. We did not conduct the review through a blind tasting for ourselves and ate directly from the packs. As some of us already knew which brand has that distinct color or aroma, a blind tasting was not possible for Team Mishry.

Which is your favorite dip with nachos – Salsa, cheese, guacamole or sour cream?

Our contenders for the cheesiest nachos review.

While we review products from home, the non-participating family members have been hungrily looking at us, envious of our jobs. So we added another aspect to our nacho review. We conducted a blind tasting with our respective families. And why not? Nachos, as a snack, are meant for and enjoyed by a wider age group. While kids indulge in them as is, older folks may like them loaded, or with a lot of salsa or dipping sauce on the side. Even though the children found the smell of cheddar in Cornitos a tad bit overpowering, our team’s Top Pick Cornitos Nacho Crisps was not dethroned.

nachos review
Cheesiest Nachos Review – The blind tasting conducted with our respective families.

1. The Brands We Picked

We picked three popular, easily available brands of nachos from a nearby grocery and online store – Doritos, Makino, and Cornitos. Since we wanted to maintain uniformity in the flavors on review, we chose to conduct this review for cheese-flavored nachos only. These are typically the most popular and appeal to all age-groups.

We bought only those brands which were easily available throughout Delhi NCR in local shops. As our review team is working from home, we wanted to review only those brands which were more accessible and could be bought by all the members.

2. Who Is This Review For?

Nachos are crowd pleasers and there is no denying they are addictive. Be it loaded cheesy nachos or with some sour cream and salsa, nachos can be easily made at home. This review is for every nacho fan out there who loves the classic cheese flavor. This review will also come in handy for when you want to make loaded nachos at home or serve at a get-together.

Needless to say, if you are not a fan of the cheese flavor, this review is not for you!

3. The Parameters – How We Reviewed

Flavor – The flavor includes the cheesiness of the nachos. Was the seasoning enough? How about the salt? Was the cheesy flavor dominant or not? How was the chip to the masala ratio?

Texture – How crisp were the nachos? Was there a significant crunch when you bite into it or were they soggy?

List of ingredients – Nachos are primarily made of corn, so we kept in mind the percentage of corn used to make the nachos. The type of oil used to cook them and the seasonings were also kept in mind.

Quick Comparison – Cheesiest Nachos

Brand Of Nachos Percentage Of Corn Oil Used Color Taste Crunch
Doritos 77 % Palm oil Bright orange Cheesy. Well seasoned. Medium crunch
Cornitos 70 % Corn oil Deep yellow Extremely cheesy and perfectly seasoned. High crunch
Makino 68 % Corn oil/ Palm oil Deep yellow Flat tasting. Cheese flavor almost non-existent. Low crunch

Why Did Cornitos Trump The Other Two Brands?

  • To start with, we would like to stress that in our review we were looking for the CHEESIEST nacho chips. Dominant cheese flavor in crunchy chips!
  • Doritos, even though were crunchy and well seasoned, were a little less on the cheese flavor in comparison to Cornitos – Cheese & Herbs. This was the primary reason why it lagged a little.
  • The cheese flavor was extremely muted in Makino Nachos and the crunch we expected out of tortilla chips was missing too.
  • Cornitos, hands down, offered the tastiest cheese-flavor and were the crunchiest to boot.

Results Of Our Review

Team Mishry and our back up team (Hello, family!) concluded that Cornitos Nacho Crisps – Cheese and Herbs was a clear winner. The cheesy aroma, seasoning, and the crispiness of the nachos won us over collectively.

Team That Worked On This Review

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