Sunfeast Mom’s Magic - Nuts & Raisins: #FirstImpressions
first impressions of mom's magic nuts and raisins

Sunfeast Mom’s Magic – Nuts & Raisins: #FirstImpressions

Sunfeast Mom’s Magic – Nuts & Raisins cookies have a wonderful texture, but do they taste good? Let’s find out!

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The rustling of a cookie packaging is either a hunger pang answered with the perfect snack or a cry for help (and an empty pantry)! ITC Sunfeast is known for its large range of biscuits and cookies that have conventional and unconventional variants. Under the banner of Mom’s Magic, the manufacturer has introduced some nutty delicacies that are said to be perfect for your on-the-go snack list. Generally, when you hear the word cookie, you expect big chunky portions and a crumbly texture. We tasted Sunfeast Mom’s Magic – Nuts & Raisins Cookie and here is what we thought about them.

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Quick facts about Sunfeast Mom’s Magic – Nuts And Raisins

*As per the information on the pack

  1. A single box contains 6 individually packed cookies.
  2. It contains nature-identical flavoring substances.
  3. It contains dry fruits such as raisins, cashews, and almonds.
  4. It provides 489 Kcal per 100 grams of serving.

Sunfeast Mom’s Magic – Nuts and Raisins

Sunfeast’s nuts and raisins cookies are crunchy, buttery and packed with nuts with a mild vanilla flavor.

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MRP – Rs 30/-* for a 60-gram box

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#FirstImpression of Sunfeast’s Mom’s Magic Nuts & Raisins

We tried ITC Sunfeast’s Mom’s Magic – Nuts & Raisins Cookie. These cookies come in a deep blue and beige box and are packed individually.

The box states that temperature and humidity changes may lead to the development of a thin white layer of fat/sugar on the surface of the cookie which does not affect the fitness for consumption in any way. The packs we bought for tasting did not exhibit any such layer and had a perfectly fresh aroma and appearance.

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Taste-wise, the Sunfeast cookies are very crunchy and crumbly. They have nice chewy and chunky bits of raisins. The cookie itself is very light, airy and buttery. Sometimes when you bite on a cookie, it’s too dry, brittle and breaks apart quickly. Here, this wasn’t the case.

It is packed with lots of dry fruits like raisins, cashew nuts, and almonds. It does justice to be called a nuts & raisins cookie, unlike some variations available in the market which use nuts sparingly. The vanilla flavor and aroma is there in a big way and you can’t miss it while eating.

With every bite, you actually bite into nuts and raisins. the overall taste and texture of the cookie are pleasant.

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