Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Cookies Review - Are These Choco Chip Cookies Yummy?
Sunfeast Dark Fantasy

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Cookies Review – Are These Choco Chip Cookies Yummy?

Sunfeast dark fantasy cookies are a good choice as it has just the correct proportion of soft chocolate chips inside the cookie.

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We liked the crunchy texture and chocolaty taste of these Dark Fantasy Chocolate Cookies by Sunfeast, which come from a generous amount of chocolate chips in each cookie. The product is good to have in one’s pantry or weekly grocery shopping basket. Chocochip cookie by ITC Sunfeast is a convenient snack option for both adults.

Not just children, but adults too love chocolate chip snacks, be it choco-chip cakes, pancakes, muffins, or soft chocolate chip cookies. ITC Sunfeast has a wide range of biscuits and cookies, with the Dark Fantasy range being a very popular snack choice. We reviewed the  ITC Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Chocolate Chip Cookies to see if they are crunchy or chewy? How about the chocolate chips? Were they present in abundance, or were they sparse? How is the chocolate flavor in the biscuit? We answer all these questions in our review of the Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Cookies with Choco Chips.

Quick Review

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy

The Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Chocolate Chip Cookies are crunchy and tasty.

Dark Fantasy Biscuits Price (MRP) – Rs 30/-*

Net weight – 150 gms

*Price at the time of review

*As per information on the pack

  • Best before 9 months from the date of packaging.
  • Contains permitted natural colors.
  • This is a vegetarian product.
  • Allergen information – Contains Wheat, Milk solids, Soya, and nuts. May contain traces of sulphites
  • To be stored in a cool dry place.  
  • 100 grams of this cookie provides 507 kcal of energy.

Refined wheat flour (Maida), Sugar, Dark Chocolate Chips (17%) {Sugar, Cocoa Solids, Cocoa Butter, Dextrose, Emulsifier [INS 322(i)] and artificial flavour substances -vanilla}, Refined palm Oil, Milk Choco Chips (8%) {Sugar, Hydrogenated vegetable fat, Milk solids, Cocoa solids, Emulsifier {INS 322(i)] and natural flavors and natural flavoring substances}, invert syrup, milk solids, Edible desiccated coconut, Raising agents [INS 503 (ii), INS 503(ii), Cocoa solids(0.4%), Iodized salt and Emulsifier [INS 322(i)]

Contains permitted natural colour(s) (INS 150c) and added flavour(s) (Natural Flavours and Natural Flavouring Substances and artificial flavouring substances-Chocolate, Vanilla)

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Quick Review Of Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Cookies (Chocolate Chips)

Price and packaging –  The Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco Chip Cookies come in a purple packaging. There is no tray to hold them. After opening the packet, the cookies should be transferred to an airtight box to retain the freshness and crunch. A 150-gram pack is priced at Rs 30/-.

Dry inspection – The Dark Fantasy Choco Chip Cookies are neither too thick nor too thin. We could see a lot of chocolate chips scattered throughout the cookie. It has an attractive wavy design on the top. A very few pieces were broken, but most of them were intact. There are almost 22 cookies inside one pack. As soon as we opened the pack, we got a very strong chocolaty aroma.

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy
Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Taste and texture – Chocolate cookies can swing both ways. They can either be crunchy or they can be fudgy and chewy. Either way, We expect a rich, almost dessert-like experience with LOTS of chocolate chips. The Sunfeast Dark Fantasy chocolate chip cookies have done justice to this expectation. 

The Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco Chip Cookies have a pleasant crunch, and the chocolate chips taste good. The cookies have a mild dark chocolaty bitterness that is delightful and cuts through the sweetness slightly. 

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy
Sunfeast Dark Fantasty Chocolate Chip Cookies have ample amounts of choco chips.

We savored the crunchiness of the Chocochip cookie by ITC Sunfeast. The Sweetness is balanced and is not overbearing. Overall the Dark Fantasy Cookies are a good, everyday cookie that you can pair with a mug of milk or with your cup of coffee and tea. 

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