Sumeru Pulpy Tender Coconut Water Review – Mishry
sumeru pulpy tender coconut water review

Sumeru Pulpy Tender Coconut Water Review – Mishry

Refreshing and delicious or artificial and off-putting? How did this packed pulpy coconut water from Sumeru fare in our review?

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2 / 5


Our review of Sumeru Pulpy Tender Coconut Water was not a pleasant one. The extreme sweetness and the lack of fresh taste are the factors that brought down the score for this product.

Packaged with minerals and vitamins, coconut water is one of the best things you can have during summertime. Over the past years, many brands have come up with packaged coconut water that amplifies convenience. But does it taste fresh and natural?

We ordered the coconut water by Sumeru and tried it in our test kitchen for its freshness, taste and price. In our Sumeru Pulpy Tender Coconut Water review, find out all details, from the packaging to the nutritional information. 

We compared 8 readily available, popular brands of packaged coconut water. The tastiest packaged coconut water is…

Here is a table depicting quick information about Sumeru Pulpy Tender Coconut Water : 


Sumeru Pulpy Tender Coconut Water  Quick Information
Price  Rs. 49
Net Quantity  200 ml
Mishry Rating  2.33
Buy Now  On Amazon 
Calories (per 200 ml) 22.3 kcal 

Our Review Factors

What were we looking for? A fresh tasting bottle of coconut water that has no artificial/industrial aftertaste. 

For our review process of Sumeru Pulpy Tender Coconut Water, the following are the review parameters :

sumeru pulpy tender coconut water packaging
Sumeru Pulpy Tender Coconut Water comes in a plastic bottle with a green lid.

1. Taste And Freshness

The taste aspect holds a key position in our review test. In this segment, we check the level of sweetness and how close the flavor comes to a natural tasting coconut water. How balanced is the sweetness? Is it natural tasting? Any off-putting aftertaste? How refreshing and taaza is this coconut water? Does the Nata de coco taste fresh? 

2. Nutrition Label 

a. Ingredients :  The use of preservatives and added sugar tends to take away the goodness of natural coconut water. Does this coconut water use any additives, stabilisers, preservatives, or added sugars?

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The following are the main ingredients found in Sumeru Pulpy Tender Coconut Water : Tender coconut water (82.5%), Glucose, Nata de coco, and Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). 

Nata de coco is a Spanish name which means ‘cream of coconut’. It is a jelly-like chewy translucent food produced through fermentation of coconut water. It was first created in 1973 in the Philippines.  

b. Nutritional Information : On average, a 100 grams of fresh coconut water provides 19 calories (38 for 200 grams). Sumeru Pulpy Tender Coconut water (Per serving size of 200 ml) contains 22.3 kcal of energy, 0.1 gm of fat, 4.7 gm of total carb, 4 gm of total sugar and 0 gm of dietary fiber.

3. Packaging 

The correct packaging goes a long way to ensure the freshness of any packaged drink. Sumeru Pulpy Tender Coconut Water comes in a plastic pet bottle with a green lid. All the required information is mentioned clearly on the bottle. A plus point here is the small size of the bottle. It makes it convenient to hold and easy to carry. 

4. Price

Rs. 49/- is the price for a 200 ml bottle. A single coconut (tender coconut for water) in Northern metropolitans can sway between Rs 50/- to Rs 80/- depending on the area and weather.

5. Shelf Life

The shelf life is 12 months. 

Sumeru Pulpy Tender Coconut Water – Detailed Review

Product Inspection : Packed in a plastic bottle, Sumeru Pulpy Tender Coconut Water contains pieces of Nata de coco. A 200 ml bottle of this coconut water is available for Rs. 49. 

Taste Test : Taste-wise, the coconut water is too sweet. The credit for the extreme sweetness is due to the presence of glucose. The freshness of naturally occurring coconut water is missing here. The pieces of Nata de coco found in this coconut water do not taste natural. Thumbs down!

the review process of sumeru pulpy tender coconut water
This coconut water contains pieces of Nata de Coco.

Nutrition Label :  Consumers looking for packaged coconut water also consider the health factor. On scanning the ingredient list we found the presence of glucose. Further, the nutritional information depicts the inclusion of 0.2 gm of added sugar as well. We believe the addition of added sugar and glucose tends to affect the intrinsic goodness of natural coconut water. 

Additionally, it contains about 82.5% of tender coconut water only. We expected a higher percentage here. We have definately had better tasting packaged coconut water with no added sugar.

the nutrition facts and the ingredient list of sumeru pulpy tender coconut water
A glimpse at the nutrition label of Sumeru Pulpy Tender Coconut Water!
Taste - 2/5
Freshness - 2/5
Nutrition Label - 3/5
  • This coconut water is economically priced.
  • The sweetness of this coconut water is on the higher side. 
  • It lacks the freshness of natural coconut water. 
  • The nata de coco are not natural tasting. 
  • It comes packed in a plastic bottle.
  • A cleaner label would have been appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Sumeru Pulpy Tender Coconut Water

While the addition of coconut water in your diet comes with several health benefits, you cannot depend solely on it for boosting your immunity. Boosting immunity is a combination of different factors that includes – maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly, good sleep and staying hydrated.

Yes. On scanning the list of ingredients, we found the presence of Ascorbic acid, a popular natural ingredient preservative. It contains low pH, which prevents spoilage and restores freshness.

No. This coconut water contains no additional colors.

We do not recommend having this coconut water everyday due to the addition of preservatives and glucose. It is best to consume fresh coconut water to reap maximum health benefits.

The brand mentions consuming this coconut water immediately after opening. The 200 ml bottle is ideal for one-time consumption.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Sumeru Pulpy Tender Coconut Water is a product you can skip. It comes nowhere close to the freshness of natural coconut water. Moreover, the Nata de coco does not impart a natural taste. 

Have you ever tasted packaged coconut water? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments below.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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