Snackible Baked Kachori Review - Mishry (2023)
snackible baked kachori review

Snackible’s Baked Kachori Is Perfect To Satisfy Your Cravings (2024)

Made with better, quality ingredients, Snackible Baked Kachori could help you stay on track while keeping the taste buds satiated.

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Mishry Rating

3.5 / 5
3 / 5
Nutrition Label
4 / 5


A lightly spiced kachori with a delicious filling and wonderful sweetness. That's what Snackible's Baked Kachori has to offer. What adds on to its positives is the clean ingredient list.

Baked snacks are considered to be ‘healthier’ than the fried counterpart. Why? That’s because baking uses less than half the fat source as compared to frying. 

Snackible, with its aim to make snacking healthier while keeping Indian flavors in check, launched a maida-free snack. In this Snackible Baked Kachori review, we decode whether or not this can be an answer to your cravings. 

Buy or bye-bye?

Here’s all you need to know about this baked snack. 

Snackible Baked Kachori Product Details
Price Rs 75/-
Net Quantity 90 grams
Main Ingredients
  • Whole wheat flour
  • Gram flour
  • Moong dal
  • Jaggery
Mishry Rating 3.5

Our Review Factors

Taste, texture, and the nutrition quotient were our focus factors. 

While the texture would be different, are the flavors similar to that of a regular kachori from a local halwai shop?

1. Taste 

The flavors of a kachori are divided as the outer crust and the filling. The crust may be plain or flavored with seeds like cumin or carom. But its the flavors of the filling that hold more significance. We were looking for a balance of savory, sweet, and spicy flavors.

2. Texture 

Fried or baked, kachoris are meant to be crisp and crunchy. How was the crust of Snackible Baked Kachori like? Was the filling grainy or pasty? 

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3. Nutrition Quotient

Under this parameter, we gauged the quality of ingredients and the nutrition values. What is the source of fat used? Is this truly refined flour-free? What about the calories? Are the macronutrients in balance? 

4. Other Parameters

The price, packaging, shelf life were noted and recorded here. 

Snackible Baked KachoriDetailed Review

Price + Packaging

There are six Snackible Baked Kachori in one 90-gram pack. Priced at Rs 75/-, these have a shelf life of six months. 

Main Ingredients

The main ingredients are whole wheat flour, gram flour, moong dal, jaggery, vegetable oil, vegetable ghee, green chilli, white sesame seeds, while chilli powder, garam masala, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, coriander seeds, hing, black salt, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, and sunflower seeds. 

Thumbs up! This ingredient list is fairly clean and nutrient-dense with the exception of vegetable oil. This contains no additives, preservatives, refined flour, which is impressive.

Coming to the caloric values, one Kachori (approximately 15 grams) offers 71.6 Kcal with 1.73 grams of protein, 7.8 grams of carbohydrates, and 3.6 grams of fat. These values can be easily accommodated in an average 2000 Kcal diet. Ideally a snack should be under 150-100 calories and this falls under that.

Aroma + Appearance

The kachoris are round with a flattened bottom. These have a light brown, golden appearance with a deep, caramel-colored stuffing. No rancid aromas, these seem fresh and natural.

packaging of snackible baked kachori
A quick look at the packaging of packaging of Snackible Baked Kachori.
first look at snackible baked kachoris
Review in Process of Snackible Baked Kachori.
a close look at snackible baked kachori
Macro shot of Snackible Baked Kachori.

Taste + Texture

Do you know how ghee (or any fat source for that matter) turns in colder regions? It hardens, develops a sticky feel. This was how the surface of the kachori was. The outer cover was hard, but not as crisp as that of a fried kachori. The filling had a variety of textures like chewiness from dal, a soft crunch from the seeds. 

This was quite good in terms of taste. The outer cover tasted fresh and the filling, made with dal, seeds, and Indian masale worked well. The balance of flavors was appreciable and the ratio of filling to kachori gets a thumbs up too. The filling was a mix of salty and sweet flavors with a hint of green chilli heat coming through. 

Taste - 3.5/5
Texture - 3/5
Nutrition Label - 4/5
  • We loved the sweet, chilli and salty taste. 
  • The infusion of dal, masalas and seeds combines well. 
  • The ingredients list is clean. Thumbs up! 
  • It has a wonderful sweetness.
  • The outer cover of these kachoris is hard. Unlike the deep-fried kachoris which are crisp on the outside.

Looking for a delicious baked kachori? Snackible’s Baked Kachori is the perfect option to try.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Snackible Baked Kachori

These baked kachoris maintain a nice balance of flavors – sweet, salty and chili.

These baked kachoris have a shelf life of 6 months.

No. These baked kachoris by Snackible are devoid of preservatives.

The ingredient list of these baked kachori has no traces of maida/refined flour.

Yes, Definitely! Snackible’s Baked Kachori will pair well with warm beverages such as masala chai or coffee.

Final Words

Voila! Members of Team Mishry quite liked Snackible Baked Kachori. The nutrition aspect is downright impressive, but the taste and texture weren’t far behind either.

When craving a certain food, do you go all in or look for healthier alternatives?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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