Sleepy Owl Cold Coffee Review

Sleepy Owl Cold Coffee Review

If you like strongly flavored cold coffee, you will LOVE this one by Sleepy Owl.

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This fast-paced world needs fast-paced food products that are easy to consume on-the-go. What better than a dose of delicious cold coffee that can be carried to work or even had to satisfy the 4 o’clock hunger pang? Sleepy Owl Coffee is an Indian coffee brand that sources its coffee beans from Chikmagalur, Karnataka.

We reviewed the classic cold coffee by Sleepy Owl for its taste, coffee flavor, and consistency. Yummy or not? Let’s find out!

We previously reviewed Sleepy Owl Cold Brew Coffee and LOVED it for it’s smoothness and heavenly taste.

Watch The Video Here: Sleepy Owl Cold Coffee

What You Need To Know About Sleepy Owl Cold Coffee

*As per information on the bottle

  • This product is made in India.
  • Does not contain any preservatives.
  • 200 ml of this drink has 80 calories.
  • Ingredients include water, milk, coffee, and sugar.
sleepy owl cold coffee
Sleepy Owl Cold Coffee (Classic)

Sleepy Owl Cold Coffee (Classic)

A perfect product for people who love the strong coffee flavor.

MRP – Rs 100/-*

Net weight – 200 ml

*Price at the time of review

#FirstImpression Of Sleepy Owl Cold Coffee

1. Price and packaging 

The Sleepy Owl Cold Coffee comes in a cute bottle packaging. The red and indigo colors of the label are striking and eye-catching. A 200 ml bottle of this cold coffee is priced at Rs 100/-.

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2. Consistency and color 

The sleepy owl cold coffee was not thick or did not feel heavy on the stomach as some dairy products may feel like. The balance between milk and water is perfect and does not need any alterations. The dark brown color and the consistency is very similar to a homemade cold coffee. The light consistency ensures your body doesn’t feel sluggish, especially in the second half of the day.

sleepy owl cold coffee
Sleepy Owl Cold Coffee Review Image –

3. Taste

The coffee by Sleepy owl is not milky at all. The balanced water-milk proportion gets a big thumbs up. The intense coffee flavor from the cold brew coffee is strong and we absolutely loved it. People who like strong coffee flavors should give it a go!

Note – Shake well before opening, as the coffee tends to deposit at the bottom.

4. Sweetness

Sweetness, even though is subjective, is a vital part of any review. We felt the sweetness in the coffee is very well balanced. It is not meant for someone who has a high tolerance for sugar or likes their cold coffee with extra sugar. If you feel the sweetness is not enough, there is another variant, the sweetened version, which may match your tastebuds.

Mishry Rating (On a scale of 0-5) 

4 Mishrys for the Sleepy Owl Cold Coffee.

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