Skin and Hair Applications Of Aloe Vera

Skin and Hair Applications Of Aloe Vera

The sticky, viscous liquid present between the thick aloe vera leaves is known as aloe vera gel. This gel has amazing benefits associated with keeping the skin moisturized and glowing, and promoting hair growth.

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Aloe Vera is amongst of the most nutritional plants that is considered a friend to a better and healthier you. In fact, a glass of warm water with a couple of tablespoons of aloe vera is recommended first thing in the morning for a variety of health benefits. These include boosting immunity, reducing constipation, regulating blood glucose levels and even improving oral health. But that’s not all; amongst the most popular benefits of aloe vera are to do with skin and hair health. Aloe vera is one of the topmost natural alternatives that is used for its skincare as well as its hair benefits. Aloe gel, a sticky translucent liquid found inside the leaves, is naturally rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties to boot. This makes it the right choice for people who are in need of a natural and effective solution for their skin and hair related problems.


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Are Aloe Vera Based Creams and Serums Any Good?

Commercially available aloe vera gels usually contain ingredients such as glycerine, sorbitol, sodium palmate, and sodium carbonate with the intent to provide your skin and hair with the required nourishment. This may result in a fresh, shining and radiant skin, as well as a healthy head of hair. However, do check the packaging thoroughly before buying anything. Read the list of ingredients to see that there are no harmful elements present. You want the formulation as close to natural as possible, and do not want a cream or gel that merely mimics the smell and texture of aloe vera but is, in fact, completely manufactured in a lab, with nothing natural about it!


Role of Aloe Vera In Skincare | Skin Benefits Of Aloe Vera

Some of the major benefits associated with aloe vera are to do with its natural ability to moisturize and keep the skin supple and soft. For best results, fresh aloe vera gel is mixed with a lit bit of water, and then directly applied over the skin.

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The skin benefits of aloe vera are listed below:


1. Lightening Blemishes

Aloe Vera gel’s natural ability to remove dead cells, and leaving behind young cells, is responsible for lightening acne scars as well as stretch marks. Further, mixing it along with a few drops of lemon juice can speed up the process.


2. Preventing Acne

Due to its anti-microbial properties, aloe vera prevents the skin from coming in contact with external pathogens such as bacteria, which can cause inflammation.

Another property of Aloe Vera that makes it more efficient in preventing acne is its ability of simulating cell growth.


beauty benefits of aloe vera gel
The aloe vera gel is a thick viscous liquid which is found in between the leaves of an aloe vera plant


3. Soothing Burns

Aloe vera gel is beneficial in term of dealing with skin-burns and sunburns due to its cooling and anti-inflammatory nature. Applying aloe vera gel over the burnt area creates a thin sheet of protective layer, which helps in retaining the skin’s moisture and provides a cooling sensation.

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4. Acts As A Moisturizer

Being a common choice as a natural alternative for skincare products, the moisturizing property of aloe vera gel makes it beneficial for people whose skin is prone to oiliness and acne.


5. Wound Healing

Aloe Vera has been used for treating wounds for centuries now. Again, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, aloe vera gel when applied over the wounded part prevents any attack from external micro-organisms and promotes cell growth, thus speeding up the healing process.

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Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Hair Growth

Other benefits of aloe vera are associated with hair growth. Just like it is applied on our skin, it can be applied directly on our scalp, producing a cooling sensation and soothing the itch produced by dryness. Some of the benefits of applying aloe vera gel on the scalp are:


1. Boosts Hair Growth, Promotes Healthy Hair

The nutrients present in the aloe vera gel, when applied directly on the scalp, enter the hair follicles and are absorbed by the hair resulting in healthy hair growth.


2. Treating Dandruff

Dandruff is the result of a dry or oily scalp which ends up in a fungal growth. The anti-microbial property of aloe vera juice helps the scalp retain its moisture keeping it from getting dry. Another property of aloe vera gel is its ability to remove dead cells, thus it keeps the scalp fresh.

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Aloe Vera is one of the most common household plants that can be used for its beneficial nature with minimal effort. Though applied directly to the skin, it must be thoroughly massaged. The main takeaway for us is that being considered one of the most studied plant species makes aloe vera a plant filled with curiosities, yet it’s a remedy that continues to be beneficial for a clear, glowing and spotless skin, as well as conditioned hair.


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