Silicone Dishwashing Gloves Review - Mishry (2023)
silicone dishwashing gloves

Thumbs Down For These Silicone Dishwashing Gloves (2024)

These silicone dishwashing gloves made doing the dishes a more challenging task than it already is. More details in this review.

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Mishry Rating

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2 / 5


These silicone dishwashing gloves are not the most ideal or efficient when it comes to doing the dishes manually. We do not recommend them for tough stains or cookware.

Whether it is cleaning dishes, retaining their shine, or overall efficiency- using the right tools and products goes a long way. 

We’ve all seen these gloves somewhere online, as viral videos or as ‘finds’ that you ‘must-buy’. So, how are these silicone gloves? Mishry finds out.

We tested these over a span of 30 days on multiple surfaces like steel, glass and ceramics. In this silicone dishwashing gloves review, we decode everything we liked, what we didn’t, and if this is something your kitchen needs.

The following table holds some must-know details. 

Silicone Dishwashing Gloves Product Details
Price Rs 245/-
Material Silicone
Mishry rating 2
Buy Now On Amazon

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Our Review Factors & Process

 To perform a fair review, we used these silicone gloves for washing with some liquid dishwashing soap and did some loads of dishes that comprised plastic dishes, steel, glass, melamine and delicates. These were used for a period of 30 days to arrive at a solid conclusion. 

We took into account the price, packaging, durability. Through our review we answered questions like – 

  • Is this meant for greasy dishes common in Indian homes?
  • Is the grip firm or slippery?
  • How easy are these to clean and maintain?
  • Do these actually clean well?
  • Were these successful in keeping the hands dry?

Silicone Dishwashing Gloves – Detailed Review

Price + Packaging

Inside a see-through ziplock pouch, there is a pair of these silicone dishwashing gloves. There is no MRP mentioned on the pack, but we paid Rs 245/- for these on Amazon. 

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Material + Design

As understood by the title, these gloves are made of silicone. They have bristles on the inner surface and are long enough to cover the forearms mid-way. For people with extremely thin fingers, these might slip out often. 

Our pair was blue.

silicone dishwashing gloves bristles
Covers the palms and has a comfortable grip.
silicone dishwashing gloves closer look
These gloves have bristles.

Our Experience

These gloves had a smooth finish and felt quite comfortable against the skin. The gloves were equipped with short bristles.

Even before we used these gloves to clean some dishes, we noticed that these take up a substantial amount of the liquid soap. To put it into perspective, we had to add 3-4 drops after cleaning every 2-3 dishes depending on the size of the dish.

The grip is not too great either. The moment you soap up your gloves, the utensils will slip.

Another drawback, food bits get stuck between the bristles of these gloves. Taking the bits and particles out adds to the total time required for cleaning the dishes. This is because food bits do not flow out by rinsing under running water. The gloves need to be scrubbed over each other for the same. 

Yes, this will clean your light, non-greasy dishes, but it will take a lot longer and a lot more dishwashing soap. Moreover, this is meant for the occasional glass or spoon, and definitely not your pots and pans with tough stains.

  • Good quality material
  • Keeps hands dry
  • Food bits get stuck
  • Soaks up a considerable quantity of dishwashing soap
  • Not meant for tough stains/greasy dishes
  • The grip isn’t comfortable

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Silicone Gloves for dishwashing.

Yes, these would fit most hands. People with smaller, skinnier hands might find these too loose. 

No, these are not mittens. These gloves are meant to wash dishes.

Yes, these gloves are to be used with a dishwashing liquid. 

Make sure to rinse the gloves after every use and between washes, if needed. Ensure they are dried before you keep them away in a cabinet/storage. 

Yes, these are safe to use but not efficient. 

Final Words

In the true sense, these gloves are not the most efficient. Neither do they save time, nor the dishwahsing product. Moreover, these gloves are not suited for taking out tough stains like those of brewing tea, frying, sautéing, among others. They may be used for the occasional cutlery or delicate serveware. 

When you do the dishes manually, what is your preference?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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