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Mishry Secret Sauce

We know you only want to buy the best products, apt for your needs. We go to great lengths to make sure our tests and reviews ultimately add value to your buying decisions. Apart from taking every product through a detailed set of review parameters, we also conduct our very own Mishry Secret Sauce for every review. Mishry Secret Sauce is a customised test we design keeping in mind the end use of the product; simply put its a step towards making our reviews more valuable. These tests are mostly ‘application’ based, so if its the Best Packaged Dahi we are looking for, then we will ‘set’ dahi the way it’s done in Indian households. Here’s another example: when we reviewed the Best Everyday Green tea (leaves), we knew re-usability is a factor high on the mind of the user. So thats what we did! We retained infused tea leaves for a period of 4 hours and re-used them to brew another cup of tea. Mishry Secret Sauce is a way for us to put the front runners in the review to further test.