Craving Restaurant Style Fried Rice? The Instant Maggi Fried Rice Masala is here to your rescue!

Craving Restaurant Style Fried Rice? The Instant Maggi Fried Rice Masala is here to your rescue!

The Instant Maggi Fried Rice Masala delivers on the chili garlic promise and gives us a bowl of restaurant-style fried rice at home.

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We loved the robust chili-garlic aroma and flavor in our bowl of fried rice. As claimed, the fried rice looked and tasted very close to restaurant-style chilli garlic fried rice. The Maggi Fried Rice Masala is very easy to use and coats the rice evenly. The quantity of the masala can be adjusted according to your own chilli tolerance levels.

Fancy a bowl of chili garlic fried rice at home within a few minutes? Maggi has introduced a range of new instant spice mixes to make your favorite Chinese styles dishes at home. The Maggi Fried Rice Masala has two variants – Classic Veg and Chilli Garlic. We reviewed the New Instant Maggi Fried Rice Masala – Chilli Garlic Flavor to see if it delivers on the chili garlic promise and gives us a bowl of restaurant-style fried rice at home. Let us find out how our chili garlic fried rice turned out to be. Were they tasty? How was the chilli-garlic flavor? Here is our Quick Review.

Quick Review

We made a bowl of fried rice that is full of chilli and garlic flavors, thanks to the new Instant Maggi Fried Rice Masala. 

MRP – Rs 10/-* per sachet

Net weight – 15 grams

*Price at the time of review

*As per information on the pack

  • Ready in 5 minutes.
  • Contains added flavor.
  • Provides 213 Kcal of energy per 100 grams.
  • Best before 9 months from the date of manufacture.
  • May contain milk solids, gluten, mustard, and soya.

Mixed spices (47.7%), [Dried garlic (34%), Red chilli bits (9.5%)], Capsicum extract, Spice extract blend, Iodised salt, Sugar, Flavor enhancer, Palm oil, Acidity regulator, Dehydrated coriander leaves (1%), and Curry spice extract blend (Onion extract, Palm oil, Chilli extract, Ginger extract, Garlic extract, Sesame oil)

Maggi Fried Rice Masala Review – Chilli Garlic Fried Rice Masala

Price and packaging – The instant spice mix by Maggi comes in the signature Maggi-yellow colored sachet. A single 15-gram sachet is priced at Rs 10/-. 

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New Instant Maggi Fried Rice Masala

How we made it – To test the Instant Maggi fried rice masala we made 2 batches of fried rice to determine the ratio that would be apt for a perfectly balanced bowl of restaurant-style fried rice at home. 

Batch 1 – As per instructions given on the back of the pack, we boiled some rice and set them aside. In a pan, we added 1 cup of chopped vegetables including onions and carrots and stir-fried them for 2 minutes. Then we added a little more than 2 cups of boiled rice and ½ a sachet of the Maggi Fried Rice Instant Spice Mix (Chilli Garlic Fried Rice Masala). After tossing it and cooking for another minute, we tasted them.

Batch 2 – We made another batch of vegetable fried rice following the same procedure, and doubled the quantity of the fried rice masala (spice mix). 

Fried Rice Made Using Maggi's Instant Fried Rice Masala

Color, texture, and aroma – The instant Maggi fried rice masala is bright orange in color. As we sprinkled the masala on top of the boiled rice, we noticed that the masala coats the boiled rice very evenly and easily. There are no masala-lumps throughout the fried rice. The rice turns into a mild red color (batch 1) and the color intensity increases as we double up the masala in batch 2. There is a significant chili-garlic aroma throughout the test kitchen as we cooked the masala. 

Maggi Chilli Garlic Fried Rice Masala Review

Taste – What were we looking for? The promised chilli garlic flavor. Was it there? Yes! The sharp red chilli kick and the lovely garlic aroma are present in a big way and change a bland, simple bowl of vegetable fried rice into a flavor fest. 

People who have a low chilli tolerance will like to add the masala according to the instructions given on the back of the pack, that is, 1 entire sachet for 4-4 ½ cups of rice. But for people who want higher chilli levels, would want to double up on the ratio of the masala. That being said, do keep some margin for the seasoning in the curry/gravy dish you’re eating this with. Keeping in mind that the chilli chicken, chilli paneer, or the kung pao veggies are going to be a main alongside these chili garlic fried rice, adjust your fried rice masala ratio accordingly.

This is a very easy to use, versatile masala. Add as many vegetables you like, add some chicken to make chicken fried rice or drop in an egg to make some chili garlic egg fried rice, or switch the type of rice you want to use. The New Instant Maggi Fried Rice Masala (Chilli Garlic) is definitely worth trying if you’re looking to make restaurant-style fried rice at home. 

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