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Real Milk Power Milkshake Frappe Review – We Tried 5 Variants

Real’s Milkshake Frappe range offers 5 classic flavors. Check out below which one was our favorite.

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Our review of the Real Milk Power Milkshake Frappe was a positive one. The Alphonso Mango milkshake frappe was our favorite, followed by French Vanilla.

On a hot summer afternoon, or to curb those evening hunger pangs, a luscious milkshake is sometimes just what you need. 

Real, a renowned player in the fruit and veggie juice section, now offers a range of ‘frappe’ milkshakes in five classic flavors. In our Real Frappe Milkshake review, we tested Alphonso Mango, French Vanilla, Belgian Chocolate, Strawberry, and Bourbon Chocolate. Everything we liked and didn’t, has been explained in this post.

Real Frappe Milkshakes – Quick Glance


real milk power milkshake frappe reviewed variants in glass
The 4 flavors of the Real Milk Power Milkshake Frappe for our review process

The following table shows key information on these milkshakes.

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Real Milk Power Milkshake Frappe – Our Review Factors

Our review process includes carefully selected parameters that will help us examine these milkshakes in a better way. This in turn will provide the end users with more knowledge so that they can make a better buying decision. Below are the details of the different review factors :

real milkshake frappe reviewed variants
The overall packaging of the 4 milkshake frappe variants

1. Taste

The most crucial factor while reviewing any packaged milkshake is the taste. Milk shakes are a sweet milk-based beverage that are sweetened and contain natural fruits, ice cream, syrups and/or nuts and flavorings. From the milkiness to the intensity and freshness of the fruit or chocolate/vanilla flavoring used, how fresh does the product taste. 

How rich do these milkshakes taste? Are these milkshakes overly sweet or contain a well-balanced sweetness? Do they taste synthetic? 

2. Consistency

In this factor, we see how thick or thin the consistency of these milkshakes is. Does it have a creamy and rich consistency? Are the milkshakes too flowy?  What about mouthfeel, smooth or grainy?

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3. Other Parameters

The price, packaging, ingredients, and shelf life were noted under this parameter.

Real Milk Power Milkshake Frappe Flavors – Detailed Review

1. Alphonso Mango

This milkshake frappe has a pale yellow color. Now talking about the flavor and consistency of this variant. It was the best tasting one among the others. It has a well-balanced sweetness and contains a fresh, prominent Alphonso taste. The mango flavor doesn’t taste artificial or industrial. In comparison to a homemade mango milkshake, the consistency was a bit thinner.

We started off our review process by testing the Alphonso Mango flavor. The pack that we reviewed had a net weight of 180 ml. The packaging looks attractive and is eye-catching. The 180 ml of tetra pack is priced at INR 30. You will find the nutritional information on the pack. 

alphonso mango milkshake in a glass
The contents of the Alphonso Mango Milkshake placed in a glass
closer look at alphonso mango milkshake in a glass
This milkshake had a pale yellow color
Flavor- 4/5
Consistency- 4/5
  • It has a well balanced sweetness.
  • We loved the pastel yellow shade of this milkshake.
  • The fresh, sweet taste of alphonso mango was present.
  • No preservatives
  • The quantity of the mango pulp added could have been a bit more.

This frappe is best suited for individuals who are looking for a quick and instant mango-licious milk based beverage. The packaging is travel friendly and can be packed for tiffins and snack-boxes.

2. French Vanilla

Next on our list is the French Vanilla flavor in the Real Milkshake Frappe range. Vanilla is such a basic flavor that the quantity and intensity can be hard to perfect. This is a white colored milkshake with a pleasant vanilla aroma.

Unlike regular vanilla milkshakes we make at home, the French Vanilla has a thicker consistency and a richer taste. The flavor of French vanilla milkshake was like eating a melted ice-cream. Yum! This was our second favorite flavor after the Alphonso Mango variant.

french vanilla milkshake in a glass
The French Vanilla Milkshake Frappe had a refreshing taste
closer look at french vanilla milkshake in a glass
A look at the contents of the French Vanilla flavor
Taste- 4/5
Texture- 4/5
  • The consistency of this milkshake frappe was thick.
  • The intensity of vanilla flavor in this variant was spot on.
  • We loved how fresh the milk tasted.

Fans of vanilla flavor would love this! If serving in a glass, you can add an ice cream scoop of your choice and make this more decadent.

3. Belgian Chocolate

Chocolate milkshakes are thicker and more decadent than fruit-based milkshakes. This one too had a thick consistency. The Belgian chocolate milkshake has a very delicious fudge-like flavor. This is higher on sweetness in comparison to the mango flavored milkshake. On opening the pack, we noticed that the color of this frappe was similar to that of a regular chocolate milk. It isn’t too dark nor too light.

The Belgian Chocolate flavor was the second variant that we tasted. We reviewed the 180 ml pack which comes at a price of INR 30. The nutritional information is mentioned on the pack. 

belgian chocolate milkshake in a glass
This milkshake frappe had a rich brown color
closer look at belgian chocolate milkshake in a glass
Close look at the Belgian Milkshake Frappe
Taste- 4/5
Consistency- 4/5
  • This variant had a thick consistency.
  • The flavor of the milk added was fresh tasting.
  • The chocolate intensity and flavor was spot on.
  • Sweetness was slightly on the higher side.

Love a good chocolate milkshake on the go? The Real Frappe Belgian Chocolate Frappe is a delicious option.

4. Bourbon Chocolate

The milkshake is thick and creamy, not like your homestyle chocolate shakes made with double toned milk. Real Frappe Bourbon Chocolate Milkshake did complete justice to the ‘frappe’ tag by its smooth, rich consistency and creamy mouthfeel. There was no grainy or gritty mouthfeel.

In terms of flavor, this was fairly on the sweeter side. The intensity of chocolate flavor is low and this also had an off-putting aftertaste. As impressive as the consistency was, the flavor profile brought down the overall experience.

real frappe bourbon chocolate milkshake packing
This had a premium-looking pack.
real frappe bourbon chocolate appearance
Smooth and decadent!
Taste- 3/5
Consistenct- 4/5
  • Thick, luscious, frappe-like consistency.
  • Smooth, creamy mouthfeel
  • The aftertaste is slightly off-putting
  • Chocolate flavor is not intense

5. Strawberry

Finally, we come to the Strawberry Milkshake Frappe. Like the above variants, we ordered the same 180 ml tetra pack for this variant. This milkshake frappe had a rose pink color. 

Compared to the French Vanilla and Alphonso Mango flavor, it had a fairly better and thick consistency. The fresh quality of the milk added to the overall flavor. The strawberry milkshake frappe is delicious and moderately sweet, but we feel the intensity of strawberry could have been more. 

strawberry milkshake in a glass
This milkshake frappe had a vibrant color
closer look at strawberry milkshake in a glass
The Strawberry Milkshake Frappe has a thick consistency
Taste- 3/5
Consistency- 4/5
  • The color of this milkshake frappe was vibrant.
  • We loved the refreshing taste of this variant.
  • A bolder flavor of the fruit would have been appreciated

Our Top Picks & Recommendations

Among the five variants that we reviewed, the Alphonso Mango Milkshake Frappe was our top pick. The presence of Alphonso Mango flavor and the fresh tasting milk won our hearts. French Vanilla was the second variant that we liked from the list.

They both taste delicious, fresh and have a milky creaminess which we loved!

Final Words

real milk power milkshake frappe review
All the reviewed flavors of the milkshake frappe

We reviewed five flavors from the range of Real Milk Power Milkshake Frappe – Strawberry, Alphonso Mango, Belgian Chocolate, Bourbon Chocolate, and French Vanilla. The Alphonso Mango frappe emerged to be a favorite followed by the French Vanilla variant.

The fresh tasting milk, vibrant colors and refreshing flavors! These were a few aspects that we enjoyed about the Real Milk Power Milkshake Frappe.

Which is your favorite milkshake flavor? Drop in your comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Real Milk Power Milkshake Frappe.

The calorie intake for each of the Milkshake Frappe is as follows :

  • Alphonso Mango – 104 kcal (per 100 ml)
  • Belgian Chocolate – 105 kcal (per 100 ml)
  • French Vanilla – 104 kcal (per 100 ml)
  • Strawberry – 104 kcal (per 100 ml)
  • Bourbon Chocolate- 105 Kcal (per 100 ml)

Packaged foods are best consumed in moderation. These milkshake frappes contain ingredients such as stabilizers, artificial colors and sugar. Hence, it is best to consume these occasionally.

For best results, it is best to consume the entire milkshake upon opening.

These milkshakes contain sugar and milk which both work as an energy booster.

Nothing can replace a homemade milkshake for children using fresh fruits. It is advised to consume this occasionally and not be used as an everyday milk replacement.

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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