The Top 5 Apple Juice Brands To Sip On

The Top 5 Apple Juice Brands To Sip On

The apple juice is one of the most versatile drinks you can find. Add it to cocktails, make non-alcoholic beverages with it or just drink it by itself, loaded with ice.

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Be it in mythology or in real life, the apple has played a fairly significant role across the world. Often referred to as ‘the symbol of love’, this delicious fruit is famous not only for its taste and uses but also for its nutritional factor. It’s an ideal way to give the body a healthy dose of proteins, vitamins, dietary fiber, antioxidants, and minerals.

A tall glass of refreshing apple juice too can keep you hydrated and nourished. And if you really don’t feel like making your own apple juice, here are some of the brands that are available in the market.

Top Apple Juice Brands Available Online



One of the more popular apple juice brands in the country, Real does not contain any added color or preservatives, and the packaging is sealed using the six-layered Tetra Pak, which retains the freshness of the beverage.



Tropicana’s apple juice does not contain any additional sugar, color, or flavors. A chilled glass of this juice will put you right back on your feet.


b natural

Made from apples sourced from Kashmir, this 100% natural juice does not contain any artificial flavoring. The two tetra packs of 1 liter each should last you a while and can quench the thirst of an entire party. The 6-layer protection of the packaging keeps the juice fresh.

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4. Bel Normand

bel notrmade

This champagne-style bottle is perfect for celebrations. The juice is made from organic ingredients and tastes delicious. The attractive and convenient packaging makes this drink a popular choice.



Appy Fizz is popular for its distinctive and delicious apple-flavored sparkling beverage. It’s extremely popular among the younger generations and is often recommended an as alternative to other aerated beverages.

The easy availability and the portability of the apple juice make it a popular choice among packaged juices. Plus they make great mixers when you’re whipping up cocktails.

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