These Soda Makers Give You Fresh Soda Right At Home

These Soda Makers Give You Fresh Soda Right At Home

If you like fizzy drinks a bit too much, why not make them at home? These home soda machines will give you fresh soda in little time. Here’s a list of our recommendations.

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On a hot day, something as delicious as a fresh lime soda can be like an elixir. Or even a tall glass of chilled aerated beverage. But we all know how sugary those drinks can get. And we don’t always remember to keep soda at home. What if you could make your own soda right at home, and flavor it with your favorite fruit concentrate?

These soda makers are easy to operate and give you fresh carbonated water in no time. Take a look at some of the best brands of soda-makers you can find online.

Best Brands Of Soda Makers Available Online

1. DrinkMate Carbonated Soda Maker


The Drink Mate is a beverage maker that allows the user to carbonate anything. It has a patented detachable Fizz Infuser and two release buttons allow better control of the release of carbon dioxide. The quick-connect bottle is BPA-free and comes with a volume marker. It’s also compact and saves counter space.

2. Mr. Butler Fizz Master Soda maker Starter Kit

butler fizz

This environment-friendly machine comes with reusable bottles. Once the CO2 cylinder is empty, it can be exchanged for a full cylinder at your nearest stockist by paying a nominal amount. This set includes one soda maker unit, one CO2 cylinder that can take around 25 liters or 125 glasses of soda, one 1000-ml and one 500-ml PET bottles, and one 250-ml bottle of syrup.

3. Manali Soda Maker


Manali’s soda maker combines style, compactness, and user-friendly operation. Crafted from durable ABS plastic, it ensures safety and longevity. With its elegant design, this soda maker is a perfect and stylish addition to your kitchen countertop.

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4. Mr. Butler Italia Soda maker

butler italia

Turn plain drinking water into sparkling soda in seconds. All you’ll need to do is add clean drinking water and let the machine do the rest of the job. Make lemonade with it or add sliced fruits to make a flavored soda.

5.Mr. Butler Soda Maker Accessory Pack

mr butlers

This soda maker pack comprises one CO2 gas cylinder that has a sleek, attractive design that makes it a great addition to any bar or kitchen. It can make  25 to 30 liters of soda.


Domestic soda makers are an ideal purchase if you tend to entertain often. These can be used to make carbonated water for cocktails and other flavored drinks. And given that you’re making it right at home, you can be sure of its quality as well. That apart, it also saves you the trouble of constantly having to buy soda for when you might need it.

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