Something Sweet: Falooda Mixes That You Will Love

Something Sweet: Falooda Mixes That You Will Love

Redefine your love for decadent desserts with these Falooda mixes.

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The Indian version of the Persian dessert, called Faloodeh, the Falooda is a much more elaborate presentation of the original. Vermicelli noodles as the primary ingredient, without which a Falooda is never a Falooda. This dessert is partially also a beverage infused with rose syrup, sweet basil seeds, milk, and ice.

These are also served with ice cream and garnished with nuts such as pistachios. One can even add various fruit pulps to make it even more elaborate. But of course, making a Falooda at home can be time-consuming and laborious. However, these instant Falooda mixes will take that trouble away. It comes with all the necessary ingredients in one box, minus the milk of course. All you have to do is follow instructions. Here’s a list of some of the best Falooda mixes available online.

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5 Best Falooda Mixes A Must Try! 

Weikfield Falooda Mix 

It is a set of four falooda mix from Weikfield having a quantity of 400 gm each.

These falooda mixes come in different flavors – mango, strawberry, kesar pista, and rose. The preparation of all these falooda mixes is easy and hassle-free.


Gits Falooda Mix 

It is a 200 gm pack of rose falooda mix from Gits.

It is a 100% vegetarian product and comes in an excellent multi-layer hygiene pack. The best thing is that it is devoid of added artificial flavors. This gets prepared in three easy steps and can make around seven servings.


Tikku Combo of Instant Falooda Mix

Now prepare instant falooda at home using Tikku’s instant falooda mix.

It comes in a set of four exciting flavors including – badam pista, rose, chocolate, and kesar pista. Made using high-quality ingredients, it is an instant way to get a glass of homemade falooda.


Weikfield Mango Falooda Mix 

If you are looking for a good-quality mango falooda mix, consider buying this option. It is easy to make and does not compromise on the taste. This 200-gm quantity pack is sufficient to make around six glasses of falooda. This product is a suitable pick for vegetarians.

weikfield mango

Parineeti Food Products Falooda Mix 

These falooda mixes from Parineeti Food Products are made using excellent quality ingredients.

The ingredients used are derived from a safe and clean process. A good thing here is that these falooda mixes come with added dry fruits.


Falooda mixes ease the overall process of preparing faloodas at home. Available in different flavors, you can choose them as per your preferred choice. Search the list above and buy them at the earliest.

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