Slurp It Down: Lemon Tea Premixes That You Won’t Be Able To Resist

Slurp It Down: Lemon Tea Premixes That You Won’t Be Able To Resist

Start you day with a cup of refreshing and aromatic lemon tea. Check out our list of lemon tea premixes.

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One of the most refreshing beverages one can drink, whether it’s in the morning right after waking up or at the end of a long day, a cup of lemon tea is always lovely.

What if you’ve run out of lemons or even tea and could really do with a cup of steaming lemon tea or nimbu chai as we call it? This is why it’s always good to have some emergency stash, by which we mean a box of lemon tea premixes. All you have to do is add hot water to it and voila, your lemon tea is ready. Here is a list of some of the best lemon tea premixes you can stock up on.

5 Best Brands of Lemon Tea Premixes Available Online

1. The Indian Chai – Lemon Tea Instant

the indian chai

This lemon tea premix, which contains natural lemon extract and blended spices, makes tasty lemon tea instantly. The mix contains lemon with rock salt, carom seeds, black pepper, licorice, and sugar. It weighs 150 gms and is naturally free of caffeine.

2. All in One Herbal Lemon Tea Premix

all in one

This lemon tea premix comes in a pack of 25 pouches and already has sugar added (sulfur-free). Each pouch makes one cup of tea and it’s not just tea and lemon you’ll find in this mix. It’s got amlatulsipipali, ginger, lemon extract, haradbaheda, black pepper, jeera, black salt, and tea extract.

3. Certified Cafe Desire Instant Lemon Tea Premix

cafe desire

This is a 1-kg pack of lemon tea premix, which is 100% natural and gives you consistency, refreshing, and delicious taste. All you need is a 65 ml of hot water and this lemon tea premix to enjoy your delicious cup of tea.

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4. Herbal Prasadam Tea(Premix Lemon)

herbal prasadam

This lemon tea premix comes in a set of four boxes with each containing 25 pouches of tea.

5. Wagh Bakri Instant Lemon Tea Premix

wagh bakri

This 1-kg pack premix gives you a refreshing and caffeine-free fix in seconds. This lemon tea premix is processed in a way that its delicate flavor is retained.

If you like tea and prefer it without milk, lemon tea is a great choice. And these lemon tea premixes give it to you as and when you want.

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