Seedy Little Thing: Flax Seeds That You Need To Stock Up On

Seedy Little Thing: Flax Seeds That You Need To Stock Up On

Add a sprinkling of flax seed to your daily diet, be it in your morning cereal or your dal for lunch. These nutty seeds add a host of health benefits to your food.

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Flaxseed, which comes from the flax plant, was once cultivated to make textiles such as linen but today, thanks to its many health benefits, has made its way into our daily diet. Flaxseed is rich fiber, Omega 3, and protein, making it a super-seed. These nutty-flavored seeds can be added to salads, smoothies, are often part of trail mixes, and can even be added to Indian food, dal for instance. You can even grind it and add to your flour to make rotis or parathas. Good enough reason for you to keep some handy? Here is a list of some of the best brands of flaxseed available in the market.

Best Five Brands of Flax Seeds Available Online

1. True Elements Raw Flax Seeds

true elements

This is a 500 gm pack of flax seed that you can add into almost anything you cook at home – from a plain dal to even curries. It’s even good as a topping over cereal.

2. SFT Alsi Seeds (Flax Seeds)


This is a 1 kg pack of flax seed that has been sourced directly from growers and processed and packed in hygienic conditions to retain freshness and nutrients.

3. Sorich Organics Flax Seeds

so rich

This is a 900 gm pack of organic flax seeds sourced directly from farmers. However, these seeds are processed in a facility that handles other nuts and seeds, just in case you have a nut-allergy. Flax seeds can be ground and added to various bakes such as bread or muffins; it’s even tasty when you sprinkle some over raita.

4. Neuherbs Raw Unroasted Flax Seeds


It’s a pack of 400 gm of raw and unroasted brown flax seed. Given that flax seeds are also gluten-free, it’s great for those who have to deal with gluten intolerance. One of the ways to consume these seeds is to grind them and all them to a glass of milk.

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5. Nourishvitals Superior Quality Roasted Flax Seeds

nourish vitals

This 200 gm pack of flax seeds has no trans fats, oils, chemicals, preservatives, and is non-GMO. You can add these seeds to smoothies, soak them overnight and all them to your morning cereal, or roast and grind them to be used as a garnish over food.

Did you know that the common flax was one of the first crops man cultivated? It’s considered to have originated in the Mediterranean region of Europe. Egyptians used to use linen made from flax to wrap their mummies. Incidentally, every part of the flax plant is put to use, with very little going to waste.

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