Pop That Corn: Kernels That Make Snack Time Fun

Pop That Corn: Kernels That Make Snack Time Fun

Recreate the experience of your favorite movie theater at home easily. All you need is a bag of these corn kernels to make popcorn and your favorite movie.

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Can you imagine a movie night without popcorn? The buttery and nutty aroma of warm corn filling the air as you settle in to watch your favorite sitcom – it’s nothing short of comforting. And the sound of corn popping inside a vessel as it pops can be quite therapeutic too.

A snack that’s considered to be healthier than most other fried foods, making popcorn is super easy. And while there are plenty of ready-to-eat popcorn brands available in the market, nothing quite speaks fun as much as popping your own corn. Take a look at our list of some of the best brands of popcorn available in the market.

Top Five Popcorn Kernel Brands To Choose From

1. Desire Popcorn Kernels


This 1-kg pack of raw kernel serves healthy and nutritious popcorn to go with your evening tea. Sprinkle it with some salt or use the Desire Cheese Popcorn Seasoning for that ultimate cheesy taste.

2. Indiana Pop Corn Kernels


This pack of 1kg corn is packed under hygienic conditions and gives you movie theater-quality popcorn. Season it with your favorite herbs or spices – salt, oregano, or even Peri Peri and enjoy it with your friends and family.

3. Nature Vit Popcorn Kernel Seeds


This 900-gm pack of popcorn kernel has no added MSG and is gluten-free. The bag comes up in a vertical zippered pouch, which is great for storing away. For more taste, you can try it with the NatureVit Cheddar Cheese Powder popcorn seasoning.

4. Prizex Pop Corn Kernels


This popcorn kernel does not contain any saturated fat and also no added chemicals, pesticides, or insecticides. Just follow the instructions, pop the corn and sprinkle some seasoning for that tasty snack.

5. Vasani’s 100 % Natural Pop Corn Kernels


This super saver pack of 500-gm of popcorn kernel is 100% natural with no use of fertilizers and chemicals, processed from handpicked corn.

Corny Much?

In 1948, American anthropologists Herbert Dick and Earle Smith discovered popped kernels deep in a dry cave. When carbon dated, they appeared to have been 5,600 years old. Funeral urns in Mexico from 300 AD bear the image of a ‘maize god’ with popped corn as an ornament. And there has been proof of the existence of popcorn through Central and South America. Apparently, Aztec Indians would also use popcorn to decorate clothing. How cool is that?

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  • Ritu Reply

    Best snack ! Lockdown! Stuck at home ! Make tv watching more fun with popcorn. And now so many choices ! Yay

    September 11, 2020 at 12:24 am

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